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1. What kind of data can UnicTool iFindit recover?

UnicTool iFindit is capable of retrieving lost or deleted photos, videos, messages/iMessages, WhatsApp chats, notes, voice memos, Safari history, etc.

2. Can UnicTool iFindit recover data from a disabled/damaged iPhone or an iPhone after factory reset?

No, but it's possible to recover the lost data from an iCloud or iTunes backup using iFindit after restoring your iPhone to factory settings.

3. Is there any difference between the trial version and the full version?

Yes. The difference between them is that the trial (free) version only allows you to scan and preview all the data (including the lost data), but the full version provides all the functions - scan, preview, and recover. It's worth using the free trial to check whether iFindit can find your lost data, and then make your decision depending on the scan result.

4. How will I know whether my device is supported?

You can check the supported device list on the Tech Specs page of iFindit. Alternatively, you can download and launch iFindit on your PC or Mac, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, then choose a mode. Once this is done, you will either see a "Continue" button if your device is supported, or the message "Your Device Is Not Supported".

5. Can I install UnicTool iFindit on an iPhone or iPad?

No, you can't. UnicTool iFindit is a computer-based software and can be only installed on a PC or Mac. It's suggested to use a desktop application to recover iPhone data, to avoid the current data on your iPhone being overwritten by the recovered data.

6. Is it secure to use UnicTool iFindit to recover data?

Yes, it's completely safe to use iFindit to recover iOS data. UnicTool is a legally registered company with over 500 employees, and it is safe to use its products. Besides, iFindit will not scan any other data on your PC or Mac or keep your personal data while scanning your device.

7. Can I recover data from an iPhone with a black or unresponsive screen?

Yes, it supports data recovery from a broken iOS device in some cases. On the assumption that your computer can still recognize your device, you can choose to recover data from the device directly with iFindit. In the case that your broken device cannot be recognized by the computer, then you can choose to recover from iCloud or iTunes backups using iFindit. In this way, you can preview the backup file and search the lost data before recovery.

8. Can I recover data from a locked iPhone with iFindit?

It depends. If you ‘trust’ the computer on which iFindit is installed, and you haven't restarted the iPhone since the installation, iFindit can detect your iPhone and recover data from it.

9. Can I recover data from an encrypted iTunes backup using iFindit?

No, you can't. iFindit does not support decrypting encrypted iTunes backups.

10. Can the recovered data be transferred to, or stored on, iOS devices with iFindit?

No. iFindit will only save the recovered data to PC or Mac since transferring to iOS devices will cause data overwriting.

11. Can I play the recovered or exported audio files? How?

Yes. For WeChat audio files, you must download and install "楼月微信语音播放器" on your computer, and then use it to play the audio file. For WhatsApp audio files, you have to download and install a player for that type of file or convert the file to an extension which most players support.

12. Why can't I find all the lost data with iFindit?

It is because you have continued using the device after the data loss, and some deleted or lost data have been overwritten by the new data. That's why iFindit offers free scan and preview before the purchase.

13. How do I proceed if iFindit can't detect my device?

Please check whether you have clicked "Trust This Computer" on your device. If yes, you can try disconnecting and then reconnecting your device.

14. I have tried to log in to my iCloud account many times, but all failed, why?

Please check if:
1. You have entered the correct password
2. You can successfully log in to your iCloud account on with the same password
3. You have turned off two-factor authentication for Apple ID.

15. Why can't I log in to my iCloud account on the software and keep getting a "Verification failed" message?

If your internet speed is good and you can log in to yourviCloud account, it may be caused by the two-factor authentication for Apple ID. Apple has changed its encryption methods for iCloud backups so, for users who have set up two-factor verification, iFindit cannot access their data in iCloud. That's why you keep receiving "failed" messages even when you enter the correct login username and password. There is currently no data recovery tool that can access iCloud data backed up with an Apple ID which has activated two-factor verification.

16. Why are there some "unknown" contacts showing up during the SMS recovery?

It is because all message strings and contacts were deleted at the same time, and sometimes the contact information and data may not match, especially when the contacts were not restored before SMS. However, you can still see all the messages under the "Unknown" section or other phone number strings.

17. Why are my recovered and exported conversations displayed in messy code when I open them in HTML?

The conversation text content may be incompatible with your system environment. In such a case, you can change the encoded mode of the file using the following steps:
1. In the HTML file, click Menu > More Tools > Encoding to view the current encoding.
2. Switch from Unicode (UTF-8) to an appropriate encoding you need.
3. Open the HTML file again and check if it shows the content normally.

18. Why can't the Mac version of iFindit work in the recovery step on my Mac?

This can happen if you double click the software after saving it on your Mac instead of installing UnicTool iFindit in your Applications folder. To fix the problem, you must duplicate the software in the Applications folder and run the program after installation.

19. Why does UnicTool iFindit only show part of the data on my device after I restore an iCloud backup?

If the backup is large, it will take time for the device to load data, so please wait for a while patiently.

20. What if I get an error code during the scan after restoring iCloud backup?

Please make sure that you have finished all the settings on your device, and it has entered the iOS system. Also, check whether the data has completely loaded to your device.

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