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UnicTool TailorGo

Change iOS/Android Location

  • Fake your phone location to any place instantly.
  • Works well on loaction-based games or social apps.
  • Simulate GPS movement with customized routes.
  • Mock GPS location with joystick smoothly.
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UnicTool MagicVox

Easily Change Your Voice in Real-Time

  • Real-time Voice Changer Software for PC.
  • Compatible with Most Game and Chat Apps.
  • 200+ Voice Effects to Meet Your Needs
  • Customize Your Dream Voice via Voice Studio
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UnicTool VoxMaker

Generate Voice Funnier with Text to Speech and AI Clone

  • Text-to-speech dubbing in 46+ languages and 3200+ voices.
  • Realistic and expressive AI voice clones that transform your words.
  • Enjoy versatile output and input formats for easy compatibility.
  • Unleash your creativity with popular voices and languages for standout projects.
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UnicTool iFindit

Easily Recover All Lost Data on iOS Devices

  • Social app data, common files and other file types supported.
  • Recover data with or without backup.
  • Free trial for file scan and preview.
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Celebrity AI Voice Generator

  • Try our text-to-celebrity voice and AI voice cloning technology, and create voiceovers that closely mimic celebrity voices, achieving up to 99% similarity!Perfect for content creators, podcasters, or just for fun.
cristiano ronaldo ai voice

Cristiano Ronaldo

joe biden ai voice

Joe Biden

morgan freeman ai voice

Morgan Freeman

donald trump ai voice

Donald Trump

taylor swift ai voice

Taylor Swift

kanye west ai voice

Kanye West

All the voice samples are 100% created by VoxMaker.

Our Star Products - Unlocking Boundless Possibilities!

Unlock a world of enhanced online experiences by exploring the software options below. Click on the pictures to discover tools that can text-to-speech, change your voice in real-time, change your virtual location, and recover lost data.

Versatile AI Voice Generator

Text-to-speech in 3200+ AI voices and languages

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VoxMaker VoxMaker
MagicVox MagicVox

Best Real-time AI Voice Changer & Cloner

800+ Voice and Sound Effects for Online Chat

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Change GPS location and enjoy joystick on iOS/Android device

Location spoofer for AR games, Pokemon Go, Dating apps, social platforms and make fun.


Recover Lost/Deleted Files with 1 click

More Utilities for Data Recovery and Transfer, System Repair and So On

Discover more about software solutions for data recovery, system restoration, and data transfer by clicking the product picture below.


iPhone System Repair

Fix OS issues like iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV to get stuck on Apple logo/black screen/white screen/recovery mode screen/DFU mode screen, and so on.



iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser

Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

installation LockEraser

Perfectly unlock iDevices Screen passcode, remove screen time, Apple ID and bypass MDM lock in No Time

installation ChatMover

Transfer WhatsApp data effortlessly between iPhone and Android, and export your WhatsApp data without backup, restore.

Bring the Best Solutions To Save You from Trouble

UnicTool John Smith

I switch to an iPhone 14 Pro from Samsung. I transfered everything important to my new phone via move to ios except WhatsApp. I have been using WhatsApp for many years and there are about 15GB data. Luckily, I found Chatmover. It works perfectly with transferring Whatsapp from my phones. Highly recommended.

UnicTool Emily Johnson

I have to say this is AMAZING. I didn't know why my phone got stuck on the apple logo when I restarted it. I tried to find a solution online and I found Umendit. I was so excited to find my phone rebooting normally after the fix, and EVERYTHING IS THERE!!! I give it 10 stars.

UnicTool Michael Johnson

Love it! It is very easy to use, and helped me a lot in Pokémon Go. I've been using it for a month. It always runs smoothly. Have recommended it to all my friends already!! One suggestion for other users: to keep your account safe, do not overuse the program. Good luck!

UnicTool Emma Williams

I like the customer service here. I'm not tech-savvy and I have an old computer that performs terribly. Honestly, I had some problems when using their program, but I got assistance quickly. The support Unictool offers is professional and reliable. The customer representative I dealt with was friendly and patient.

UnicTool William Davis

Using the AI celebrity voice from MagicVox, I transformed my voice into the iconic voice of Morgan Freeman. My friends were amazed, and I felt like a movie star! It's so much fun and perfect for adding a touch of celebrity to my projects.

UnicTool James Anderson

“Here I want to praise the Customer Service of the MagicVox team. No matter when you have questions about changing your voice, you can reach the support team quickly. Plus, they will patiently answer your questions with great detail.”

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Hot Tips & Tricks

Change Voice
Voice Generate
Change GPS Location
Recover iPhone Data
Transfer WhatsApp
Unlock iPhone
Repair iPhone Issues
Change Voice
What can MagicVox do for voice changing?

With MagicVox, users can change their voice in real-time when they playing PC games, or communicating with people on social platforms.

Change GPS Location
What can TailorGo do for Location changing?

With TailorGo, you can easily change GPS location and simulate GPS location on location-based apps such as AR games and social platforms.

Recover iPhone Data
What can iFindit do for iPhone data recovery?

With iFindit, users can recover their all lost data on from iOS device backup, iTunes backup, iCloud backup or fix iOS system.

Transfer WhatsApp
What can ChatMover do for WhatsApp data transfer?

With ChatMover, WhatsApp users can easily transfer, backup, restore, or export WhatsApp data between the same or different systems.

Unlock iPhone
What can LockEraser do for unlock your iPhone?

With LockEraser, iPhone users can unlock Apple ID, Touch ID, Face ID, screen time passcode or bypass MDM lock.

Repair iPhone Issues
What can Umendit do for iOS system issues?

With Umendit, users can fix or repair various iOS/iPadOS/tvOS system issues by themselves without data loss.

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