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Best Pokémon Go Spoofer to Fake GPS Location in 1 Click


TailorGo offers 1-click GPS location change for iOS & Android (up to iOS 17 & Android 14). It is the ultimate GPS spoofer for AR games like Pokémon GO and Monster Hunter Now, location-based apps, and social platforms.

Simulate GPS movement naturally using the Joystick feature while gaming. Customize your route and speed with GPX file support. Spoof your location without the need for jailbreaking or rooting. UnicTool TailorGo has all these amazing features.

Spoofer Pokémon GO, AR Games, and Any Location-based Apps Fake GPS

Jump Teleport Mode
Two-Spot Mode
Multi-spot Mode

Customize your teleportation route with TailorGo. Instantly jump to catch rare legendary Pokémon. Gain a strategic advantage in the game like Pokémon Go and Monster Hunter Now.

You can easily set your start and end points on the map and move at a specified speed. It dynamically adjusts the route based on the actual situation, allowing you to GPS change smoothly move from place A to place B.

Easily move along a custom route, pass through selected spots, and simulate different speeds like walking, cycling, or driving. Enjoy a versatile GPS location changer with Tailorgo Pokémon Go Spoofer.

Level up Your Pokémon Go Spoofing with Joystick Control

Enjoy the perfect gaming experience with UnicTool TailorGo joystick! You can play AR games more smoothly, no need to worry about traditional emulator's game crashes.

360-degree Directions

Set 360-degree directions. Move forward or reverse by clicking the direction button.

Keyboard Control

User keys W, A, S, D, or keys Up, Down, Left, and Right to control GPS spot movement.

Automatic Moving

One click to Move automatically. Change the directions in real time.

What Makes it The Best Pokémon Spoofer

Support 5 iOS/ Android Devices

Seamlessly support up to 5 iOS/Android devices for simultaneous control

Historical Records

Effortlessly save your favorite historical spots for convenient and quick re-selection

Custom Speed

Fine-tune your simulated movement speed from 3.6km/h to a blazing 120km/h. Experience precise control over your GPS movement.

pokemon-go-gps spoofer-gpx-feature
Im/export GPX

Freely import and export the routes you want.

Collect Spots & Routes

Bookmark favorite places and routes for instant access with one tap. Enjoy effortless navigation to your preferred destinations.

Various Modes

Select Real Mode/Fluctuation Mode for lifelike movement closely resembling real-world motion. Experience a more authentic GPS simulation.

Cooldown Timer

Receive reminders to refrain from performing relevant operations until the countdown concludes. Stay informed and avoid any unintended actions.

USB/Wifi Connection

Enjoy seamless USB and WiFi connections for both iOS and Android devices. Connect effortlessly and enhance your user experience.

TailorGo Location Changer Makes Online World More Fun

pokémon-go-tricks-icon Pokémon Go Tricks
social-platforms-icon Social Platforms
hide-location-icon Hide Location
mock-location-icon Mock Location
access geo-specific-icon Access Geo-specific
Make More Fun with Pokémon GO at Home

Catch Pokémon without Walking Battle and Raid, catching rare Pokémon Join Community Day Anywhere Spoof to the Best Coordinates.

Share Virtual Location on Social Platforms

Surprise your friends on social apps by sharing fake GPS locations. With UnicTool Tailorgo, teleport your GPS anywhere in the world and have some fun!

Hide Location on iOS/Android Devices

Concerned about being tracked on your device? Safeguard your privacy with this powerful location changer that can fake your location anywhere, providing you with peace of mind.

Mock Location on Dating Apps

Looking to enhance your dating app experience by changing or spoofing your GPS location? Expand your network of potential matches with Tailorgo now!

Access Geo-specific Services

Unlock location-based services offered by apps. We empower you to access these services and break free from location restrictions, opening up a world of possibilities!


TailorGo GPS Spoofer VS Other Pokémon Go Spoofers

  • Features
  • Device support
  • Teleport mode
  • Two-spot mode
  • Multi-spot mode
  • Wifi connection
  • Speed custom
  • Historical records
  • Others

    Less devices and features

  • 1
  • TailorGo

    More devices supported and functions

  • 5

Voices from Million TailorGo GPS Spoofer Users

Works with Pokémon GO incredibly.

The best app I ever used for changing GPS location! As a huge fan of Pokémon GO, I've always been trying hard to catch more types of Pokémon but sometimes it's not that convenient to actually move or walk outside. TailorGo provides a perfect solution remedy – I can easily teleport anywhere and simulate movement in the game! This incredible tool has given me so much fun.

By Mandy Watts
The Best Pokémon GO spoofer on the market

I spoof since the game launch and never got a single red warning, TailorGo is one of the good Poke spoofers. I play with 5 accounts every day in different regions of the world, you guys must give TailorGo a try.

By Ellen
Protects my privacy perfectly.

Sometimes it annoys me when apps on my phone ask for my location. I don't really want to give away my location information because I think it's kind of personal. Thanks to TailorGo, I can now fake my GPS location and hide the real location. I feel a lot safer now!

By Yvette
Powerful functions & great experience!

I found this tool by accident and would use it to spoof location on Facebook to trick my friends or fake my location on Find Me. It's really interesting when I was just lying in bed at home but they believed I was on a vacation in LA. A a good way to connect me better with my friends.

By Jocelyn
So amazing! Thank you, TailorGo.

My friends recommended TailorGo to me and I successfully changed my location in dating apps so that I got be able to match with more friends in other areas, which improved my experience. So amazing and thanks very much.

By Sirena Harris
Free trial available for everyone!

Tried TailorGo to access geo-restricted features and services. This software made it possible in just a few clicks! If you're still hesitating, be bold and take action now as there is a free trial for everyone. I'm satisfied and have bought a one-year plan.

By Eden Fox
By Sirena Harris

How to Spoof Pokémon GO in Only 3 Steps

Three modes to change GPS location and simulate GPS movement. Pokémon GO Spoofer iOS & Android and Monster Hunter Now devices have high compatibility!

For iOS Users
For Android Users

Step 1Connect your device to the computer


Step 2Select a destination or plan a route


Step 3Change the location or simulate the movement


Step 1Connect your device to the computer


Step 2Select Gaming or Social mode


Step 3Change the location or simulate the movement

Best Location Changer: More Than Pokémon Go Spoofer

With TailorGo Location Changer, you can fake location to good coords on location-based AR games like Pokémon GO and Monster Hunter Now with 1 click, or change your location on Tinder, Grindr, etc, dating apps to meet new friends, and even fake your location on Find My, Life360 to stop tracking without parents knowing.

TailorGo Works Well on


Try the Best Free Pokémon GO Spoofer Now

Teleport your trainer's location to anywhere around the world on Pokémon GO with one click.


Check and see if you have the same question

For more

1. Can I use it to change the location of any app on my iOS/Android device?

Yes, almost all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS version 7.0 or later are supported. As for Android, TailorGo is compatible with various Android devices including Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, and Sony, running Android 5 to Android 14.Change location on any location-based apps, such as Pokémon Go, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps, Snapchat, Tinder, etc. with TailorGo Ponmon Go spoofer now.

2. What can the free trial version do? Is it necessary to pay for the full version?

With the free trial version, you can only check device compatibility, use Teleport Mode, Two-Spot Mode and Multi-Spot Mode for once; Historical Records, Saved Spots and Saved Routes are not available.
With the full version, however, you can enjoy all the features unlimitedly. Therefore, to get the best experience, it's recommended that you upgrade to the full version.

3. What's the difference between Two-Spot Mode and Multi-Spot Mode?

Two-Spot Mode involves two places, i.e., the start point and the endpoint. And TailorGo will adjust the route flexibly based on the actual situation. For example, if there is a pool between the two places you've chosen, TailorGo will navigate your way around it.
Multi-Spot Mode, on the other hand, involves more than two spots along the way, i.e., one can start from place A, then pass place B, and eventually arrive at place C. Besides, TailorGo will make your move strictly along the planned route passing the chosen places. This mode won't take realistic factors into account.

4. Is it jailbreak needed?

No, Faking location on iPhone is very tricky. While many tools in the market require jailbreaking, like the GPS spoofer apps downloaded from Cydia. But with UnicTool TailorGo, you can change iPhone location WITHOUT jailbreak.

5. How can I change back to my real location?

To revert to your original GPS location, you just need to restart your device.

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