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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an incredibly successful location-based augmented reality mobile game, published by Niantic and inspired by the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter franchise. Its gameplay is comparable to that of Pokemon Go - players have to use their smartphone and physically travel in order to explore the game's map. The reality is, however, that a player's circumstances or location will not always allow them to move around easily and quickly.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

As players' in-game experience is limited by their movements outside of the game, many users begin to seek for solutions, where spoofing location on Wizards Unite comes in. If you're also wondering how to spoof on Wizards Unite, then you've come to the right place.

Part 1. Why Would Players Want to Do Wizards Unite Spoofing?

As with Pokemon Go, a player in Wizards Unite has to physically move around in the real world in order to interact with the various elements and mechanisms of the game. The technology integrated into Wizards Unite means that any landmarks within the real world and even attributes such as the weather in your actual location will impact in-game events and behaviours.

Wizards Unite relies upon your device's integrated GPS in order to work out your location. According to where you are located, various characters, creatures and memories will appear before you, which you will have to either defeat or figure out in order to receive rewards and progress throughout the game. This can be problematic for some players, became many of these Foundables will only appear in specific real-world locations such as a park, bank or zoo. However, accessing these locations isn't always practical. It may be that you're so preoccupied with school or work that you simply don't have the time to search for Foundables. Alternatively, there might be certain landmarks which aren't anywhere near you, but they're the only places where you can find a particular character or memory you've been looking for. Ultimately, the original gameplay for Wizards Unite isn't easy or simple for everyone, and Wizards Unite spoofing could be the only solution to truly making the most of this game.

Some of the reasons why players may want to spoof location on Wizards Unite includes:

  • 1To explore unique and exciting landmarks which you can't easily reach, whether it is because of distance, time commitments or expenses.
  • explore more landmarks wizards unite
  • 2To have the convenience of playing Wizards Unite wherever and where you want, regardless of the weather or the time of day.
  • 3To make the most of the features of Wizards Unite and be able to receive rewards and progress throughout the game without any interruptions or difficulties.

Part 2. How to Spoof Location on Wizards Unite

1. Do Wizards Unite Spoofing via Computer (iOS & Android)

With TailorGo, you can conveniently and securely change your GPS location to virtually anywhere you want. It is a high-performing and effective location simulator tool specifically designed to help players spoof their location and play Wizards Unite without any movements in reality. As well as changing your location, you can also create routes on your map which you can then progress through at a pre-determined speed, enabling you to access the location-specific services of Wizards Unite.

  • With just the click of a button you will be able to change your location to wherever you want.
  • Allow users to schedule the speeds and times at which they will move through the selected route.
  • Applicable to a great variety of apps including Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite, Tinder and WhatsApp.
  • Available to both iOS (including the latest iOS 15) and Android system; convenient to use across nearly all devices.
  • Easy to install and operate, requiring no jailbreak for iOS devices or no root for Android devices.
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2. Do Wizards Unite Spoofing via Mobile App (Android Only)

On Android, Wizards Unite GPS spoofing is enabled by various apps, one of which is Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free.  This software will seamlessly overwrite your present location and get you to everywhere you want. Since it can also be integrated with other apps, it can be used to manipulate and adjust your location on Wizards Unite so that you can explore the various features of this mobile game without leaving the comfort of your home.

When it comes to limitations, it's important to keep in mind that the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free app is only available for Android users. This means that if you are looking to spoof your Wizards Unite location on an iOS device, you need to search for an alternative app. What's more, as the no-root option is only available for Android 6.0 and above, for anything below Android 6.0 the process is significantly more complicated.

Still, if you do have a compatible device then this app is a quite straightforward option. Following are some instructions on how to install and operate it:

  • 1. First and foremost, install Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free from the Google Play Store and then launch it on your device.
  • fake gps go location spoofer free
  • 2. Next go to "Location Settings" of your Android phone and then select the option "Locating Method". Choose "Phone only", which ensures that only your device's GPS can estimate your location.
  • locating method
  • 3. Then, head to the "Developers Options". You will see an option "Allow Mock Locations", and by selecting this you will be able to spoof your location without root.
  • allow mock loactions
  • 4. Navigate back to Developer Options > Mock location app. Here, you should see Fake GPS GO. Select it.
  • 5. Open the app, press the search icon at the top and enter the location you want to use for spoofing.
  • search in fake gps go

You'll be presented with map displaying your location as the false one you entered on the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free app. When you launch the Wizards Unite app, the game will also locate you at the false location of your choosing.

Part 3. Tips and Tricks for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Cheats

1. Mind the Three-Strike Discipline Policy

There is always an element of risk involved with regards to spoofing, and using Harry Potter cheats in Wizards Unite is certainly no exception. Niantic, the publisher of the game, enforces a strict three-strike policy against any forms of cheating, and this includes falsifying location through GPS spoofing. Under this policy, anyone who has been identified as using any cheats will be issued with three strikes before they are permanently banned. These strikes are Warning, Suspension and Termination, and each of them will restrict you from particular features of the game:

three strikes policy

  • 1Warning – your gameplay is degraded for a period of seven days, after which you can start playing normally again.
  • 2Suspension – this time your gameplay is restricted for thirty days on your account before you can resume usual gameplay.
  • 3Termination – your account is permanently banned from playing, meaning that you will lose any progress that you had made on that account.

2. Watch Out for Wizards Unite APK Files

Ideally, you should download Wizards Unite from official platforms, either Google Play Store or App Store. There are several dangers and threats associated with downloading Wizards Unite APK files, which can be found on various unaffiliated third-party websites.

If you do decide to download an APK file and install it in your Android device, then you are forgoing the protections offered by Google Play Protect whenever you download something from the Play Store. There is no way of knowing beforehand whether the APK file you are downloading is genuine or if is infected with harmful malware. Unless you can verify whether an APK file is legitimate or not, the safest option is to avoid them entirely.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an amazing game, and it's hardly surprising that every player wants to have enjoyable and unrestricted gameplay experience. The problem arises when some players are unable to physically travel around for a range of reasons, and it can be frustrating when you're deprived of the complete gameplay experience through no fault of your own. For that, location simulator such as TailorGo acts as an effective way to make the most of Wizards Unite without actually having to leave home. Try it and you'll know that spoofing on Wizards Unite has never been easier!


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