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Updated: Jan 30, 2024

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Pokémon Go is a great game that millions of people enjoy. In most situations, getting out and walking around to catch or battle with your favorite Pokémon is the best part of the game. Sometimes, however, you just want to catch some Pokémon (and get their candy) without having to focus on the game.

For those times, you want to use a Pokemon Go auto catcher. If you think an auto catcher would be useful to for your Pokémon Go trainer, read on to find the best ones. We will introduce a wonderful Pokemon GO spoofer as well.

Pokemon Go auto catcher

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Part 1. What is a Pokemon Go Catcher?

A Pokémon Go auto catcher is a small hardware device that will pair with your phone, typically via Bluetooth technology. Once paired with your phone, the auto catcher will sync with your Pokémon Go account and automatically perform various actions in the game for you.

Even if your phone is on its lock screen, it will still detect Pokémon, Pokestops, and other in-game activity and perform the necessary actions.

Part 2. How to Choose the Best Pokémon Go Auto Catcher 2024?

There are quite a few different Pokémon Go auto catchers on the market today, so knowing which one is right for you can be difficult. You better to consider these aspects when you want to have a Pokémon Go auto catcher.

  • 1.Compatibility: Make sure the auto-catcher is compatible with your device and the latest Pokémon GO updates.
  • 2. Accuracy: look for a device that can accurately catch Pokémon without errors or missed opportunities.
  • 3. PBattery life: Consider the battery life of your auto-catcher to ensure that it can continue to catch Pokémon for a long time.
  • 4. Ease of use: choose a user-friendly device with simple setup and operation instructions.
  • 5. Additional features: Explore devices with additional features such as customizable settings, GPX import/export, and compatibility with other Pokémon GO tools.
  • 6. Community Reviews: See reviews and feedback from other trainers to evaluate the performance and reliability of the device.
  • 7. Legal and Safe: Make sure the Autocatcher adheres to Pokémon GO's Terms of Service to avoid potential penalties or bans.

Part 3. How to Choose the Best Pokémon Go Auto Catcher 2024?

All of the top 7 Pokémon Go auto catchers listed below will do a good job for you, so one main thing to consider is the aesthetics of the device. These auto catchers are typically themed with a Pokémon Go design, but also make sure to consider how you will carry it with you on your journeys.

All of the following auto catchers in Pokémon Go are proven devices that are used by thousands of people around the world. They are not listed in a ‘best to worst’ lineup because the one that is best for you will depend on your specific style and how you play the game.

Read through the description of each one, and choose the auto catcher that you feel will meet your needs.

1. Go-tcha Classic

The Go-tcha classic was one of the first Pokemon Go automatic catcher to hit the market, and it is still one of the most popular. It works really well, and comes with a convenient wrist strap so you can wear it like a watch while out playing the game. Some key features of this auto catcher include:

Go-tcha Classic
  • Automatically attempts to catch Pokémon
  • Animated graphics to indicate activity
  • Rechargeable battery via magnetic USB charging
  • Fully compatible with Pokémon Go
  • Automatically spins Pokestops and gyms for items
  • Optional vibration alerts

2. Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus

The Go-tcha classic was one of the first Pokemon Go automatic catcher to hit the market, and it is still one of the most popular. It works really well, and comes with a convenient wrist strap so you can wear it like a watch while out playing the game. Some key features of this auto catcher include:

 Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus
  • Automatically attempts to catch any Pokémon spawned
  • Automatically spins Pokestops to collect items
  • Option to manually catch or spin using the blue button
  • Fully compatible with Pokémon Go
  • Full log of activity kept within Pokémon Go
  • Displays items collected on your phones lock screen

3. Pocket Egg Auto-Catch

Pocket Egg Auto-Catchis another good Pokemon GO catcher. This egg shaped auto catcher has a unique design that many people love. It will fit easily in your pocket, or you can place it on your desk so you can catch Pokémon while at work. The best features of this auto catcher are as follows: :

Pocket Egg Auto-Catch
  • Can be connected to two phones at once
  • Wireless range of up to 20 meters
  • Can be set to capture Pokémon, spin Pokestops, or both
  • Fully compatible with Pokémon Go
  • Comes in different colors
  • One button Blue Tooth reconnect

4. 247 Catcher (or Dual Catcher)

The 247 catcher is a great disc shaped auto catcher that fits comfortably in your pocket. It has a variety of important features, including:

 247 Catcher
  • Typically catches Pokémon in under 7 seconds
  • Automatically spins Pokestops
  • Power switch to save battery
  • Fully compatible with Pokémon Go
  • LED indicator lights to provide feedback
  • 120 hours of usage time per charge
  • Dual catcher version allows two phones to connect at once

5. Dual Catchmon

The Dual Catchmon is another device that can connect to two phones or two accounts at a time for fun with friends. It is also disc shaped to fit in your pocket with ease. Some other important things to know about this Pokémon Go auto catcher are:

Dual Catchmon
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries
  • Up to 600 hours of battery life
  • Automatically attempts to catch all Pokémon
  • Accurately spins every Pokestop
  • Options to set notifications using LED lights, haptic vibration, or audible beeps

6.Pokeball Plus

The Pokeball Plus is shaped just like a red Pokeball from the game, which makes it very popular. Connecting it to the Pokémon Go app is quick and easy, so getting started is a breeze. Other features include:

Pokeball Plus
  • Long lasting 220mAh rechargeable battery
  • LED lights to indicate status
  • Audible or vibration alerts
  • USB Type C port for charging
  • Tracks movement for hatching eggs and getting buddy candy
  • Attempts to catch all Pokémon you encounter

7. Brook Auto Catch Lightening

The Brook Auto Catch Lightening is a small device that you can easily carry with you or put on the included wrist strap. It may be small, but it offers lots of great features, such as:

Brook Auto Catch Lightening
  • Long lasting 220mAh rechargeable battery
  • Multicolor LED screen to indicate activity
  • Water-resistant so you can play in the rain
  • Dust resistant for added durability
  • Attempts to catch all Pokémon
  • Spins all Pokestops

Part 4. Bonus: How to Quickly Catch Pokémon?

These Pokémon Go auto catchers are a great way to increase the number of Pokémon you can get in the game. Simply using them while out walking around will dramatically boost the number of Pokémon you can catch.

If you really want to take your gameplay to the next level, however, consider using one of these auto catchers along with a GPS Spoofer. A GPS Spoofer, such as UnicTool TailorGo, will allow you to play Pokémon Go from your home. You can move your in-game trainer to anywhere in the world, and walk around using an onscreen joystick.

A popular method of catching lots of Pokémon is to place your trainer in an area that has lots of Pokestops and connect your auto catcher. This will have you catching hundreds of Pokémon and collecting lots of items while you are occupied with other activities.

best location spoofer

TailorGo Features

  • One-click modification of mobile GPS location, allowing you to teleport to any place worldwide.
  • A trainer-specific spoofing tool for AR games like Pokémon GO.
  • Supports a virtual joystick to simulate natural GPS movement.
  • Customizable routes and speeds for your Pokémon to walk.
  • Pokémon spoofing without the need for jailbreaking.
  • Compatible with the latest iOS 17 and Android 14 devices.
  • Supports GPX document import and export.


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How to Use TailorGo?

  • 1Firstly, download it from TailorGo official site.
  • tailorgo get started
  • 2 After connecting your phone to PC, you can choose any mode TailorGo supported.
  • choose a location or plan a route in tailorgo
  • 3 Then you can see your location changed in games.
  • finish location change in TailorGo


In summary, the Pokémon GO Auto Catcher revolutionizes the way trainers capture Pokémon, and you choose any of them recommended above. Besides, to elevate your Pokémon-catching journey, enhance your toolkit with UnicTool TailorGo. Just start your wonderful games’ journey with these useful tools!

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