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Updated: Jan 30, 2024

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Do you love playing the popular Pokémon Crystal? If so, using Pokémon Crystal cheats is a great way to add depth and excitement to the already great game. On this page you will find 10 of the best Pokémon Crystal cheats that you can use when playing using almost any emulator so give them a try and see which ones you like best.

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Best Pokémon Crystal Cheats Alternative

Part 1. What are Pokémon Crystal Cheats?

Pokémon Crystal rom is a typical Pokémon rom hack. Cheats in Pokémon Crystal are options that are built into the rom for this game that allow you to adjust the normal way that you experience the game. They can make the game easier, allow you to progress through the game faster, or even just change the way the game looks and feels.

Part 2. Why Do You Need Pokémon Crystal Rom Hacks?

Some people love these types of cheats and hacks because they can make the game more fun to play. Others just use them occasionally to help them get past a certain point in the game. No matter what your reasons for using Pokémon Crystal cheats, it is nice to have them available.

Part 3. How to Use Crystal Pokémon Cheats?

Using Crystal Pokémon cheats is really easy. These cheats work on all the most popular emulators.

  • 1 Once you start the game, simply click on the cheats menu at the top of the window.
  • 2 Next, enter the cheat code you want to use and hit enter. This will apply the cheat to the game while you are playing.
  • 3While there are a lot of great cheats available for Pokémon Crystal, keep in mind that applying a lot of them at a time could cause the game to become glitchy. We recommend using no more than two or three at a time for most players.

Part 4. 10 Best Pokémon Crystal Cheats

The best cheats for Pokémon Crystal -codes. It will depend on what you are trying to accomplish in the game. Read through the following 10 popular options and see which ones you would enjoy the most. You will must find the best pokemon crystal rom hack.

cheats in pokemon crystal

1. Max Money

1.Earning money is faster and easier than ever thanks to this great Pokémon Crystal cheat code. Just enter it in and you will have max money in seconds:

  • a.019973D5
  • b.019974D5
  • c.019975D5
  • d.910F4ED8
  • e.91424FD8
  • f.913F50D8

2. Earn All Badges

2.Tired of spending hours to find and earn the various badges in the game? You can get them all instantly by entering one of these codes:

  • a.01FF7CD5
  • b.01FF7DD5
  • c.91FF57D8
  • d.91FF58D8

3. Ride a Bike

Riding a bike in Pokémon is a great way to speed things up, but what do you do if you don’t have a bike available? Easy, just enter this code and you’ll always be riding a bike through the game:

  • a.010182D6 91015DD9

4. Walk Through Walls

4.Sick of having to take long walks to reach your destination? Use one of these codes to be able to walk through walls and other obstacles to reach your goal fast:

  • a.010AA3CE
  • b.010AA4CE
  • c.010AA5CE
  • d.010AA6CE
  • e.9100FAC2
  • f.9100FBC2
  • g.9100FCC2
  • h.9100FDC2

5. Infinite XP

You can quickly progress through the game by getting an infinite amount of experience from a single battle. The following codes will help you dominate the game fast:

  • a.014432DA
  • b.014433DA
  • c.014434DA
  • d.9144E7DC
  • e.9144E8DC
  • f.9144E9DC

6. Level Modification

6. You can make your Pokémon any level you want them by entering the following cheat code. Simply replace the XX with the level you want your Pokémon to be:

  • a.91XX13D2

7. Hatch Eggs Immediately

here is no need to walk for miles with your Pokémon eggs to get them to hatch. You can hatch them by walking just a few steps using the following codes:

  • a.1st Egg 010145DA 9101FADC
  • b.2nd Egg 010175DA 91012ADD
  • c.3rd Egg 0101A5DA 91015ADD
  • d.4th Egg 0101D5DA 91018ADD
  • e.5th Egg 010105DB 9101BADD
  • f.6th Egg 010135DB 9101EADD
pokemon crystal rom hack

8.Rare Candy

8.ou can get rare candy for any Pokémon you want using this code. Enter the code for the slot where the Pokémon is located to get that type of rare candy:

  • a.Slot 1 0120B8D5 912093D8
  • b.Slot 2 0120BAD5 912095D8
  • c.Slot 3 0120BCD5 912097D8
  • d.Slot 4 0120BED5 912099D8
  • e.Slot 5 0120C0D5 91209BD8
  • f.Slot 6 0120C2D5 91209DD8
  • g.Slot 7 0120C4D5 91209FD8
  • h.Slot 8 0120C6D5 9120A1D8
  • i.Slot 9 0120C8D5 9120A3D8
  • k.Slot 11 0120CCD5 9120A7D8
  • b.Slot 2 0120BAD5 912095D8l.Slot 12 0120CED5 9120A9D8
  • m.Slot 13 0120D0D5 9120ABD8
  • n.Slot 14 0120D2D5 9120ADD8
  • o.Slot 15 0120D4D5 9120AFD8
  • p.Slot 16 0120D6D5 9120B1D8
  • q.Slot 17 0120D8D5 9120B3D8

9. Shiny Pokémon

You can turn any normal Pokémon into a shiny Pokémon using this cheat code. Just put the Pokémon you want to change into your first slot and enter one of the following code:

  • a.01EA3FDA
  • b.01AA40DA
  • c.91EAF4DC
  • d.91AAF5DC

10. Steal a Pokémon

If you want to steal the Pokémon that another trainer has, simply use this cheat code:

  • a.91012DD2

Part 5. How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location?

These Pokémon Crystal cheats really make the game a lot of fun. If you love these cheats, you will also enjoy various Pokémon Go joystick cheats that let you play the iconic game from the comfort of your computer.

UnicTool TailorGo is a great Pokémon Go joystick cheat that lets you use a GPS spoofing technology to play the game from your home while visiting anywhere in the world.

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TailorGo Features

  • Easily shift your phone's GPS location with a simple click, enabling instant teleportation to any spot on the globe.
  • Designed specifically for dedicated gamers, our specialized tool is ideal for trainers engrossed in AR games like Pokémon GO.
  • Imitate genuine GPS movements seamlessly by using a virtual joystick.
  • Create custom paths and set speeds for your Pokémon's walks.
  • Effortlessly spoof Pokémon locations without the need to jailbreak your device.
  • Our tool seamlessly works with the latest iOS 17 and Android 14 devices.
  • Import and export GPX documents with ease at your convenience.


100% secure

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How to Use TailorGo?

  • 1Donwload TailorGo
  • tailorgo get started
  • 2Choose Mode.
  • choose a location or plan a route in tailorgo
  • 3Change your location.
  • finish location change in TailorGo

Part 6. FAQs About Pokemon Crystal Rom Hack

What is the Crystal Legacy ROM Pokemon?

"Pokémon Crystal Legacy" is a Rom Hack created by The SmithPlays. It is based on the disassembly of Pokémon Crystal, with the primary goal of enhancing and refining the overall experience of playing Pokemon Crystal.

The intention behind this Rom Hack is to create a more polished, balanced, and engaging version of Pokémon Crystal for players to enjoy.

Is There Any Pokemon l Rom Hacks Like Pokemon Crystal Rom?

Yes, Pokemon Radical Red Rom is another tool like Pokemon Rom hack like Pokemon Crystal Rom .


Now you must be very familiar with Pokémon Crystal Rom Hacks, so try the above methods quickly. In addition, if you need it, it is recommended to use UnicTool TailorGo to help you catch Pokemon quickly

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