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Updated: Feb 02, 2024

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p>Palworld Breeding Farm has attracted many fans of Palworld attention recently. More and more people have started to use it. However, many players are having problems understanding how to breed Palworld, and preparing the materials needed for Breeding.

In this article, we will provide you with full Palworld Breeding guide and its best Palworld Breeding list for beginners.

breeding combos palworld

breeding guide
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Part 1. What is the Palworld Breeding Farm?

Palworld Breeding farm is a quick and effective way to level up your game, and to produce stronger pal through careful Breeding. When you reach level 19, you will unlock the "Breeding Farm" in the Technology Line. Simply place a male and female pal in it, and prepare a cake to be placed in the crate next to it, and the pal eggs will be laid shortly afterward. There are also many Palworld guide that needed by users as well.


You only need to prepare 100 wood, 20 stone and 50 fiber to build the Palworld Breeding Farm.

Part 2. How to Breed Palworld?


  • 1. Once you reach level 19, you will be able to unlock the "PalworldBreeding Farm".
  • 2. Find a male and female pal.
  • 3. F-click to lift them up and drop them into the pasture, then place the cake in the box outside to start Breeding.

Palworld Breeding Cake

palworld breeding cake

Without Palworld Breeding cake, the pal eggs will not hatch. The ingredients needed to make the cake include eggs, honey, milk, flour, and red wild berries. Ensure that you have these ingredients to successfully make the cake and make the Breeding Farm work properly.

Simple Cake Materials

  • Eggs: You can obtain them by building a farm in the habitat of the Pipistrelle. Eggs have a shelf life, so please make the cake as soon as possible or store it in the refrigerat
  • Milk: You can obtain milk by building a "Farm" in the habitat of a "Boba Cow". Milk also has a shelf life, so make a cake or store it in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Difficult Cake Materials

  • Honey: You can obtain this by building a "Farm" in the habitat of the "Knight Bee". Not only does honey not spoil, but it also increases the san value of the pal workers by +3.
  • Flour: Go through the Wheat Garden - Wheat - Mill to grind Wheat into Flour. This ingredient has no expiration date and can be used at any time.
Read Relative Articles:

1. Cake also has a shelf life. You can put the cake in the box next to the allotment to prevent it from rotting.
2. You do need a Cake for a successful Breeding, and not having enough Cake will affect the Breeding process. Make sure you have enough Cakes to ensure the successful Breeding of the pal.

Palworld Breeding List: Best Breeding Combos Palworld

palworld breeding list

This is a full breeding combos palworld recipe for a Phantom pal Breeding program, including the results of various combinations of pal Breeding. Based on these combinations, you can obtain different types of pal, providing a rich gaming experience.

Remember to prepare the appropriate Breeding materials in advance as needed to ensure a successful Breeding process. Have fun with the game!

Palworld breeding chart

First Steps
Breeding Combos Palworld Final pals
Cotton Yoyo + Miroku Fox = Pounding Cat
Cotton Yoyo + Yuzo Fox = Troublemaking Cat
Cotton Yoyo + Cloudy Deer = Tunnel Mouse
Cotton Yoyo + Boner Rabbit = Electric Thorn Mouse
Cotton yo-yo + Fire Spirit = Electric Spiny Rat
Cotton yo-yo + Water Spirit = Electric Spiny Rat
Yo-Yo Cotton + New Leaf Monkey = Electric Rat
Cotton yo-yo + Pentamaru = Volt Meow
Cotton Yoyo + Red Shark = Hooked Squid
Cotton Yoyo + Lunati = Thorn Fairy
Cotton Yoyo + Flame Witch Fox = Thorn Fairy
Cotton Yoyo + Lian Li Long = Flame Witch Fox
Cotton Yoyo + Lumiere = Flame Witch Fox
Cotton Yoyo + Rock Shattering Turtle = Flame Witch Fox
Cotton Yoyo + Sharkboy = Bona Bunny
Cotton Yoyo + Hairy Daddy = Fraternal Lizard
Cotton Yoyo + Blazing Bull = Mangy Pig
Cotton Yoyo + Spinning Weasel = Mangy Pig
Cotton Yoyo + Marshmallow = Surfing Duck
Cotton yo-yo + Hooked Squid = Seeing Devil
Cotton Yoyo + Hair Duster = Seeing Demon
Cotton Yoyo + Iso Griffin = Snow Fox
Cotton Yoyo + Sightseer = Jade Leaf Rat
Cotton Yoyo + Volt Meow = Jade Leaf Rat
Cotton Yoyo + Velvet Fox = Jade Leaf Mouse
Cotton Yoyo + Flame Girl Jade Mouse
Yoyo + Crying Carr = Jade Mouse
Cotton Yoyo + Night Bat = Leafy Mudblood
Cotton Yoyo + Anubi = Feathered Archer
Cotton Yoyo + Water Snake = Archer
Cotton Yoyo + Thunderhorse = Black Raven Hermit
Cotton yo-yo + Black Raven Hermit = Fire Spirit
Cotton yo-yo + Knight Bee = Fire Spirit
Cotton yo-yo + Surfing Duck = Fluffy Fox
Cotton Yoyo + Thorn Fairy = Fire Fox
Cotton Yoyo + Prairie Deer = Hime Bunny
Cotton Yoyo + Soul Eater = Ji Bunny
Cotton Yoyo + Ice Thorn = Spinning Weasel
Cotton Yoyo + Polujacks = Spinning Weasel
Cotton Yoyo + Slinging Spirit = Tamagotchi Fox
Yoyo Cotton + Silk Moth = Moon Sickle Demon
Yoyo Cotton + High Speed Falcon = Lunar Scythe Demon
Cotton Yoyo + Leafy Tatsu = Moon Sickle
Cotton Yoyo + Captive Mouse = Bomb Bird
Cotton Yoyo + Thunder Boy = Bird of Prey
Yoyo + Horus = Purple Deer
Yo-Yo Cotton + Fire Unicorn Cotton yo-yo + Fusilier
Second Steps
Breeding Combos Palworld Final pals
Icethorn + Spinning Weasel = White Velvet Wendigo
Horus + Waveblade Samurai = Bishop's Dragon
Mordent Dragon + Rock Shattering Turtle = Bishop's Dragon
Icethorn + Winter Beast = Icethorn
Knight of Chaos + Queen of the Dark Moon = Icethorn
Evil Gryphon + Seibei Ice Spine Beast
Mordent Dragon + Ice Spine = Ice Spine Beast
Dragon + Vermilion Bird = Ice Spike
Peppy Chicken + Mullet Dragon = Boba Cow
Bakuda Bear + Pecker Dragon = Borujax
Winter Deer + Flower Rena = Coyote
Dragon + Pentamaru = Flame Wolf
Feathered Archer + Anubis = Red Flame Cow
Melupa + Knight Bee = Cloud Sea Deer
Elf Dragon + Fire Fox Elf Dragon + Fire Fox
Vermilion Bird + Kiyoshi Bird = Vermilion Bird
Mogwai Dragon + Ching Chiao = Vermilion Bird
Water Snake + Peking Dragon = High Wind Falcon
Water Snake + Vermilion Bird = Sea Dragon
Horus + Stygian Scorpion = Flying Dragon
Horus + Evil Gryphon = Flying Dragon
Pekinosaurus + Kegelis = Flying Falcon
Mordent Dragon + Monarch Melupa = Flying Dragon
Mori Mammoth + Lava Beast = Overthrow Dragon
Horus + Laughing Nightmare Ca = Silk Rattle
Hades Scorpion + Waveblade Samurai = Silk Raspberry
Butterfly + Kikikaze Falcon = Satin Sateen
Ice Thorn + Cat Bat Monster = Silk Moth
Spinning Weasel + Knight of Light = Silk Moth
Dragon + Anubis = Horus
Butterfly + Kegelis = High Speed Falcon
Thunderbird + Waveblade Samurai = High Speed Falcon
Phalaris + Phalarina = Spinning Weasel
Thunder Dragon + Thunderhorn Dragon = Pixie Dragon
Silk Kasara + Wave Blade Samurai = Pixie Dragon
Vermilion Bird + Dragon = Kegelis
Horus + Flying Dragon = Kegelis
Tunnel Bird + Flying Dragon = Kegelis
Phocoaurus + Clouded Deer = Corolla Dragon
Hades + Winter Deer = Flower Renaissance
Mossy Velvet Monster + Waveblade Warrior = Slippery Water Snake
Kegelis + Wave Blade Warrior = Butterfly
Horus + Dragon = Fire Unicorn
Tunnel Bird + Dragon = Fire Gryphon
Mogensaurus + Anubis = Fire Gryphon
Thunderhorn + Water Snake = Waveblade Warrior
Scorpion + Anubis = Waveblade Warrior
Horus + Winter Deer = Waveblade Warrior
Tunneling Bird + Winter Deer = Waveblade Warrior
Third Steps
Breeding Combos Palworld Final pals
Paddlesnake + Pecosaurus = Anubis
Icethorn + Nightmare Bat = Anubis
Beacon Dragon + Monarch Melupa = Anubis
Queen Bee + Spinning Weasel = Anubis
Inferno Goat + Water Snake = Anubis
Queen Bee + Spinning Weasel = Anubis
Cotton Yoyo + Aqua Dragon = Cloud Sea Deer
Cotton Yoyo + Butterfly = Cloud Sea Deer
Cotton Yoyo + Monarch Melupa = Deer of the Sea of Clouds
Cotton Yoyo + Green Mossy Velvet Monster = Deer of the Sea of Clouds
Sea Deer + Sky Feather Dragon = Beacon Song Dragon
Blazing Bull + Earthen Serpent = Beacon Dragon
Dragon + Mammoth = Thunderbird
Mordant Dragon + Mullet Dragon = Thunderbird
Mordant Dragon + Stygian Scorpion = Thunderbird
Mordant Dragon + Lava Beast = Thunderbird
Mordant Dragon + Pecker Dragon = Thunderbird
Evil Gryphon + Thunderbird = Thunderbolt
Tunnel Fire Bird + Vermilion Bird = Thunderbolt

1 An effective way to breed pal is through the route of Rumil > Flower Lena > Grey Wolf > Altered Gryphon. First, use Rumil to breed with Flower Lena to produce Grey Wolf, and then use Grey Wolf to breed with Magical Year Dragon to get Altered Griffin.
This way, you can gradually inherit the passive and the individual. Continue to breed with each other until the combination of passives and personalities reaches the full personalities +4 Gold Attack Clause requirement.
This method will help to improve the quality of pal and make it more powerful in the game. Remember to keep an eye on each generation's combinations throughout the Breeding process to ensure that you reach your goal gradually.

2 Look up the Breeding routes to find the parent pal that is easiest to catch in large numbers.

3 Use Breeding to gradually inherit passives and individuals to the target pal.

4 Catch as many rare pal as possible.

5 It is recommended to breed the pal to a stronger pal.

6 Choose the stallion with the golden bar for breeding. Be careful to avoid the situation where the same combination produces different pal. It is worth noting that sometimes inheritance can be unilateral, but with luck it can be mutual.

You can breed Paru according to the strongest Paru type.

Palworld best pals

Level 1: Knight of the Holy Light, Knight of Chaos, Vortex, Winter Beast, Horus, Strange Griffin, Porujax.

Level 2: Bolt Bear, Vermilion Bird, Clear Bird, Queen of the Black Moon, Queen of Lilies, Sea Dragon, Tenguin Dragon

Level 3: Anubis, Cloud Deer, Flame Brilliant, Sky Feather Dragon, Mordent Dragon, Thunderbird

Part 3. Hot Tips For Palworld Breeding Guide

How To Do Pal Breeding Efficiently?

  • 1. Prepare the foundation beforehand: Before building a Breeding farm, prepare a piece of foundation that is big enough to expand the farm area. Remember to clear the trees and veins before building the foundation.
  • 2. Increase SAN value: Since pal tend to get hungry during Breeding, it is recommended to increase the SAN value of pal by feeding (using food with high SAN value) or petting. This will help to ensure that they remain motivated during Breeding work.
  • 3. Set up a feed pile and wall protection: Place a feed pile on the allotment farm and enclose the entire pasture with a wall. This will prevent outside pal from entering the farm and eating the feed inside, and will ensure that the Breeding process goes smoothly.

How To Choose Breeding Combos Palworld?

When selecting a pal for Breeding, use a pal concentrator to check the basic ability of the pal you are looking for.

If you select a pal with a higher ability for Breeding at the same level, you can increase the chance of having a pal with a higher ability. The following instructions can be skipped.

  • 1. When selecting a pal for Breeding, use a pal concentrator to check the basic ability of the pal you are looking for. If you select a pal with a higher ability for Breeding at the same level, you can increase the chance of having a pal with a higher ability.
  • 2. Passive Abilities: Most passive abilities may come with a pal in the wild (or sold in stores), or may be randomly generated during egg-laying. Some gold passives are only available to certain pal. Therefore, try to keep your pal's passive abilities to the target passive abilities.
Passive Ability Combinations

1 Combat: Brain, Fierce, Legendary, Rare, Rough, Damage Increase by Attribute.

2 Farm/Hauler (does not eat work speed): Diet Master, Workaholic, Positive Thinking, Bird's Stomach, Speed, Athletic.

3 Crafting/FireMaking/Planting/Watering/Mining/Power Generation/Freezing: Craftsmanship, Seriousness, Rarity, Social Animal.

4 Logging/Mining: Doesn't take Work Speed when collecting naturally occurring trees/rocks/minerals, but does take it when sent to a lumberyard/quarry, so it's recommended to decide which of the above you'd like to match based on your primary use.

5 Movement: Speed, Athletic, Legendary, Slick.

Breeding Palworld Calculator?

When choosing a breeding pal go to the pal concentrator to confirm the base ability of the candidate pal, of course there are other complex methods that can be used here:.

  • Attribute Damage: Damage = 1.5x
  • Attribute Modifier: Modifier = 1.2x
  • Game Damage Value: Damage value between 0.8-1x (random)
  • pal Body Value: Between 0 and 100
Breeding Palworld Calculator Reference

Final Attack Panel = Attack Power * Word Completion

Attack = Initial Attack (100 for each) + Level * Attack Increment

Attack Increment = Race Value (Attack Power of Shot) * (0.075 + 0.0225 * Individual Physique/100)

Final Defense Panel = Defense Power * Term Correction

Defense = Initial Defense (50 each) + Level * Defense Increment)

Defense Increment = Race Value * (0.075 + 0.0225 * Individual Body Mass/100)

HP = 500 + Rank * [5 + Race Value * (0.5 + 0.15 * Individual Body Mass/100)]

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palworld pals tools

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That's all the tips on Palworld pal breeding, if you think it's useful, try it out. Meanwhile, if you want to catch pal quickly, you can also try UnicTool TailorGo to change your location, which may have unexpected effects.

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