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At UnicTool, we regard customer satisfaction to be most important. We strive to ensure that our customers are completely happy with both our products and our service.

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with, or even if you just have questions about, any aspect of our products or service, please contact our Customer Support Team without delay.

You can reach out to UnicTool’s caring Customer Support Team at

Requesting a Refund

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, a customer may want to cancel their order. If that is the case, we respectfully request that they complete a ‘Request Refund’ form. The 'Request Refund' form may be found at

To complete the form, you will need the:
• Product name.
• Order reference number.
• Email address used when making the purchase.
• Reason for requesting a refund.

UnicTool aims to process each request for a refund within one business day of receiving the request. Each request is assessed according to the criteria listed below.

Money Back Guarantee

UnicTool products generally feature ‘free trial’ versions, which allow the customer to test the software for flaws, and to ensure that it is working correctly on their device.

If no problems were evident, and communicated to UnicTool’s Customer Support Team, during the 60-day trial period, then the order may not be cancelled.

Eligibility for Refund

Under the 60-day Money Back Guarantee, refunds will only be granted in the following circumstances listed below, with the money credited to the account originally used to make the purchase.

• If the software malfunctions due to a technical problem that is unable to be resolved within the trial period, and the customer is unwilling to wait for a software update, UnicTool will refund the purchase price.

• If the software suffers a fatal malfunction, UnicTool will either refund the purchase price, or offer an exchange for a different product, at the customer’s discretion.

• If the customer mistakenly duplicates the purchase of the software, or purchases a similar type of software, then UnicTool will either refund the purchase price of one of them or offer an exchange for a different product.

• If the order information for the software has not been received by the customer within 24 hours of making payment, and the customer has not received a response from the Customer Support Team within 48 hours of notifying them of the issue, then UnicTool may either cancel the order or offer a full refund.

• If the customer does not receive an auto-renewal notification by email prior to the subscription being auto-renewed against the customer’s wishes, UnicTool will offer a refund if contacted within 7 days of the renewal.

• If two or more payments were made for the same product due to a technical issue with the customer’s payment platform, UnicTool will refund the extra payments.

In circumstances where the customer has been refunded for unwanted software, the corresponding license will be deactivated, and the customer will be required to uninstall the product.

Ineligibility for Refund

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where UnicTool will not be able to offer a refund but may offer to exchange for a different type of software.

These circumstances are detailed below:
• Since purchasing, the customer has found the same product being sold elsewhere for a lower price.

• Since purchasing, the customer has bought a similar product from a different provider.

• The customer purchased the product on special terms during a sales promotion.

• The customer has repeatedly and intentionally purchased similar products.

• Since third-party payment processing services are used, it is not possible for UnicTool to monitor the legitimacy of payments, so fraudulent use of credit cards and unauthorized transfers must be resolved between the customer and the issuer of their credit card(s). UnicTool will assist where able.

• Failing to properly understand the functions and capabilities of the product(s) through not reading the product description thoroughly before purchasing the software.

• Refusal to supply a reason for requesting a refund.

As stated in our Refund Policy above, UnicTool is committed to customer satisfaction. To that end, UnicTool’s Customer Support Team is always willing to take feedback, and consider suggestions, from customers. UnicTool will make every effort to resolve customers’ problems.

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