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Jacob Bennett

Updated: Mar 22, 2024

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The Monster Hunter Mobile Game came out in September 2023 and became very popular. Right now, Android devices can't use location-changing tools directly for Monster Hunter Now spoofing on android device because the authorities are closely watching.

If your phone is in "Developer Mode," the official system might think you're cheating, causing a connection error 6-4 in MHN and stopping regular gameplay. However, you can use an Android emulator and a MHN spoofer on Android to change your location in Monster Hunter Now, and this helps you avoid getting caught.

How to Change Location in Monster Hunter Now on Android?

UnicTool TailorGo Changes Location in Seconds

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Part 1. How to Change Location in Monster Hunter Now on Android?

1. Download and install the Android emulator

To begin, download and install the Android emulator on your Android device. In this example, we'll use VMOSPro.

Download and install the Android emulator VMOSPro

You can do this by scanning the QR code provided below.

VMOSPro QR code
  • 1 Once the installation is complete, open the VMOS Pro App.
  • Usage steps fpr VMOSPro
  • 2 In the first functional area, select the "+" button on the Home page.
  • 3 Download and add the "Android7.1 Lite (64-bit)" device.

2 Download MH Now APP in the Virtual Machine

  • 1 In the virtual machine, go to "Settings," then enable "Google Services."
  • 2 The system will ask you to restart the virtual machine; click on the restart option.
  • Open Google Services to Download MH Now APP in the Virtual Machine
  • 3 Once restarted, access the virtual machine interface and click on "Google Store." Log in to your account and download "Monster Hunter Now."
  • Download MH Now APP in the Virtual Machine


Ensure that you install it within the virtual machine; attempting to import the app directly from a real phone will result in a failure.

3 Enable to Open Necessary Permissions

  • 1 Inside the virtual machine, make sure to enable all necessary permissions.
  • 2 Click on the lower-left corner, go to "Settings," then navigate to "Authority Management." Enable permissions related to GPS location and Game Gyroscope.
  • Enable to Open Necessary Permissions on VMOSPro

4 Play MHN with TailorGo

Next, you need to use a location changer to change your games’ location. We recommend UnicTool TailorGo and list detailed steps for how to use it.

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Professional Location Changer-TailorGo Features

  • Fake location to anywhere with only 3 steps.
  • Five Modes allows to DIY your location.
  • It gives you Monster Hunter Now joystick .
  • Import / Export GPX file to save your favorite routes.
  • Poweful compatibility for iOS 17 and Android 14.
  • Support Any Socail Mediam and AR games to change location.


100% secure

  • 1 Download the Monster Hunter Now spoofer UncTool TailorGo on your computer. Connect your Android phone to the computer and choose "Universal Mode."
  • Pokemon GO spoofer tailorgo download
  • 2 Use "Teleport Mode" or any mode you prefer. Enter your destination in the search box or select a point on the map. Click "Move" to instantly modify the location to your desired place.
  • choose a location or plan a route in tailorgo
  • 3 Open the Monster Hunter Now app in the virtual machine, and you're ready to enjoy the game!
  • finish location change in TailorGo

What tools can I use to change my location in Monster Hunter Now on Android?

There are various Monster Hunter Now Spoofer tools available, such as location spoofers or emulators. Make sure to follow guidelines and use them responsibly.

Can I get banned for changing my location in Monster Hunter Now?

Sometimes changing your location may violate the game's terms, and it could lead to penalties, including temporary or permanent bans. So be cautious and use such tools responsibly.


In this article, we give you a step-by-step guide on how to change your Android location in Monster Hunter Now. If you face temporary bans, like the 6-4 error in MHN, just wait for a bit. For permanent bans, you can ask for another chance by submitting an appeal.

So, we really suggest using the MHN spoofer UnicTool TailorGo to become an expert at changing your location in Monster Hunter Now on your Android phone.

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