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Spotify has been a household name in music streaming for quite some time now, and they're currently taking measures to grow even further. With major expansions into a much larger portion of the global market, the platform will soon nearly double their reach.

Despite the company's ever-growing presence, their service still does not cover the entire globe, leaving many would-be users disappointed and out of the picture. The coverage dilemma even affects current patrons as well, for example when users of Spotify can't change countries in their devices' settings quite as freely as they'd like.

There are, thankfully, various solutions to these issues which help create continued enjoyment of Spotify's service for the maximum number of users. And two forms of the solutions will be covered in this article: the standard protocols recommended by Spotify itself and third-party tools.

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Part 1. An Overview of Spotify Region

Spotify is known for creating suggested playlists all the time, but did you know it can suggest music based on your location? Spotify can suggest music that is popular in the region you are in, and if you want to see what people in other regions and countries are listening to, change your location so you can check it out. The location changing service and help you break the location barrier and experience Spotify to the maximum.

Now let's talk about in detail the reasons why people want to change regions and countries on Spotify:

  • 1Get premium for a lower fee
  • Spotify offers free and premium plans in all the markets it covers. The free version is laden with ads, while the paying version has none. But actually, the exact cost is adjusted according to location and in selected markets they will also offer plans tailored specifically to individuals, pairs, families and students.

  • 2Listen to local trending music
  • The recommendations Spotify provides adapt to users' preferences over time but also keeps them aware of local trends in addition to granting access to the entire global Spotify offering. Spotify also claims that this offers previously unheard-of genres and artists the chance to gain exposure.

    discover weekly
  • 3To view entire podcast selection
  • The entire podcast selection will not, on the other hand, be available in all markets. And Spotify remains relegated to mobile device apps and desktop web players, with use on TV, speakers, wearables, and car being continually developed.

  • 4Explore a greater music selection
  • Spotify does seem to make legitimate attempts at supporting both local and regional artists while providing high-quality service to their listeners. But despite its massive global offering, Spotify does not open all artists and songs to the world due to international restrictions.

Part 2. Why My Spotify Can't Change Country?

1. How to Change Spotify Location

Here are the methods for changing locations which are officially sanctioned by Spotify.

Free Version

For users of the free version, you can use Spotify in a new country or region for up to 14 days. To continue use in a new area for longer than 14 days, follow these directions:

  • 1. Log in to your account on Spotify. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner and open "Account".
  • Open Account
  • 2. Click on "Account Overview" to see your details. Then tap"Edit Profile" to change the Spotify location.
  • edit profile
  • 3. Save profile and you're done.
  • You must actually be present in the country you wish to switch to.
  • Users who created their accounts with Facebook or Apple must change their location settings in those accounts as well.
  • Premium Version

    Note that for Premium account holders, you can travel anywhere with an internet connection and continue to stream normally without changing the location setting. But if you're all set at a new location, you will need to change your payment to a valid method issued by the respective country. That will change your Spotify location as well:

    • 1. Log in to your account on Spotify.
    • 2. Navigate to "Your Plan" and next to your payment method, click on "Update".
    • update your plan
    • 3. Enter the new payment method valid in your new country and save the changes.

    2. Reasons Why I Can't Change Spotify Region

    • 1Malfunctions in the Spotify system
    • Malfunctions in the Spotify system could occur sometimes, temporarily prohibiting you from successfully changing regions. In this case, simply contact customer service and you will be walked through the appropriate steps needed to rectify the situation.

    • 2User is not in the location that he would like to change to
    • The most likely reason why a user of Spotify can't change country or region settings is that he's simply not in the area he'd like to switch to. As noted in the instructions above, a user's region or country usually cannot be changed unless he is physically present in that country. The only way to bypass this restriction would be with the use of third-party location changing tools.

    Part 3. Change Country on Spotify Using Third-Party Tool

    As what's been made clear above, there is unfortunately no feasible way to change your location setting within the Spotify system without being physically present at the location you'd like to switch to. There are ways, however, to trick your device into thinking you are somewhere which you aren't. This faked location will then be registered by Spotify, creating the result you'd wished for.

    TailorGo can serve all your location changing needs by easily allowing users to create fake GPS locations for their devices. This program can be "place you" anywhere on the entire globe and this little trick is untraceable by Spotify for location detection.

    Using this tool will not only unlock Spotify for whichever country you decide to choose, it also grants you access to other geo-specific services in apps where you'd otherwise be denied access due to your ineligible location.

    • Change GPS location to anywhere you want.
    • Can be dynamically manipulated to create movement along predetermined routes.
    • Perfectly compatible with various location-based apps including Life360, WhatsApp, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go.
    • Only simple steps are required. No technical knowledge is needed.
    • Provide full user security and free trial.
    • Support both Android and iOS system (including the latest iOS 15).
    tailorgo logo
    • 1 Download, install and launch TailorGo on your computer. Then hit the "Get Started" button and have your device connected.
    • tailorgo get started
    • 2 To simply change location, choose the Teleport Mode and select the destination.
    • tailorgo
    • 3 Click the "Move" button to get the location changed. This change will be updated to Spotify.
    • tailorgo

    TailorGo is also capable of simulating GPS movement. You can customize the route, moving speed, direction, and moving times as you like.


    Spotify is clearly making a virtuous attempt at bringing music to the masses. It even does this while still managing to support regional and local artists and their genres. However, it is nevertheless a far cry from successfully serving every corner of the globe, and its system is of course not perfect.

    Thanks to TailorGo, users can improve their experiences with apps such as Spotify by virtually changing their location. What's more, TailorGo constantly develops itself to improve the using experience of everyone, so that progress can continued, and shortcomings may be amended.



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