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Jacob Bennett

Updated: Jan 30, 2024

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Remember when Pokemon Go was released in 2016? Suddenly everyone was on a mission to catch ‘em all. All our friends, classmates and even siblings – all of them busy throwing their Pokeballs. Fast forward to 2024, and every trainer is still just as crazy about it. But let’s talk about something a bit cheeky yet interesting - the Pokemon Go hack.

Now, before you raise an eyebrow, just know that we’re not going to say something about any cheats. We are talking about those little tricks that make the game even more thrilling, like knowing how to hack Pokemon Go and the ever-popular Pokemon Go walking hack.

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UnicTool TailorGo Changes Location in Seconds

Pokémon Go Hack for iOS & Android

Part 1. What is Pokemon Go Hack?

what is pokemon go hack

Pokemon Go hacks are the methods that help you modify your gameplay to let you have a better playing experience. Here are some of the most common Pokemon Go hacks that the players use to gain an advantage:

  • Location Spoofing: The most popular hack is location spoofing. This kind of hack will let you fake your location and help catch Pokemon from different regions. You won’t have to physically travel there.
  • Auto-IV Checkers: IV tools can be used to check a Pokemon's Individual Values (IVs). These are hidden stats that show you how strong a Pokemon can get. These apps are monitored by Niantic so you have to be careful in their use.
  • Botting: Botting is an automated process where you use bots to travel around the world to collect Pokemon. It is an efficient way to gather Pokemon while you are busy with your daily routine. But on the flip side, it is highly detectable and often results in bans.
  • Multiple Accounts: Some players create multiple accounts to control several characters simultaneously. This is often used to fill up gyms with their Pokemon or to trade between accounts.
  • Part 2. How to Hack Pokemon Go using TailorGo

    So now you’re ready to dive in and know how to hack Pokemon Go, but you want to do it right. UnicTool Tailorgo is your go-to tool and has a lot of features to help you take your gaming experience to the next level.

    best spoofing location for pokemon go

    Best Pokémon GO Spoofer-TailorGo Features

    • Custom Settings: Simulate GPS movement on chosen paths at set speeds.
    • Joystick Mode : This mode lets Pokémon GO players control the game with ease and no restrictions.
    • Great Performance : Works perfectly with a variety of social platforms as well as AR games including Pokémon GO , The Walking Dead: Our World, Monster Hunter Now.
    • Reduced Risk : Comes with a built-in cooldown timer to fake your location without the fear of being banned.
    • Excellent Compatibility: Works well with iOS 17 and Android 14.


    100% secure

    Steps of Pokemon Go Hacks Using TailorGo

    • 1Download, install and launch TailorGo on your computer. Get your device connected, then click the "Get Started" button to begin.
    • tailorgo get started
    • 2There exist three distinct modes: Teleport Mode, Two-Spot Mode, and Multi-Spot Mode.
    • For a straightforward change of location, opt for the first mode, choose your destination, and activate the "Move" button.
    • If your intention is to navigate within the virtual realm of the game, you can alternatively engage the second or third mode, and strategize a route for your movement.
    • choose a location or plan a route
    • 3Alterations to your location in Pokémon GO can be effortlessly executed, ensuring that your movements unfold precisely as you have envisioned.
    • change location or simulate gps movement

    Part 3. Other Recommended Tools and Apps for Pokemon Go Hacking

    Apart from TailorGo, there are other tools and apps that can assist in Pokemon Go hacking:

    1. iMyFone AnyTo

    iMyFone AnyTo homepage

    iMyFone AnyTo stands out as a versatile and user-friendly Pokémon GO hack tool. Seamlessly manipulate your in-game location, allowing you to explore diverse terrains and discover new Pokémon habitats. With iMyFone AnyTo, experience the freedom to hike through virtual landscapes, unlocking hidden treasures and encountering rare Pokémon. This software is your key to unlocking the true potential of exploration in Pokémon GO.

    2. Fake GPS Location

    Fake GPS Location Homepage

    Forge your own path in the Pokémon GO world with Fake GPS Location, a powerful hacking tool designed to redefine your gaming experience. This software enables you to teleport to any location of your choice, creating an immersive hiking adventure within the Pokémon GO realm. Uncover secret spots, climb virtual mountains, and traverse the digital landscape with ease, all while gaining access to Pokémon that were once out of reach.

    3. iPoGo

    iPoGo homepage

    iPoGo revolutionizes Pokémon GO hacking with its advanced features and user-friendly interface. Explore the vast virtual terrains of Pokémon GO as you hike through diverse landscapes effortlessly. iPoGo empowers you to customize your journey, ensuring that every hike is a unique and exciting experience. With enhanced GPS manipulation and real-time collaboration features, iPoGo takes your Pokémon GO adventure to new heights.

    Part 4. Pokemon Go Hacks 2024: What to Expect

    In 2024, you can expect some more innovation in hacks and cheats. The focus is still likely to be on AR (Augmented Reality) hacks and GPS spoofing which allow players to catch Pokemon without physically moving. These hacks have evolved and become more efficient but may include any additional features by the end of 2024 like enhanced privacy and detection to keep the gameplay even safer from getting flagged.

    Niantic Screenshot

    Niantic's Responses to Hacks

    Niantic has implemented a strict three-strike policy against the cheaters in Pokemon Go. The first strike is a warning and temporary restrictions, such as not being able to find rare Pokemon and losing Ex Raid pass privileges.

    The second strike results in a 30-day suspension. A third strike leads to permanent account bans. Players can appeal bans but the chances of account restoration are really slim.

    Part 5. Conclusion:

    Knowing how to hack Pokemon Go will help you experience more fun. However, all of it may come at an expense of risking your account being flagged if the softwares you are using isn’t reliable enough. So UnicTool Tailorgo offers a compelling way to play Pokemon Go in 2024 by letting you explore virtual locations effortlessly in a more secure way.

    As the world of Pokemon Go hacks evolves, remember the core values of exploration and fair play that define the game. So enjoy the augmented world responsibly, respecting both the game's rules and the community spirit.

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