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From Avayah


This tool saved me from the hustle of synchronizing and moving WhatsApp messages and backup chats between two mobile phones with different operating systems. It aided me in managing my WhatsApp chats, especially when I wanted to synchronize my WhatsApp Business chats between my two different mobile phones. The procedure is easy since it only requires a few precise clicks to work. The program mechanically transfers the information, which is very helpful to individuals with inadequate knowledge about such technology. It is an incredible product. But I wish that it would be managed by restoring Google backup directly to the mobile phone someday.


From Elijah


My company has been desiring to invest in a mobile phone software that gives us unlimited benefits. Through ChatMover software, we have been guaranteed safety and top-notch experience. The top-notch experience is made a success by their research and development team and the available professional support services team. The licenses offered by the ChatMover software are of different types, which allows our company to select the license type that best suits us.


From W|Mateo


I had issues backing up whatsapp to Google Drive. So I was looking for an alternative and found ChatMover. Tried to back up all the chat history to my computer with it. The best thing is that chatmover can keep unlimited backups at the same time. Pretty practical function.


From Liam


Generally good.


From Emma


I used to experience difficulties restoring my mobile phone chat backups in different phones without losing my data. UnicTool ChatMover made my work easier to convert, export, or print my chat backups. I could carry out all these without restrictions from the operating system and limitations on the number of messages to be exported. Besides, one is not restricted to a specific time when they should cease keeping several chat backups in the ChatMover. I have also experienced excellent and less stressful moments while using UnicTool ChatMover. It allowed me to go through my chat backup content before restoring it on the second phone. This saves time that would otherwise be wasted when trying to restore content not needed at the moment. Furthermore, it allows viewing contacts, documents, audio, and videos on WhatsApp on computer platforms. Through the wonderful UnicTool ChatMover software backup storage and transfer, my needs are fully satisfied.


From Emilly


I tried 2 other program prior to using this. The first one said successfully transferred WhatsApp chats from my old Android to new iPhone, but the messages were all messed up. The second one just failed. But ChatMover did it for me. Though it took some time.


From elias_kl


Used to transfer WhatsApp info from my Samsung to a new iPhone. It worked with no issues.


From Gabrielpisasale


Really practical! It helps transferring my WhatsApp from the old Android phone to iPhone. It took some time due to the huge database. I thought it would be complicated, but it turned out pretty easy. Just wait for the customized WhatsApp being installed on the Android phone, and it will transfer WhatsApp automatically (just a few clicks required). Appreciate it!


From Janet


I find it's a great alternative to Google Drive when it comes to WhatsApp backup. Because I can keep various backup files as many as I want. It's really an excellent tool for WhatsApp Business.


From Hamza


This tool is definitely my life savior! I thought that I would lose all my chat history after switching from Android to iPhone. But ChatMover helped me save all the chats! The operation was very easy. After a few simple clicks, all the chats are transferred successfully. And I can access the chats again on my new phone!

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