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Part 1. Get Connected

1Connect Your Android Device

Download, install and launch TailorGo on your computer. Click "Get Started" to begin.


Connect your Android device to the computer.


2Identify Your Android Device

When the system identifies your device, the "Choose Your Device" window will appear. Confirm the Android device you want to connect.


3Choose the Right USB Connection Mode

Make sure the phone's USB connection mode is File Transfer Protocol (or Picture Transfer Protocol for LG mobile phones).



  • The steps to set the phone's USB connection mode may vary from brand to brand, but generally you can find the USB connection mode option in the notification bar.

4Turn on USB Debugging

Turn on USB debugging on your device following the instructions in the program.


5Allow USB Debugging

Confirm "Allow USB debugging" on your mobile phone.


If the popup is not shown on your device, click "Show Again" in the program.


6Select the Mocking Mode

Once it's all set, you can choose either Gaming mode or Social mode based on your needs.


Part 2. Gaming Mode

Gaming Mode can only support Pokémon GO game accessories.

1Check the Disclaimer

Check the disclaimer, and then enter the Gaming mode.



  • Gaming mode is not always available. When the server is being maintained or updated, there will a text prompt notifying users of the unavailability. In this case, please wait for a while and check it again later.

2Wait for the Loading Process

After you select the Gaming mode successfully, the program will start the loading process. As some mobile phones need to confirm and give some necessary permissions, please keep a close watch on your device during the process.


3Your're All Set!

After the loading is completed, you'll see a popup window asking you to sign in with your game account on your phone.

Generally, this popup only appears when you start the game for the first time. And it will disappear automatically when you successfully sign in with your account and enter the map.


    1. In very rare cases, one may enter the map but can't see any of the items in game. To solve the problem, just click the "Refresh Now" button at the bottom of the screen, and directly restart the game.


    2. The button on the right side of the map will show the device name and the current mode (Gaming or Social). Users can easily switch the mode or change the device there.


Part 3. Social Mode

Social mode works perfectly with most location-based apps: Google Map, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, etc. But for now, it does not support devices running on Android 11.

1Enter the Mode

Click Social mode to enter it.


2Install TailorGo Assistant

Wait for the program to install "TailorGo Assistant" on your device. (TailorGo Assistant will not appear on mobile phones running under Android 10 and you don't need to manually start or operate it at any time. Just keep it on the phone.)

Once the installation is completed, find "Select mock location app" in "Developer options", and select "TailorGo Assistant".


3Start to Move Now!

Now everything is ready and you can change your location or simulate GPS movement!


If you want to switch to Gaming mode, click the icon to the left of your device name and confirm the change.


Part 4. Four Modes of TailorGo

1Teleport Mode

In this mode, one can change the GPS location to anywhere in the world without difficulty. It will take only a few simple clicks.


2Two-Spot Mode

TailorGo can simulate GPS movement in an easy and natural way. In this mode, users can plan a route to move along and set the moving times as well as speed. The program will adjust the route based on the actual situation to make it more authentic.


3Multi-Spot Mode

Different from the Two-Spot Mode, one can move along the customized route passing exactly the chosen spots in this mode. The program will strictly stick to the planned route without any adjustment.


4Joystick Mode

With this mode, you can move automatically on the map. Besides, you can set 360-degree directions, and move forward or reverse by clicking the direction button.

set the direction

Part 5. Some Highlights of TailorGo

1Variable Speed

When you choose the Realistic Mode, the moving speed will randomly vary in the upper or lower 30% of selected speed range. The speed varies every 5 seconds.


2Flexible Direction

When the moving times are set as more than 1, you can choose to either move from start to finish or move back and forth.


3Circle Route

In the Multi-Spot Mode, when the starting point and the ending point are nearby, users can create a circle route. Of course they can also leave them just the way they are.


4GPX File Import/Export

UnicTool TailorGo can import/export GPX file of single and multiple paths to save your favorite routes now.

Just click on the "down" icon on the right, and you can import the GPX file.

import GPX file

Click on the "up" icon on the left route panel, and you can export the GPX file.

export GPX file

5Historical Records

The program keeps a record of the historical spots and travelling routes for review and future use.


6Saved Spots & Routes

With this function, users can easily collect their favorite or frequently-used spots and routes, which makes it extremely convenient for reselection.


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