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As TailorGo supports both iOS and Android devices, you can check the corresponding user guide:

TailorGo user guide for iOS devices TailorGo iOS App user guide TailorGo user guide for Android devices

Part 1. Get Connected

1Get Started

Download, install and launch TailorGo on your computer. Click "Get Started" to begin.

tailorgo Get Started

2Connect Your Device

First Connection: Connect your iOS device to the computer and confirm trust of the computer. Enter the screen passcode when required.

tailorgo Connect Your Device

Second Connection: After successfully connecting your device to the computer via USB cable for the first time, you can directly choose to get your iOS device connected next time as long as it is under the same WiFi network as the computer.

tailorgo WiFi connection


  • 1. The iOS device and the computer should be connected to the same WiFi.
  • 2. Android devices are not supported for this feature.
  • 3. Always keep your iPhone/iPad/iPod unlocked when connecting to WiFi. ( >> How to do that?)

3Load the Map

The map will be loaded and you can find your location on it.

tailorgo Map

Part 2. Change GPS Location - Teleport Mode

1Select A Target Destination

In the top right corner, select Teleport Mode.
Zoom in or out on the map to select a destination you want to "go" to. You can also search a destination by its name or by entering the exact coordinates in the search box.

tailorgo  Teleport Mode

2Change GPS Location

After you select a destination, a sidebar will pop up showing the destination information including the place name, coordinates, and the distance.
Click "Move" to change the location and it will be done instantly.

tailorgo Teleport Mode Change GPS Location

When you complete the location modification, you will receive a completion reminder

tailorgo Teleport Mode Change GPS Location finishing


  • 1. After you move to the location you chose, all location-based applications on your device will then be changed to that location as well.
  • 2. If you want to recover your location, just restart your iOS device.

Part 3. Simulate GPS Movement - Two-Spot Mode

1Choose Two-Spot Mode

First select the Two-Spot Mode by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

tailorgo Two-Spot Mode

2Plan the Route and Start to Move

Choose a destination by pinpointing on the map or searching by its precise name or coordinates. Once done, the destination will show in the sidebar along with your current location. When everything is ready, click "Move" to start simulating movement.

You can then customize the number of moving times, the way you want to move, and the speed of movement.

tailorgo Two-Spot Mode Plan the Route and Start to Move

You can choose "Pause", "Stop". Then select the movement method; speed; mode according to your needs.

tailorgo Two-Spot Mode Pause and Stop

Then you can choose continue to change your location.

tailorgo Two-Spot Mode continue

3Finish Moving

When it finishes, a notification saying "Completed!" will let you know.

tailorgo Two-Spot Mode finishing

Part 4. Simulate GPS Movement - Multi-Spot Mode

1Choose Multi-Spot Mode

Select Multi-Spot Mode in the upper right corner.

tailorgo Multi-Spot Mode

2Plan the Route and Start to Move

Pinpoint the spots you want to pass by on the map one by one directly. Or enter the names/coordinates to set the spots. To make the movement more natural, you'd better choose the spots along specific roads.

tailorgo Multi-Spot Mode Plan the Route  and Start to Move

3Finish Moving

Click the "Move" button and TailorGo will simulate the movement. You'll get a notification when it finishes.

tailorgo Multi-Spot Mode Finish Moving

Part 5. Mock GPS Location - Joystick Mode

1Choose Joystick Mode

If you want to mock your GPS location with joystick, you can select Joystick Mode at the upper right corner (the 1st one). With just one click on the "Move" button, you can move automatically on the map.

tailorgo Joystick Mode

2Set the Direction and Start to Move

You can set 360-degree directions, and move forward or reverse by clicking "Move“ button.

What's more, you can change the directions in real-time marching. Or you can use keys W, A,S, D, or keys Up, Down, Left, Right to control GPS spot movement.

tailorgo Joystick Mode Set the Direction and  Start to Move

Part 6. Mock GPS Location - Jump Teleport Mode

1Choose Jump Teleport Mode

To customize your Jump Transmission route, select Jump Teleport Mode in the upper right corner.

tailorgo Jump Teleport Mode

2Plan the Route and Start to Move

Set the map to the different jump points you want to go through. Alternatively, enter the address/GPS coordinates directly. When finished, click Move to jump to the next location.

tailorgo Jump Teleport Mode Plan the Route and Start to Move

You can choose" Last Point" or " Next Point' to directly to location that you want to go.

tailorgo Jump Teleport Mode Plan  Last Point and Next Point

Besides, click "Pause" or "Stop" to end the route freely. You can also check for automatic jumps after cooling down. The route you check will automatically jump to the next point according to the cooling timer until it is completed.

tailorgo Jump Teleport Mode pause and stop

3Finish Moving

Click the "Move" button and TailorGo will simulate the movement. You'll get a notification when it finishes.

tailorgo Jump Teleport Mode Finish Moving

Part 7. Some Highlights of TailorGo

1Import/Export GPX File

By importing a GPX file, we can quickly exchange GPX position data.

Importing a GPX file: If you have a GPX file provided by a friend or downloaded from the internet, you can import it into TailorGo. On the main screen, click on the first option in the bottom right corner, the "Import" option.

tailorgo Import GPX File

Exporting a GPX file: After using Two-point Mode or Multi-point Mode, you will see an "Export" button on the icon in the upper right corner. Click the Export button to save the route as a GPX file.

tailorgo Export GPX File

2Circle Route

In Multipoint Mode, TailorGo asks if you want to create a loop when the start and end points are nearby. Selecting Yes aligns the start and end points; selecting No keeps the end point at its exact location.

tailorgo Circle Route

3Realistic Mode

In real mode, movement speed will fluctuate randomly between the upper and lower 30% of the selected speed range. The speed changes every 5 seconds.

tailorgo Realistic Mode

4Fluctuation Mode

In Teleport Mode, you can select the fluctuation mode. When checked, the virtual position will fluctuate back and forth within a few meters.

tailorgo Fluctuation Mode

5 Returns or Loops

When the number of times is greater than 1, the user has the option of returning to the original route (from the start to the end and back) or looping in the form of repeating the route (from the start to the end, and then from the start to the end).

tailorgo Returns or Loops

6Collect Route

You can click on the "star" icon to collect your planned multi-point or two-point routes. This feature allows you to keep the start and end points of your route and save time and tags.

tailorgo Collect Route

7Supports 5 iOS & Android Devices

TailorGoGo supports connecting up to 5 devices at the same time to change GPS location, including iOS and Android devices. Once you trust the computer, you can turn off any device or all of them at any time by selecting Disconnect All.

tailorgo Supports iOS & Android Devices

8 Cooling Timer Function

When you use Instant Mode, you can open the cooldown button in the lower right corner of the interface, and a cooldown timer will appear.

tailorgo Cooling Timer Function

When you select the desired location and tap to move, the timer will calculate the corresponding cooldown time based on the distance. It is recommended that you do not perform any other operations until the countdown timer is over to avoid being soft-banned by AR games such as Pokemon GO.

tailorgo Cooling Timer

9Map Collection - Pokemon GO PokéStop & Gym

For Pokemon Go players, under PokéStop and Gym, select a specific location provided in the list and click Go Here, and you will see all the PokéStop and Gym marked on the map. You can either teleport directly or simulate your movements to collect items in PokéStops or fight in it.

tailorgoPokemon GO PokéStop & Gym

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