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Jacob Bennett

Updated: May 20, 2024

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No matter your age, everyone enjoys playing games, and lately, you've probably been captivated by titles like Pokémon, Monster Hunter, and Palworld. Today, we're here to recommend eight addictive GPS games for 2024.

Part 1: What is the Location Based Game

"Location-Based Game" is a game that utilizes GPS technology to map the real world into a virtual gaming space. Players can move around in the real world and interact with specific locations or landmarks within the game. These games typically include landmark collecting, location attacking, and area control gameplay, encouraging players to explore and socialize. By blending the real and virtual worlds, Location-Based Game offers a fresh gaming experience, allowing players to explore familiar cityscapes and interact with others, enhancing the fun and interactivity of the game.

Part 2: Top 8 Location Based Game You Must Play

As mentioned earlier, Pokémon GO has enjoyed tremendous success. However, there are numerous other games that provide similar levels of enjoyment and excitement. Google and Apple's app stores offer a plethora of GPS-based location games, many of which boast functionalities that rival or even surpass those of well-known titles.

Unfortunately, due to limited marketing efforts, these games often remain undiscovered by many users, despite their potential for offering engaging experiences.

1.Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is a classic location-based game that brings the virtual world of Pokémon to life by blending augmented reality technology with the GPS capabilities of mobile devices. Players can explore the real world, capture, train, and battle Pokémon that appear on a map of their location. The game utilizes the positioning features of mobile devices to link the player's real-world location to the virtual world, offering a unique gaming experience.

pokemongo gps game

Developed and released in 2016 by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android devices, Pokémon GO quickly became a global sensation in mobile gaming.


Geocaching is a classic location-based game that harnesses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to guide participants to hidden "treasure" sites worldwide. These spots can take the form of traditional physical containers or virtual locations, requiring hunters to employ a GPS receiver or mobile device for locating. What makes the game enjoyable is that treasure hunters uncover these spots by exploring new areas, solving puzzles, and completing quests, enhancing the game's interactivity and enjoyment.

As a location-based game with a thriving participant community worldwide and various platforms to choose from, Geocaching originated in 2000 and has steadily grown, boasting over 3 million active caches by 2023. The appeal of Geocaching lies in its accessibility and versatility, enabling players to engage in the game globally and select from different cache types based on their preferences and abilities.

geocaching gps game


Orna is a mobile role-playing game rich in real-world geography that seamlessly integrates GPS with classic RPG elements. In this distinctive GPS-driven multiplayer RPG, players can utilize their mobile devices to engage in real-world turn-based combat, collect and upgrade weapons and armor, participate in PvP battles, explore dungeons, defeat dragons, and conquer real-world landmarks online. The game offers in-game content that corresponds to actual geographic locations, enabling players to explore their city or region and interact with other players in the game.

Compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices, the game launched during the global pandemic, offering players a gaming experience that seamlessly interacts with the real world through GPS support.

orna gps game

4.Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is an augmented reality game with a location-based twist, developed by Ludia for both iOS and Android platforms. It was released on May 24, 2018. Players dive into an adventure where they utilize location-based technology to explore and capture dinosaurs in the real world. They gather samples of dinosaur DNA, concocting new hybrid creatures, engaging in real-time PvP battles, and confronting dinosaur commandos.

jurassic world alive gps game

Gameplay encompasses six pivotal elements: exploration, collection, creation, combat, and reward acquisition, fully immersing players in the breathtaking landscape of Jurassic World.

5.Dragon Quest Walk

Dragon Quest Walk is a role-playing game with a geolocation twist, developed by COLOPL and published by Square Enix for both Android and iOS platforms. It merges real-world locations with iconic characters and monsters from the Dragon Quest series. Players embark on a journey where they must physically move to specific real-life locations to battle monsters and complete quests. Moreover, these in-game locations also serve to replenish character life values.

dragon quest walk gps game

Players have the additional option to construct their own "home" locations and personalize their decorations, adding depth to the overall gameplay experience. The game made its debut in Japan on September 12, 2019.


Ingress is a quintessential GPS game, a geo-location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic and released for both Android and iOS devices. The game harnesses the GPS capabilities of mobile devices, enabling players to locate and interact with in-game virtual portals situated in the real world. These portals are strategically positioned around real-world landmarks and artistic creations, including statues, monuments, and historical buildings. Players must physically journey to these locations to engage in various game activities such as controlling portals, linking locations, and completing quests.

ingress prime gps game

Set within a captivating sci-fi universe centered around exotic matter and a fierce conflict between two factions, Ingress blends elements of treasure hunting and capture-the-flag gameplay. To fully immerse themselves in the game, players must venture into real-world environments. Ingress initially launched on December 14, 2013, adopting a freemium business model.

7.Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is a location-based augmented reality mobile game, part of the Pikmin series, developed and published by Niantic. It leverages information about the player's real-world location movement to shape the gameplay experience, encouraging players to explore the outdoors as they collect petals, create flower trails on the map, and plant flowers to attract Pikmin. The game's Pikmin creatures and resources appear on the map based on the player's actual location, requiring them to reach specific destinations to interact.

pikmin bloom gps game

Additionally, the game features multiplayer collaborative activities and challenges, along with interactions such as battles with mushrooms. Pikmin Bloom debuted globally in late October 2021 as a free-to-play game. However, players have the option to use real-world money to purchase virtual coins for progression.

8.Zombies, RUN

Zombies, Run! is a location-based game available for iOS and Android platforms. It plunges players into the heart of Arbor, a small settlement fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse. Assuming the role of Runner 5, players embark on running missions, completing quests, gathering essential items to aid the town's survival, and uncovering the story's mysteries through immersive audio narration. The game's engaging storyline adds excitement and motivation to running, appealing to a broad spectrum of gaming enthusiasts.

 zombies run gps game

Developed by the UK-based studio Six to Start and Naomi Alderman, Zombies, Run! debuted in 2012, swiftly becoming the top-grossing health and fitness app in the Apple App Store. Its success was bolstered by widespread acclaim from users and critics alike.


Since 2022, location-based games have been gaining significant popularity. By seamlessly blending the real world with the virtual realm, these games offer players a whole new level of immersive experience. Moreover, players are required to venture outdoors, merging fitness with gaming. This article introduces eight of the most popular GPS games currently available, not limited to just the Pokémon Go franchise!

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