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Umendit is your perfect iOS system repair tool, capable of resolving various system issues, from boot loops to iTunes errors. It's your one-stop solution for iOS problems.
Umendit empowers users to fix iOS system issues effortlessly. Whether you're stuck on the Apple Logo or facing iTunes errors, Umendit provides a seamless solution.
Umendit is the iOS system repair wizard you've been waiting for. With the ability to fix 180+ iTunes errors and reset iOS devices without passwords, it's a game-changer.
Umendit rescues iOS users from a range of system woes. Its one-click recovery mode and password-free reset are invaluable tools for troubleshooting.
Umendit is the Swiss Army Knife for iOS system repair. It tackles issues like boot loops and update failures, making it indispensable for Apple device users.
Umendit simplifies iOS system repair, from solving boot failures to entering recovery mode with one click. It's a user-friendly solution for common iOS issues.
Umendit is the iOS system savior you've been searching for. It conquers challenges like black screens and frozen devices, providing quick and effective solutions.
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Umendit serves as your iOS system troubleshooter. It resolves issues like the white screen of death and restore failures with ease, making it a must-have tool.
Umendit is the miracle worker for iOS systems. With its ability to fix boot loops and downgrade iOS without jailbreaking, it's a must-download for Apple enthusiasts.
Umendit is your go-to problem solver for iOS systems. It's your lifeline when dealing with issues like update failures and boot loops.
Umendit makes iOS system repair effortless. It's the go-to tool when facing challenges like the black screen of death and frozen devices.

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From Sean


It works. Iphone 11 pro max stopped working and the message was to restore. I tried going through the itunes process three to four times and it failed. This program was able to restore the phone (it took two tries). No clue how much it would cost to get Apple or a third party to fix it but it would be a lot more for sure (if at all) and a lot longer than the 15-30 minutes.


From TY.L


It helped me to get my iPhone back to normal again! This product is great and you guys are amazing!


From Kurt Mucklowe


Used it to restore my iPad since iTunes couldn't seem to proceed every time I clicked on the restore button. This worked well. Thanks. Will update if anything happens.


From FullTimeFoodie


OH MY GOOOOOOOOD! I wish someone had told me about this software EARLIER!!!!!! My iPhone 11 was showing the "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes" sign yesterday probably because my 2-year-old was playing and tapping on the screen and somehow the phone got disabled. So I googled this message and found their article showing me why this error would happen and how to fix it. I download and use this UMendit as it seemed like the quickest method to get my iPhone back to normal and voilà, IT IS the easiest way! A BIG SHOUTOUT TO UMENDIT TEAM!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :-) (For any users who may have experienced the same situation here, I'd recommend you check out their guide:


From uniqueRobbie


My manager actually recommended Umendit to me when my iPad got "lucky" and got stuck with the black screen. Solved my problem. Newbie-friendly. Will recommend. Device: iPad 2018


From charlie_designs


Excellent little helper! I got my iphone 8 updated to the latest ios14 version but it somehow got stuck on the Apple logo screen during restart. This little tool solved my problem! The instructions are clear and the UI design's sleek. Will use it again if I ran into trouble next time. (fingers crossed!)


From Walter_abc


What surprises me is the tool is not false propaganda (basically all this kind of software will do). I can not promise other issues, but It can repair the iPhone stuck in recovery mode for sure.


From Theresa


Will use again if I get the same issue.


From Wendy Jackman


It really worked. My frozen iPhone gets back to normal now.


From Terry


Standard repair succeeded at the first time, failed the second after a month. However, I don't want to use deep repair as I have no backup. Maybe I should send it to the apple store for a hardware check.


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