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From Simon Swift


I have been looking for a tool like Umendit for a long time, since I want to keep my iPhone working well. When I installed Umendit, I wanted to repair my iPhone that was stuck in a white screen. However, I didn’t know what I should do exactly to get Umendit to fix this issue. So, I contacted Umendit’s customer support and they were so helpful to me. They guided me throughout the whole process, and they even sent me a follow-up email to require if I needed any further assistance. I have never seen such a caring customer support team!


From Keith


I can't believe it can help me exit recovery mode for free!!! Damn good!


From Judith123


What can I say about Umendit! It’s an amazing tool that works every single time, fixing my iPhone in just a few minutes. All of its features are super user-friendly, and I could use it even the first time that I installed it. Umendit gives you specific instructions and guides you in every step so that you are never lost. Even I am not tech-savvy, I can fix my iPhone without the help of Apple support or a technician.


From Melvin


Not a panacea but can solve some problems indeed.


From Dorothea


Recently, my iPhone 8 had been acting strange. Then, one day I woke up to find the white screen of death. My friend suggested that I try Umendit before taking my phone to an Apple Store. I’m so glad that I tried this application first! I was amazed by how easy it was to repair my iPhone, even for this issue. I would totally recommend Umendit to anyone looking for a powerful tool to fix his iPhone, without having to take it to some technician. I will definitely keep using this app for any other issue that my iPhone has in the future.


From David


Not bad.


From Fredrick B. Barker


Standard repair failed to solve my issue, whereas the advanced repair did. Not bad software, at least my money didn't go in vain.


From Edward


Before I get any application or software, I always like to check the policies. I want to be sure that I don’t spend my money thoughtlessly, and my husband is always making fun of me of being so picky. So, when I first came upon Umendit, I thought that it would be a useful tool to have available at any time. I got it and tried to fix my iPad that was dead. I followed all of their steps one by one but the process didn’t work. So, I used their guaranteed 60-day money back policy to get back the money I had invested on the app. The Umendit team processed my demand immediately and I got the full amount of money back in just a few days. I should say that you can all give it a try without worries. BTW, my iPad's contact indicator is malfunctioning, and I have to send it to Apple Store for repair, much costly than this tool!!


From chris


I happened upon Umendit on the Internet and decided to give it a go. This might be the first tool that shows such high success rate! And to make things better, the Standard Repair I used didn’t affect my data!


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