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Olivia Tucker

Updated: Jun 05, 2024

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Looking to create a deepfake Vladimir Putin AI voice? You're in the right place! Use Unictool VoxMaker to generate or clone Putin's voice with 100% realistic AI technology.

putin ai voice

Part 1: Get a 100% Ultra-Realistic Vladimir Putin AI Voice

UnicTool VoxMaker is a cost-effective voice generator that allows you to easily create a deep fake Putin AI voice, whether it's the authoritative tone of Russia’s steadfast leader, Noel Putin, or the fiery voice of an angry Vladimir Putin. Here’s how to easily generate a Putin AI voice:

How to easily deep fake Putin's AI voice?

  • 1Visit the official UnicTool VoxMaker website to download and install VoxMaker.
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  • 2Open the application, navigate to the Text to Speech tab, select the Putin Voice Model under Change Voice Model, and enter the text you want Putin to say.
  • voxmaker putin voice text to speech

  • 3Click "Generate". Once you click “Generate”, you’ll have the deeply faked Putin audio.

If you are not satisfied with the existing Putin voice model, follow these steps to create a new clone:

  • 4Go to the "Voice Clone" tab, click on "Create New Clone", and then click on “Upload Video” to select and upload the file containing Putin's voice.
  • 5After the upload is complete, enable the Noise Reduction option to process the audio of the uploaded file.
  • clone putin voice

  • 6Once the clone is complete, you can rename the cloned voice.
  • rename cloned voice

By following these steps, you can create a custom Putin AI voice using UnicTool VoxMaker.

Part 2: Learn More about Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin has been a prominent figure in world politics for more than the last two decades. He has been president of Russia since 2012 and is still the most popular politician in the country.

Putin's whole life story is interesting. After graduation, he joined the KGB, the Soviet Union's main security agency, and served mainly in East Germany. His KGB tenure lasted until the collapse of the Soviet Union. He then emerged as a political player and gained popularity shortly.

putin image

However, he is now under criticism for the invasion of Ukraine and anti-humanitarian incidents.

No matter what, thousands of people search about him every day, and many even try to sound like him.

Part 3: Comparing Other Putin Voice Generators

There are over a dozen voice generators, but most are a waste of time. Don't worry, we've shortlisted the top 5. You can click on the Tool Name in the table to quickly jump to the corresponding product introduction section to learn more.

Here's the comparison table:

Tool Name Platform Number of voice effects Main Functions Price Rating
VoxMaker Windows 3200+ Text to speech/Voice cloning Free trial 5/5
Murf.AI Web Litmited Text to speech for podcasts and voiceovers Basic: $19/month; Pro: $26/month; Enterprise: $75/month 4.5/5
Kits.AI Web Litmited Voice cloning; Text-to-speech; Voice separation Converter: $9.99/month ; Creator: $24.99/month; Composer: $59.99/month 4.3/5
Voicify.AI Web 3000+ Voice cloning/ AI cover Credits: $7.99/month; Creator: $24.99/month; Power user: $89.99/month 4.2/5
Parrot.AI iOS, Android Wide collection Creating fun audio clips creation from a wide range of high-quality voices $24/month 4.3/5

Part 3: FAQs about Putin AI Voice

What Is the Best AI Voice Generator for Vladimir Putin?

There are many voice generators online, but the best one is VoxMaker. The reason is all the features users enjoy when they use this tool. It offers over 3200 voices (including Putin). You can easily customize the voice and adjust the tone, speed, and all the other parameters. On top of all, VoxMaker is more affordable than other voice generators.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Putin AI Voice Generator?

Using a Putin AI voice generator can be quite beneficial. In education, it can make learning about international politics or Russian more engaging, as students can listen to realistic simulations of Putin's speeches.

It's also great for media and entertainment. You can use it to create voice-overs for documentaries or films about Russian politics.

For researchers, this tool is valuable for analyzing Putin's speech patterns and public speaking style. Overall, a Putin AI voice generator can be a versatile and useful tool in many different contexts.

What Is Putin's AI Voice, Who Will Use It?

Putin's AI voice is the voice generated by an Artificial Intelligence tool. It is usually expressive and sounds realistic. Teachers, podcasters, content creators, historians, and many other people use it to make their content more authentic. Some also generate it to have some entertainment in the theaters.


In this article, we introduced how to easily generate a Putin AI voice using a voice generator. If you want to compare a few other voice generators, we have also organized a comparison of popular voice generators chosen by many users. Download and install VoxMkaer to get a free 2000-character text-to-speech trial. it offer a huge number of voice models!

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