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Olivia Tucker

Updated: Mar 12, 2024

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AI face swap tools have become quite capable, and with a single click, you can swap your face on top of a celebrity and enhance the image. These tools allow for many fun interactions you can use on your profile, share with others, and enhance your content online.

ai face swap

Now, there are so many tools that you might waste tons looking for the right one. Worry not, as we share 9 of the best face swapper tools here. (The most recommended one is Remaker AI face swap free).Without further ado, let's begin and see what they are.


Here is the list of AI face swap tools we’re going to explain in detail in this post. But first, let’s take a look at what AI face swapper are, and you can click on the Tool Name in the table to quickly jump to the corresponding product introduction section to learn more.(All product introductions in this article are authentic and can be found on the official website)

Tool Name PlatformFree Version Pricing
Remaker AI Web-based Yes Pay per credit, no monthly sub
Fotor Web-based Yes $8.99/month
Deepswap Web-based, Android and iOS apps Yes $9.99/month
Icons8 Web-based, APIs Yes $19/month Web-based Yes $6.9/month gives 199 credits
Pixble Web-based Yes $4/month Web-based Yes $15/month Web-based apps for Windows and Mac Yes No pricing for AI swapping as of yet
artguru face swap Online Yes Free

Part 1: What is AI Face Swap?

It is the process of using an AI face swapper tool to replace the face of someone with either yours or another person. In this method, the deep learning technology of an AI model uses a person's facial features. It then analyses them using powerful algorithms, allowing you to replace them with another face. Many AI face swap tools online can do this without a hitch, and the process is seamless. You cannot quickly tell if the image has a face swap.

Part 2: Why Should you Use AI Face Swap Tools?

If it is about influences, YouTubers or entertainers may use video face swapper tools to imitate someone or send forward a message. The prime purpose can also be to generate entertaining content and make it trendy. A dedicated Keanu Reaves face swap channel lives the imaginary life.

In movies and documentaries, directors and producers have used it for two primary purposes. The first purpose is when they want to reprise the role of someone who has died and wants to give their representation. This can be an excellent ode to them like they did for Paul Walker in Fast and Furious. He had died in a car crash before completing the latest part he was in.

In the 2nd scenario, it is typically used to show a younger version of an actor, like in many movies. A good example is Gemini Man, where Will Smith's youth face was swapped on an actor playing his clone while he is shown as a much older character.

Part 3: 9 Online AI Face Swapper for Photos & Videos (Free+ Paid)

This section will discuss the eight best tools, like Remaker AI face swap, free and paid, which you can also use to test your creative side. These tools aren’t just for photos but for AI face swap video.

1 Remaker AI Face Swap Free

Remaker AI face swap free is an excellent tool for AI face swap that utilizes the power of AI to make outstanding face swaps of even multiple faces. The tool can easily swap faces on images, gifs, and even videos with relative ease. Let's see some of their features.

remaker ai face swap free


  • Remaker.AI offers various image editing features.
  • It includes an AI-based image upscaler and cropping tool.
  • The AI face generator allows seamless face swapping even without a specific image.
  • Users can remove watermarks and replace unwanted objects in images.
  • Face swapping and other editing functions are completely free on Remaker.AI.
  • Easy edit and restore swap faces.
  • Create your avatar from the templates.


  • It has many advanced features so that it might be complicated for beginners.
How to Use Remaker Face Swap AI?
  • Step 1. Log in or sign up.
  • Step 2. Upload the first image to face swap.
  • Step 3. Upload the 2nd image that you will use as a swapping image.
  • Step 4. Finalize tweaks such as smooth skin, beautification, and manual tuning to enhance the image.
  • Step 5. Download or share the image to use as you like.
  • 2 Fotor

    Fotor is your best face swapper tool if you like drag-and-drop mechanics, making the process simple. But don't worry; it also provides many tweaks and tools that an advanced user wants to utilize the output fully. Whether you are doing it for a project or just for fun and realizing your dream of becoming a star, Fotor has the solution.

    foror ai face swapper


    • Best drag-and-drop mechanic, making it seamless.
    • Allows compatibility with multiple formats.
    • Most of the basic features are free to try out.
    • Anyone can easily share your creations on any social media from the result page without downloading and sharing.


    • Minimal features in the free version.
    • Many excellent features are paid, so you need a subscription to use them.
    • Online-only tool.

    3 Deepswap is a fantastic AI face swapper tool that allows you to make deepfakes on popular videos seamlessly. It is an entertaining tool if you love to share content, such as memes, with others or make professional content. You get to enhance these videos with more advanced tools for the tech-savvy.

    deepswap ai face swap tool


    • Allows realistic swaps with its advanced and curative AI algorithms.
    • The results are HD quality and very realistic.
    • It can process more than one video or image at a time.
    • The tool can easily swap multiple faces in a single image with ease.


    • Initially, it is difficult and may take time to learn proficiency in the tool.
    • Like most tools on the list, the free version has limited capability and some limitations.

    4 Icons8 FaceSwapper

    One of the best AI face swap video and photos if you like post-production tweaking tools. Most people consider swapping easy but put high weight on tweaking tools to enhance the result.

    icons8 ai face swap video


    • User-friendly UI and UX.
    • Process the swaps seamlessly and quickly.
    • Online-based tool, so no need to download an app.
    • It can even swap faces in GIFs other than videos, which is terrific.


    • Unfortunately, this tool has limited functionality in the free version.
    • Each image or video you create using the free version will have a watermark you cannot easily remove.

    5. isn’t a face swap video online free, but it can work on images and GIFs. For video tools, you can go to the list of other tools. With hundreds of presets and an easy-to-use implementation process, you can create fun images with diverse styles.

    faceswpper ai face swapper online free


    • Best for swapping your face on template projects that are high-quality iconic images.
    • All the instructions are easy to follow and implement.
    • New features are added regularly, and you get six credits to try out for free other than practicing three free times.
    • Generate the best-looking deepfake memes for your social media.


    • You need to buy credits to utilize the functionality after the first three.

    6 Pixble

    Another great tool that you can use to enact your wildest dreams of becoming a star is Pixble. The primary draw for this tool is its post-production AI-based tweaking to enhance the final result. Let’s look at some of the great features of this app.

    pixble face swapper ai tool


    • User-friendly interface with many options to tweak the swaps.
    • The tool lets you preview your swaps to change them if necessary.
    • Great AI filters and tweaks that can auto-enhance your images.


    • Free version is minimal and requires in-app purchases to use more advanced features.


    The best face swap video online free tool for face swap on live streams. It's the only tool on the list that works perfectly for those who stream a lot.

    swapstream video face swapper online


    • HD quality output stream that makes fantasy become a reality.
    • You can easily change to a different face in midstream with ease.
    • Perfect for those who swap faces in online streams and entertain their viewers.
    • Multiple video formats are supported for offline conversion.


    • Real-time face swapping requires a strong internet connection to stream and avoid glitches.
    • You need a subscription if you want to use premium features, which are the meat of the tool.


    An excellent video face swapper tool that can easily swap faces in videos and photos or audio files. Plus, the platform has tons of other tools that you can utilize to enhance further your projects, all using AI-based deep machine learning algorithms. How amazing is that?

    mediaio video swapper online


    • Supports swapping of multiple formats.
    • Tons of other tools that use the power of AI to make your content unforgettable.
    • You can use multiple templates to make original video presentations with your face.
    • You can also use text to video and then use that video and swap your face on literally anything.


    • Unfortunately, advanced features are behind a paywall, for which you must purchase a subscription.

    9 Artguru face swap

    ArtGuru face swap is a free online face-swapping tool for images. It's super easy to use – simply exchange faces in your pictures to add a playful twist. Whether you're doing it for fun, for artistic purposes, or for work, ArtGuru face swap AI tool ensures that every swap appears natural and seamless.

    artguru face swap


    • Completely free and no hidden costs.
    • Quick and Effective: Face swaps are completed within moments, conserving precious time and effort.
    • The AI guarantees that each swap appears authentic, preserving the original charm of the photo while introducing a creative flair.


    • The user interface is simple and friendly, but the UI design lacks refinement.
    How to Use ArtGuru Face Swap?
  • 1. Go to the ArtGuru Face Swap Tool Page.
  • 2. Upload or drag the source image containing the face you want to swap.
  • 3. Upload or drag the destination image where the face will be placed.
  • 4. Click submit to start the face swap process.
  • 5. The tool seamlessly swaps the faces in seconds.
  • 6. Download the final image for free.
  • 7. Test the tool using demo images provided on the site.
  • Part 4: How to Add Voiceovers to Your AI Face Swap Videos Easily?

    Now that you have extensive details of the best AI face swap tools that are great at swapping faces with great features. But your voice will still be the same when you want to swap faces for your videos. Why not use a great voice generator and convert tool to swap your voice?

    In that case, the best tool to complement a face swapper tool is VoxMaker Celebrity AI Voice Generator because of tons of voice filters. From funny voices to high-profile celebrity voices. Add amazing real-life voices to your content.

    voxbox_logo VoxMaker

    Free Voice Generator

    Joe Biden

    • Morgan Freeman

    • Barack Obama

    • Joe Biden

    • Donald Trump

    • Cristiano Ronaldo

    • Kanye West

    • Goku

    • Spongebob

    Trials for Free Online Text to Speech



    Reached the Trial Limit?

    An issue occurred while generating your audio. Please try again.

    Key features:

    yes3200+ celebrity voices such as Joe Biden, Morgan Freeman, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and many more with AI TTS & Vloning technology.

    yesCreate realistic celebrity voiceovers, read books, story books, and more in your favorite celebrity’s voice.

    yesIt offering features such as voice cloning, speech-to-text, voice changer, noise reducer, AI-generated rap songs, it also can record, edit, and convert your audio.

    yesCustomize voice settings such as pitch, speed, stability, and volume to suit your preferences.

    yesEnjoy high-quality export options including MP3, WAV, AAC, and more at no extra cost.

    Text to Speech AI Voice Generator & Cloner

    Add voiceovers to your face swap video!

    How to Use VoxMaker?

    • 1Download and install VoxMaker on your computer. Open the software and select the "Text to Speech" function. Then click the "Change Speaker" button to enter the huge sound library.
    • how to use voxmaker step1
    • 2 Select or search for the celebrity voice you want in the huge voice library. You can also select the mood, adjust the speaking speed, pitch, etc.
    • how to use voxmaker step2
    • 3Once you have selected the desired voice, proceed to type your script into the text box. Afterward, click on the "Convert" button. The software will take a few moments to process the text and generate the audio output.

    Part 5: FAQs about AI Face Swapper

    1.What is the Best AI Face Swapper?

    We have shared the eight best AI face swap video and photo tools with you that you can enjoy and choose from. When it comes to being the best tool for swapping faces, each tool provides different features and excels in one or another function. Still, we recommend combining Remaker AI and VoxMaker to bring new life to your projects.

    2.Which Face Swap Video Online Free Can You Use to Swap Faces?

    You can use many online tools to swap faces easily, and some of the best are mentioned in this article, so you don't have to search. The purpose of this list is to provide you with a ready-made list so that you don't have to sieve through tons of these tools.

    3.Is AI Face Swap Difficult?

    No, most of the tools are simple drag-and-drop. Others will ask you to upload your media to enhance the resultant image further. The AI works in the background based on complex AI to enhance the swapped images without you having to do anything.

    Now, the difficulty comes in tweaking and utilizing the editing tools with these tools to further enhance the results to your liking, which takes time and experience.

    4.Are There Any Free AI Face Swapper Tools?

    Most tools give free trials but have limited options, such as keeping many advanced tools behind a paywall. You have to buy a subscription for the best features, but that is only needed if you want to work on more than a few fun swaps.

    5.Why Should I Use Video Face Swapper?

    You must use a face swapper if you would like to create engaging content that enhances your viewers' experience. Such content will make it unique and stand out from the rest. Furthermore, there are many scenarios where you can use face swapping and send a more powerful message if you swap it with a more famous individual.


    Enjoy the best AI face swap tools in this article that can seamlessly deepfake any image and video you want with the best AI algorithms. To utilize the best features, you must pay for premium features for these face swapper tools. Once you choose a tool, you must use a voice generator such as VoxMaker to make the best content for your social media profile and garner more views.

    UnicTool VoxMaker
    • Text-to-speech dubbing in 46+ languages & 3200+ AI voices.
    • Transform your words with realistic and expressive AI voice clone.
    • Effortlessly fast & secure.

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