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Haseeb Benjamin

Updated: Mar 29, 2024

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If you love light-hearted fun with the best April Fools pranks over text, get ready as April is fast approaching. It is time for new, engaging, innocent, fun, and creative pranks. The best way to do pranks this April is by using a voice generator, calling from your number, or having fun texting your friends and family.

best april fools pranks over text

If you are short on ideas, here we have the best comprehensive list of pranks to enjoy.

Part 1: What is April Fools Pranks Over Text?

April Fools has been part of popular culture for a long time, but sometimes, the pranks can be meaner and more physical instead of causing distress. These pranks should be innocent and fun so they can entertain everyone.

Sometimes, people use their voice to make it deeper and engage in funny banter with their friends. Other times, instead of calling, they will reply with witty retorts if they receive a text from them. This can lead to many interesting interactions with new and innovative ways to capitalize in such situations.

Part 2: Top April Fool's Day Prank Ideas

1. Using a Prank Call Voice Changer

The most hilarious April Fool's pranks are none other than using your voice to do the magic. Not everyone can create or imitate a different voice as good as gifted individuals, so people use the Best and Free Voice changer, MagicVox Real-Time AI Voice Changer, to achieve that. Let's look at its best features to see its worth.

prank call voice changer

Key features:

yesReal-time voice conversion is best for live chat or video streaming.

yesWith just one click, change your voice in popular gaming platforms like Discord, VRChat, Zoom, Google Meet, Roblox, OBS, DAWs, YouTube, TikTok and more.

yesWith over 600 voice effects, 400+ soundboard options, and 200+ voice memes, whether you want to sound like a Ghostface, a monster, or even a cute cartoon character, this voice changer has got you covered.

yes MagicVox enables easy control of voice effects using customizable hotkeys and shortcuts, making it simple to switch between different voices on the fly.

yesIt also supports file voice change and record voice change.

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Prank Ideas to Make with MagicVox

Have fun by using these fun voice changer ideas with MagicVox

Idea 1

No matter the age, or culture, everyone loves a fun fart sound. You can use one of the 15+ fart sounds from the MagicVox catalog during an online meeting or class. The best part will be that you can blame it on others.

fart prank
Idea 2

Gender Swap:Whenever you have a call, you can change your voice to the opposite gender with a few clicks and surprise your caller. You can pretend to be a family member and give funny retorts. Everyone hearing this will instantly get confused but laugh when they realize the prank.

Idea 3

Use background or ambient noise from MagicVox, which will create an illusion that you are in a jungle, on a busy street, or outside shopping. You can use it on friends to tell them you are already at the destination and they are late for a planned night out.

Idea 4

Celebrity Impersonations: Use MagicVox to impersonate famous celebrities and send voice messages to your friends. Choose their favorite celebrities or iconic characters to make the prank more entertaining.

Idea 5

Animal Voices: Experiment with MagicVox to mimic animal sounds such as dogs, cats, birds, or even more exotic creatures like elephants or lions. Leave amusing voice messages pretending to be their pets or wild animals.

Idea 6

Robotic Voice: Utilize MagicVox to create a robotic voice effect and make prank calls pretending to be a robot or an artificial intelligence system. You can have some fun with futuristic scenarios or confuse your friends with automated responses.

Idea 7

Fast Forward or Slow Motion: Speed up or slow down your voice using MagicVox and leave voicemail messages that sound either comically fast or unusually slow. Your friends will find it amusing to hear your altered voice.

Idea 8

Cartoon Character Impressions: Practice imitating popular cartoon characters and use MagicVox to enhance your voice transformation. Send funny messages pretending to be characters like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, or Homer Simpson.

Idea 9

Foreign Accent: Experiment with different accents using MagicVox and prank your friends by pretending to be someone from another country. Whether it's a British accent, French accent, or any other, it can add an extra layer of humor to your prank.

Watch this video to konw more about MagicVox

YouTube Video

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2. Using a Free AI Voice Generator to Custom Celebrity Voice Messages

The 2nd voice generator prank tool on our list is great for April Fools pranks over text if your carrier allows MMS. Otherwise, you can use VoxMaker Celebrity's AI voice generator to prank friends and family on calls or meetings. If you love creating AI-generated voices of celebrities, this tool is your best solution.

voxmaker prank ai voice generator

Key features:

yesUse voices such as Joe Biden, Morgan Freeman, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and many more with AI TTS & Vloning technology.

yesThere is no need to be fluent in English or major languages supported by this tool, as you only need text to generate voices.

yesUse the tool to read books, story books, and more in your favorite celebrity’s voice.

yesAll-in-one toolset offering features such as voice cloning, speech-to-text, voice-to-voice conversion, AI-generated rap songs, it also can record, edit, and convert your audio.

yesCustomize voice settings such as pitch, speed, and volume to suit your preferences and specific project needs.

yesEnjoy high-quality export options including MP3, WAV, AAC, and more at no extra cost.

Text to Speech AI Voice Generator & Cloner

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Prank Ideas to Make with VoxMaker

Here are some fun ideas from VoxMaker.

Idea 1

Fake Celebrity Voice: Record a message using VoxMaker with a celebrity voice impersonation, and send it to your friend, pretending to be the celebrity. You could say something humorous or surprising to catch them off guard.

Idea 2

Alter Your Voice: Record a message with VoxMaker where you alter your voice drastically. Make it sound like a robot, an alien, or even a cartoon character. Your friend will be puzzled by the strange voice.

Idea 3

Voice Message from the Future: Use VoxMaker's AI cloning technology to clone your friend's voice and record a message claiming to be from a future version of your friend, pretending to be a time traveler from the future. Make some future predictions or events and surprise your friends.

Idea 4

Mysterious Caller: Record a mysterious message using VoxMaker, pretending to be a secret agent or someone from a secret organization. Leave clues or cryptic messages for your friend to decode.

Idea 5

Automated Prank Calls: Use VoxMaker to create automated prank calls with pre-recorded messages. You can set up scenarios where your friend receives a call from a fictional character or a strange organization.

Idea 6

Ghostly Voices: Create spooky messages using VoxMaker and send them to your friend, pretending to be a ghost or a haunted entity. Make sure the messages are eerie and unsettling for a good scare.

Watch this video to know more about April Fools pranks:
April fools prank

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Part 3: 12 Best April Fools Pranks Over Text to Fool Your Friends

Now we get to the meat of the article as sometimes, instead of voice changing, you want to prank your contacts. Even though you can use message broadcast to see who replies, one-on-one prank interactions will be more fun. Here are 12 of the best April Fools pranks over text.

1. Pretend You Dont Know Them

Use this method on someone whom you know will enjoy it. The next time they text you, pretend you don't know them. It is a great one from April Fools pranks for boyfriend over text because they’ll be confused.

good april fools prank over text

You can react as if they promised you to go for a walk or dinner or out to movies. Call them after some time to see their reaction.

2. Pretend You are a Bot

This prank can really be annoying and spammy as your friend or person on the other side will surely check if your number is correct. They might even call you because they think you may have changed your number.

april fools pranks over text

We recommend using this good April Fools pranks over text for someone who doesn't have your number. As you can see in the image, the interaction will be hilarious.

3. The Awkward Question

Use this April Fools pranks over text to create immense suspense for your friend. Text them as if you know something strange they searched for on the web, and then ghost them after a couple of messages. Either they will call you or keep responding. Call them after a couple of hours and tell them it was a joke.

aprl fools prank 3
4. Paying $100 for Air

Act like you are a dud, and while taking your boyfriend's car out, you paid $100 to fill the air of the car's tires. This is undoubtedly one of the best April Fools pranks for boyfriend over text. They will immediately call to inquire but wait to respond until you have 2-3 calls.

fool prank 4
5. Something You Want to Get Off Your Chest

Everyone loves secrets and gossip, but no one likes to wait if they know you want to tell them something. Use something similar to what is shown in the image, and instead of ghosting them, send them a gif or image of texting dots.

april fools prank over text 5

They will think you are writing something big or detailed about what you want to tell. How long do you think they will wait before calling you?

6. Text List Signup

This best April Fools pranks over text sint for immediate fun, but you will play this for the long haul. Go to different events and other listing websites and sign up for your friend using their number in the form. They will now receive random messages about upcoming events or calls for charity.

text list signup

One day, they will express how annoying receiving so many spam messages is. That is the day you will reveal it was all your plan.

7. Were You Drunk Last Night?

Pretend your friend messaged you something random more than once, and it was strange to get the messages late at night. They might have been under the influence and didn't know what they wrote.

april fools prank for kids

Let them think for some time before revealing that it was a prank. If they ask for proof, you must quickly show a fabricated image with a funny message.

8. Getting Fired Prank

You need to be clever with your words. First, tell that you are fired, but when you receive empathetic messages, reveal that you made a blunder of something your partner asked you to do. This will both be hilarious and infuriating as you should be ready for a scolding by your partner.

getting fired prank
9. Rickroll Your Friend

The most fun and annoying prank of all time, getting Rickrolled, is definitely one of the top yet good April Fools pranks over text.

Start by saying that you can't believe something big has happened somewhere in your town or city. Use a clever piece of words to make them excited. When they ask what, send them a video of a strange event which ends with Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up" and Rickroll them.

10. Sending Them Lyrics

This prank isn’t per se a prank from many April Fools pranks over text, but it will surely confuse them. The method is quite popular on social media, where one commentator says something, and the next writes a lyric from a song.

best april fools prank over text 10

These people are aware and follow up quickly. Let's see if your friend or person you are texting is as bright as people on social media are.

11. Using Lost Phone Prank

In this prank, pretend as if you don’t know the individual on the other side. You reply to your mother, as shown in the image below, but you can repeat the process with any friend.

april fools prank 11

The prank will be significantly more fun when you are supposed to meet someone and respond this way. They will be flabbergasted about what they should do then because now they are outside and waiting for you. Please don't keep them waiting for long; reply with a message saying it's a prank, and meet them.

12. Delete an Embarrassing Pic

Text a colleague or a family member and ask them to delete a group photo from their social media platform. To make this prank more fun, be on the lookout on their social media, and if they have recently uploaded a group photo, send your text to remove your image.

april fools prank 12

They will be perplexed as you will not be in their group photo. Doing it with a person you haven't gone out for a long time will create a lot of confusion.

Part 4: FAQs about April Fools Pranks Over Text

1. How to Do the Message Prank?

There are many interesting April Fools pranks for boyfriend over text and other pranks you can do. In this article, we share 12 ways you can do that. Even if you take 1, you can change it and prank on others.

2. What words trigger the iMessage effects?

In iMessage, certain words and phrases trigger special effects when sent as messages. These effects add visual or animated elements to the message bubble for emphasis or fun. Here are some examples of words and phrases that trigger iMessage effects:

  • Happy Birthday: Sending "Happy Birthday" triggers a special effect with balloons floating up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Congratulations: This word triggers a burst of confetti that rains down in the message bubble.
  • Happy New Year: Sending this phrase triggers a fireworks animation that fills the screen.
  • Happy Anniversary: Similar to "Happy Birthday," this phrase triggers a shower of heart-shaped balloons.
  • Merry Christmas: This phrase triggers a flurry of snowflakes falling in the message bubble.
  • Happy Valentine's Day: Sends a beating heart animation to the recipient.
  • Happy Halloween: Triggers a spooky effect with bats flying across the screen.
  • 3.How to Annoy Friends Over Text?

    You can pretend you don't know them or are a bot. When they get generic replies, they get annoyed. It works because they have saved your number and will be perplexed for a while.

    4. What are some safe and harmless text pranks for April Fools'?

    Sending fake autocorrect fails. Pretending to have accidentally texted the wrong person with a surprising message. Sending a message pretending to be a wrong number, but continuing the conversation humorously. Pretending to have insider information about a surprising event or rumor.


    Are you having fun reading these hilarious and some of the best April Fools pranks over text? It is always good to engage in fun activities with friends and family.

    Now, the texts are the simple and effective way. You can add more entertainment value and magic to your interactions if you change your voice. The fun begins with MagicVox and VoxMaker because of the numerous voice-changing filters they provide. Definitely check each of these tools and have the best time online.

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