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Haseeb Benjamin

May 20, 2022 (Updated: Jun 16, 2022)

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Ever wanted to change your voice like the killer Ghostface in Scream movie? You wouldn't need to be a ghost, and you can use a scream voice changer app.

There are lots of ghostface voice changer apps available online, but not all of them work great and provide appropriate results. If you are looking for a reliable app that you can use to change your voice into Ghostface, here are the best top 6 apps that can do the job.

Let's get to know about them in detail.

How to get a ghostface voice changer cover

Part 1. Is there a Scream Voice Changer App?

There are multiple scream voice changer apps, but many of them are just a waste of time. But don't worry; I have tested out some apps and made a list of the best apps that can conveniently do the job.

Here is a list of them:

1. UnicTool MagicVox

The UnicTool MagicVox is a voice changer app that allows you to record and modify your voice in real-time. It comes with over 200 different voice effects and filters, allowing you to change your voice directly in games or other applications.


Some Key Features of UnicTool MagicVox:

  • Record from any source and modify it.
  • Easy to use, suitable for beginners.
  • Easily edit recordings by trimming, cutting, and splitting clips.
  • Save edited files in multiple formats, plus change your voice directly in streams, games, etc.

UnicTool MagicVox is on the top of my list of best voice changers because of its amazing features, and it is available for Windows.

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2. VoiceMod

Voicemod is a free voice changer tool that lets you modulate your voice to anything. With Voicemod, you can sound like a robot, change your voice into an animal or even change your voice with one of our funny celebrity voices.

VoiceMod review

Here are some Key Features of this app:

  • Supports more than 100 different voice effects.
  • Change the pitch or speed of your voice, add echo or reverb, or even distort it to make it funny.
  • You can also create your own custom voice changer by mixing and matching different effects.
  • There are also special effects like auto-tune, which help you create music videos and other content.

The Voicemod is another great app to change your voice into the Ghostface voice, but the only problem with this tool is: that it is only available for Windows users.

3. MorphVOX Voice Changer

MorphVOX Voice Changer is voice-changing software that lets you add effects to your voice to sound like a robot, monster, or even Ghostface from Scream movie. It has multiple voice-changing effects that you can use and change your voice pitch, speed, and other things.

MorphVOX Voice Changer

Here are some Key Features of MorphVOX Voice Changer:

  • Change your voice in real-time with voice changer effects.
  • Record your voice, then play it back modified by one of the many effects.
  • Use as an audio editing tool for podcasts or other spoken word recordings.
  • The tool can be installed easily and quickly onto your computer, and it works on both PCs and Macs.

MorphVOX Voice Changer doesn't change the pitch of your voice very well, so you'll need to do some tweaking before it sounds right.

4. Scary Voice Changer [Android]

Scary Voice Changer is another good voice modifier application that can change your voice in real-time. It has more than 100 different effects, including a scary clown, witch, alien, monster, etc.

Scary Voice Changer Review

Some Key Features of this app are:

  • Voice Changer, voice changer & voice modulator.
  • Real-time voice changing.
  • High-quality sound effects, cool echo, and noise effects.
  • Adjustable pitch and playback speed in real-time, with no delay.
  • Record your own voice and play it back in a fun way.

It is only available for Android devices.

5. Scary Voice Changer & Recorder [iOS]

It is one of the best apps to change your voice or modify it via an IOS device. You can record your voice and change it to scary voices, funny voices, and even animal sounds. You can also use it as a ringtone maker.

Scary Voice Changer & Recorder Review

Here are some of the Key Features:

  • Real-time voice modification with pitch shift and echo effects.
  • Record your voice in high quality and then change it to anything.
  • Different scary effects are available, including monster voices, demon voices, zombie voices, and more.
  • You can also add custom voices to the collection.

Scary Voice Changer & Recorder is good for IOS but has limited features in the free version.

6. LingoJam [Online]

If you don't want to install any app or software on your device but still need to get a scary voice changer, Lingojam scream voice changer online is best. It is an online tool that allows you to quickly change your voice into a scary voice, just like Scream Movie voices.

LingoJam review

Some Key Features of Lingojam are:

  • Change your voice to scary, funny, and weird sounds.
  • Record your own voice and create your own scary sound effects.
  • Save your recordings to share them with your friends and family.

Although this is a good voice changer platform but has very limited features.

Part 2. How to sound like Ghostface with MagicVox?

  • Voice recorder with audio effects
  • Audio converter (mp3, wma, etc)
  • Audio splitter & merger
  • Audio editor (cut/copy/paste/delete parts of recordings)
  • Change your voice to anyone, including Robot, Ghost, Machine, etc.
  • Change the pitch, tempo, and tone of your recording
  • Add effects like echo, distortion, and reverse
MagicVox logo

Secure Download

  • 1First of all, you will have to download MagicVox on your Windows laptop. You can click the "download now" button to download the application for windows PC. When the .exe file is downloaded, you will have to double click it, and a pop-up window will appear. Here you will have to click on the Install button, and the installation process will begin. It will take 2 to 5 minutes to complete. So, be patient. After the installation is completed, it will launch automatically; So, you can proceed to change your voice to Ghostface.
  • launching magicvox
  • 2Once the application is fully loaded, you will have to click on Record Voice Change button that you will find on the bottom right side.
  • select ghostface effect
  • 3pop-up window will now appear; here you will have to click on the mic button and start recording your voice.
  • start record
  • 4Once you finish recording your voice, you can click on the mic icon again to stop recording and click on the Voice Change button.
  • recording
  • 5Under the Voice Classification section, choose Horror and then under the Voice Name section, choose Ghost and click on Export.
  • export ghostface
  • 6The downloaded audio will be in Ghostface's voice.


So, these are the Ghostface voice changer apps that you can use to convert your voice into Scream's Ghostface. All these applications are good and provide excellent results, but the best one is MagicVox. It can support real-time voice changers, especially when you are playing games. Besides that, MagicVox supports more games than other tools in this list.

So, my recommendation is to use UnicTool MagicVox.

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