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Updated: Aug 02, 2023

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Each time a new iOS upgrade is released, Apple users eagerly anticipate the fresh updates and features it brings to their devices. However, you might encounter the frustrating issue of your device not updating to the latest iOS version, such as iOS 16 or 17. In this article, we aim to address the common question of "why won't my iPhone update" and provide you with solutions on how to resolve this problem effectively.

why my iphone cannot upgrade to ios 16/17

Part 1. Reasons Why the iPhone Can't Update to iOS 16/17

Your iPhone might not update to iOS 17 due to the following reasons:

  • Incompatibility: Your iPhone model may not be compatible with the iOS version you are trying to update. Some iOS versions may not be supported on older devices.
  • Insufficient Storage: If your iPhone doesn't have enough free storage space, it won't be able to download and install the iOS 16 or 17 update.
  • Wi-Fi Restrictions: If you have restricted network settings on your device, it may prevent the iPhone from updating the iOS. Ensure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection without any restrictions.
  • Unremoved Beta Version: If you previously installed a iOS 17 beta version and didn't remove it, your iPhone won't automatically update to the latest iOS 17 official version. Removing the beta version is necessary for a smooth update process.
  • Part 2. Preparations Before Updating to iOS 16/17

    Before you embark on the exciting journey of updating your iPhone to iOS 17 or 16, it is crucial to make adequate preparations to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

  • Firstly, check your device's compatibility to confirm that it can indeed support the new iOS version. This step will save you from any potential disappointment or compatibility issues.
  • Secondly, don't forget to back up all your essential data. Whether you choose to use iTunes or iCloud, creating a backup ensures that your valuable information, photos, and settings are safe in case something goes awry during the update. While iCloud and Google Drive do come with their own shortcomings, limited storage space and limited compatibility with just one operating system.
  • Fortunately, there are solutions like ChatMover that can come to the rescue. ChatMover offers a reliable and secure way to back up your iPhone's WhatsApp data before performing the iOS upgrade. What's more, by using LockEraser, you can downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16 or iOS 16 to other versions.

    This way, you can proceed with the iOS upgrade with confidence, knowing that your data is backed up and protected. Embracing the upgrade becomes a worry-free experience, as you can enjoy the benefits of the latest iOS features without losing any important data.


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    Part 3. Fix iPhone Won’t Update to New iOS

    Solution 1: Restart Your iPhone

    To force restart your iPhone, the method varies depending on the model you own. This approach is even particularly effective if you encounter issues during the iOS 16 or iOS 17 update. Below, you'll find instructions on how to force restart your specific iPhone model.

    • iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or any iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 model: Press the Volume Up and then Volume Down followed by holding the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
    • iPhone 8 and later models: Press the Volume Up and then Volume Down followed by holding the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
    • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press and hold the Volume Down and Side button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
    • iPhone 6 and earlier models: Press and hold the Sleep and Home buttons. Continue holding past the Apple logo and eventually the Apple logo screen will appear.
    steps to force restart various iphone models

    Solution 2. Delete Beta Version

    To remove the beta version of iOS 17 from your iPhone before the public release of the non-beta version, follow these steps to exit the Apple Beta Software Program and delete the beta version from your device.

    • 1Launch the “Settings” of your iPhone and lead to the “General” settings.
    • 2Find the option of "VPN & Device Management" on the next screen and tap on the configuration profile of the iOS 17 Beta.
    • 3Locate the “Remove Profile” button on the next screen and restart your device to revert to the previous iOS version installed on your device. You can then update the device to the latest iOS version.
    delete beta version

    Solution 3. Updating Your iPhone via iTunes

    To fix the issue of iPhone not updating to iOS 16, consider using iTunes on a Windows device. Follow these steps:

    • 1Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone using a lightning cable.
    • 2Once your iPhone is detected, click on the "iPhone" button at the top of the window.
    • 3On the right side of the screen, locate the "Check for Update" button.
    • 4A pop-up will appear; click "Download and Update" to confirm the process. button.
    update iphone via itunes

    Solution 4. Updating Your iPhone via Finder

    For Mac users, updating iOS to the latest version can be done through Finder with these simple steps:

    • 1Connect your iPhone to the Mac using a lightning cable and open Finder.
    • 2Locate your iPhone under "Locations," click on it, and select "Check for Update" to confirm if an iOS update is available.
    • update iphone via finder


    The article not only covers the precautions and reasons why the iPhone won't update, but it also provides an overview of the fixes to resolve the issue of updating to iOS 17 or 16. And the most important thing is that you should back up all your important data before updating to a new iOS version to avoid data loss. Then ChtaMover comes to your hand.

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    ipad keeps turning off

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