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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

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Did your Halloween costume from 2022 leave an unforgettable mark, or perhaps it's time for a fresh start? If you're in search of adult Halloween costumes like women; men or couple. This article is your key to unlocking a world of jaw-dropping, attention-grabbing ensembles that will make this Halloween your most memorable yet!

adult Halloween costumes

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Part 1. Halloween Costume Ideas 2023 For Women


So what's the best female halloween costumes 2023, Barbie can be most of people's answer. This year, you'll probably hear "Hi, Barbie!" just like you hear "Trick or Treat!" There are lots of Barbie options to pick from.

Most just need a few extra things to make the costume complete, but the classic Barbie look works great. To do this, wear a fancy and girly dress with fun flower accessories and don't forget high heels.

You'll look just like Margot Robbie's character! If you are looking for other barbie Halloween costumes, and the most popular Barbie costumes online include boiler suit Barbie, Western Barbie, skating Barbie, Disco Barbie, and weird Barbie costume.

Barbie Halloween costume


To rock the M3gan look on Halloween, you'll need a beige babydoll dress with buttons, her iconic striped bow, a striped shirt, white thigh-high stockings, and classic Mary Jane shoes.

Focus on your eye makeup with smudged eyeliner below your lashes and perfect your eyebrows. Don't forget to embrace her playful and mischievous attitude to complete the transformation.

M3GAN Halloween costume

Wednesday Addams

Becoming Wednesday Addams for Halloween is a spooktacular idea. To nail her eerie charm, you'll need a dark dress with a white collar, mimicking her iconic style. Match it with black tights and classic black shoes.

And don't overlook the hairstyle – her long, straight, black hair with two neat braids. To fully embrace the look, channel Wednesday's deadpan expression and eerie demeanor. Get ready to send shivers down spines!

Wednesday Addams Halloween costume

Taylor Swift Eras Costumes

On the hunt for a Halloween costume as iconic as a Taylor Swift song? Well, why not dive into the 'Taylor Swift Eras' costume? It's so versatile that it's practically the 'Blank Space' of Halloween attire – you can become Red Taylor, Speak Now Taylor, or even Folklore Taylor.

Take your pick and own that era! Be sure to load up on sequins, vintage dresses, and red lipstick, because with this costume, you'll be ready to shake it off and have everyone saying, 'Look What You Made Me Do!' Get ready to slay, Swiftie style!

Taylor Swift Eras Costumes


Whatever Taylor or Aeiana, they are all classic sexy halloween costumes 2023 represent. Thinking about dressing up as Ariana Grande? Well, here are some compelling reasons why you should. First off, Ariana's style is not just chic; it's unmistakable – that high ponytail, oversized sweatshirt, and thigh-high boots are bound to turn heads and get people talking.

Plus, she radiates confidence and empowerment, making it the perfect choice for those who want to feel like a true pop sensation for the night. Don't forget to add her signature winged eyeliner for that extra touch of glamour. So, gear up for the Ariana Grande costume and get ready to own the Halloween party with style and attitude! You'll be saying, "Thank U, Next" to any other costume ideas.

Ariana Halloween Costumes

Spider Gwen

Get ready to swing into action with a Spider-Gwen costume! It's the ultimate choice, offering a perfect blend of style, attitude, and a dash of superhero prowess. To look like Spider-Gwen, wear her iconic costume – it's typically available in Halloween stores or online shops.

For makeup, aim for bright skin, create captivating cat-eye eyeliner, and add her signature mask or hood. Don't forget to mimic her confident and courageous attitude at the party. Be the superhero everyone admires!

Get ready to swing into action with a Spider-Gwen costume! It's the ultimate choice, offering a perfect blend of style, attitude, and a dash of superhero prowess. To look like Spider-Gwen, wear her iconic costume – it's typically available in Halloween stores or online shops.

For makeup, aim for bright skin, create captivating cat-eye eyeliner, and add her signature mask or hood. Don't forget to mimic her confident and courageous attitude at the party. Be the superhero everyone admires!

Spider Gwen Halloween Costumes

Little Mermaid - Ursula

Immerse yourself in the magic of Halloween by becoming the unforgettable Ursula from The Little Mermaid. There are several reasons why Ursula makes an extraordinary choice for a Halloween costume.

First and foremost, Ursula's character is a brilliant blend of wicked charisma and fabulous style. Her flowing purple dress and extravagant shell necklace are not only visually striking but also incredibly fun to wear.

The allure of Ursula also lies in her makeup – creating her distinctive look with deep purple eyeshadow, bold eyeliner, and dark lipstick can be a truly captivating and artistic endeavor. As Ursula, you'll command attention and admiration wherever you go, standing out as a unique and iconic Disney villain.

Little Mermaid - Ursula Halloween Costumes


To look like that Lizzo Halloween, it's all about embracing bold, vibrant outfits. Think neon greens, fiery reds, or dazzling pinks – the louder, the better. Accessorize with big, flashy jewelry, oversized sunglasses, and perhaps a statement hat.

Consider a wig or a bold hairstyle change to really nail that Lizzo vibe. For makeup, go wild with colorful eyeshadows, and don't shy away from red lipstick.

Lizzo Halloween Costumes

The Last of Us the Ellie

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us and unleash your inner survivor with an Ellie costume this Halloween. Becoming Ellie offers an exciting opportunity to embody a resilient, resourceful, and iconic character.

Dress in her signature outfit, arm yourself with determination, and add a few battle scars for authenticity. As Ellie, you'll captivate everyone with your strong presence and fierce independence in the Halloween night.

The Last of Us the Ellie Halloween Costumes

Pregnant Midge

Pregnant Midge costume for Halloween is not just about donning a fun outfit; it's about making a splash with style and a message. This choice stands out because it celebrates diversity, embracing the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood.

When you slip into Midge's fab '60s fashion, complete with her expectant glow, you're not just having a blast; you're making a playful statement about the incredible journey of women. So, expect some extra attention and a load of smiles when you show up as Pregnant Midge – a costume that's as entertaining as it is empowering!

Pregnant Midge Halloween Costumes

Part 2. Halloween Costume Ideas 2023 For Men

Mojo Dojo Ken

Channeling Ryan Gosling's Mojo Dojo Ken,and elevate your Ken costume to Hollywood heights . The must-have element is a bold, oversized faux fur coat, but you can complete the look with a bandana, stylish sunglasses, and a leather vest. This Ken-inspired costume will set you apart with a dash of star power.

Ken Halloween costume


Looking like Oppenheimer with Nuke in body is not only a thought-provoking and distinctive choice but also a unique opportunity to pay homage to a pivotal moment in history. A visually striking nuclear explosion costume, paired with your enthusiasm for science and knowledge, will make you stand out as an engaging and conversation-sparking figure at any Halloween gathering.

Oppenheimer Halloween costume


Transform into the captivating world of Spider-Verse this Halloween and swing into action as a male Spidey character! Dressing as a Spider-Verse character is a a celebration of the diverse of Spidey heroes. Whether you choose to be Miles Morales, Peter Parker, or any other Spider-Verse character, you'll embody the essence of courage, responsibility, and super-heroism.

Spiderverse Halloween costume

The Last of Us the Joel

The Last of Us is celebrated for its intense storytelling. Dressing as Joel isn't just about putting on a costume; it's about embracing a character rich in depth and resilience. Clad in a rugged leather jacket, sporting a scruffy beard, and exuding unwavering determination, you'll breathe life into a survivor in a brutal world.

Embodying Joel pays homage to this iconic character while making a striking and thought-provoking statement at any Halloween gathering. It's a costume that seamlessly blends gritty realism with adventure, sure to captivate onlookers and spark fascinating conversations.

The Last of Us the Joel Halloween costume

Part 3. Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples 2023

Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken can be the best couples halloween costumes according to feedback from netizens.The movie is all about the candy-colored world of Barbieland, where our OG Barbie, affectionately called Robbie, teams up with Beach Ken, played by none other than Ryan Gosling. They're out and about, rollerblading alongside us mere mortals, tackling real-life dilemmas.

But here's the kicker – they're doing it while sporting the most vibrant 'Let’s Get Physical' aerobic outfits you can imagine. It's like they've decided to conquer the patriarchy while dressed for a workout video from the '80s. And while we're at it, don't be surprised if you momentarily forget they're made of plastic!

Barbie and Ken Halloween costume

Spider Gwen and Miles Morales’s Spiderman

Another hot couple costume 2023 is Spider Gwen and Miles Morales’s Spiderman. Prepare to plunge into the electrifying world of the Spider-Verse this Halloween. It's your golden ticket to transform into one of the spectacular Spidey characters, each with their own distinct traits and incredible abilities.

Whether you're swinging through the city as Miles Morales, the classic Peter Parker, or any other web-slinging hero, remember, you're not just donning a costume – you're embodying bravery, accountability, and the spirit of a bona fide superhero.

Spider Gwen and Miles Morales’s Spiderman Halloween costume

Why choose them, you ask? Well, first of all, they perfectly blend together independent styles. You get Gwen's fashion-forward edge and Miles's playful flair, making it an ideal match whether you're shining at a Halloween party or swinging through the city.

To dress up as them, you'll need a skin-tight suit in Spider Gwen's iconic white, pink, and black color scheme, along with a mask featuring a spider emblem and a simulated spider-web staff. For Miles, his outfit includes the signature black bodysuit, mask, and decorative shoes. And don't forget to add some spider elements to your costumes, so everyone knows you're the ultimate spidey heroes!


Ideas for Halloween couple costumes 2023 should include Barbenheimer. This past summer, we had the ultimate clash of the plastic titans – a Barbie movie that made more money than you can count zeroes and a serious Oppenheimer flick. The result? A whirlwind of "Barbenheimer" memes that'll make your head spin faster than Barbie's convertible!

Barbenheimer Halloween costume


Whether you aim to be the life of the party, exude elegance, or embrace the eerie, the best adult Halloween costumes of 2023 are your gateway to endless possibilities. So, step into character, and let your imagination take flight. This Halloween, it's your stage, your story, and your moment to shine. Happy haunting, and may your 2023 Halloween be the most memorable one yet!

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