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Updated: Nov 06, 2023

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Halloween is approaching, and 'Trick or Treat' offers a distinctive assortment of games for kids. If you're looking to create an unforgettable Halloween costume for your child, this article is a must-read Halloween costume ideas for kids.

Halloween costume ideas for kids

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Part 2. Halloween Costume Ideas 2023 For Kids

Hello Kitty

Many kids will choos a Hello Kitty Halloween costume. Hello Kitty's costume captures the spirit of sweetness, laughter, and spreading happiness, making it a delightful choice that adds a playful and 'pawsitively' fun twist to the Halloween festivities. Prepare for a 'Hello Kitty-licious' Halloween full of smiles and whisker-twitching excitement!"

Hello Kitty Halloween


If you're wondering what costume to choose for your child this Halloween, why not go with the timeless charm of Snoopy? Your little one will win hearts and candy with this classic choice. To transform them into the beloved beagle, create Snoopy ears on a headband, paint their nose black, and dress them all in white, adding some black spots for authenticity. Don't forget to teach them the Snoopy Dance for extra fun. By the end of the night, your child will have a bucket full of treats and unforgettable Halloween memories. Snoopy is simply a magnet for joy and candy!

Snoopy Halloween


Want to add some musical magic to your Halloween? Dress your little one as Miguel from Coco! Miguel is not just an adorable character; he's got a guitar and a heart full of dreams. To transform your kid into this aspiring musician, get them a red hoodie, blue jeans, and a toy guitar. Add a dash of face paint for Miguel's signature skull face, and you've got yourself a tiny troubadour ready to serenade the neighborhood. Plus, who can resist a kid in a hoodie strumming a toy guitar?

Miguel Halloween costume


SpongeBob is the Bikini Bottom king of fun, and your child can rule the Halloween scene too. All it takes is dressing them in a vibrant yellow ensemble, attaching some oversized white buttons for that iconic SpongeBob look, and arming them with a spatula prop. Your kid will be the star of the show, channeling SpongeBob's infectious enthusiasm, and you'll be in for a Halloween adventure even mermaid man and barnacle boy would envy!

Spongebob Halloween costume


Mario is a beloved character famous for his iconic red cap, mustache, and heroic quests. With Mario's well-known attire, your child will not only stand out at any Halloween gathering but also embark on an exciting journey through a world of fun, creativity, and courage. Mario's costume captures the essence of classic gaming, camaraderie, and limitless adventures, making it a delightful option that brings the enchantment of the Mushroom Kingdom to life.

Have them practice jumping with gusto, shouting "It's-a me, Mario!" and collecting candy like it's gold coins in a video game. Your kiddo will have a blast and become the neighborhood's ultimate power-up for Halloween fun.

Mario Halloween costume


With Luigi's signature green outfit, iconic hat, and his endearing 'Mamma mia!' exclamations, your child will not only make a grand entrance at any Halloween event but also embark on a side-splitting journey as Mario's trusty brother.Prepare for a 'green-tastic' time and some serious 'boo'-stopping action!

Luigi Halloween costume


To pull off the Scuttle look, use a white feather boa, add big googly eyes, and a beak. Then, encourage your little one to embrace Scuttle's endearing cluelessness, babble in "seagull language," and waddle awkwardly to mimic his unique charm.

Scuttle Halloween costume


With Bowser's iconic green and orange outfit, horns, and that unmistakable grin, your child will not only make a grand entrance at any Halloween event but also embark on a hilariously mischievous adventure. Bowser's costume captures the spirit of being the 'bad guy,' only to be hilariously thwarted by the Mario Brothers every time, making it a delightful choice that adds a playful twist to the Halloween festivities. After all, who wouldn't want to unleash a bit of chaos in the Mushroom Kingdom for a day.

Bowser Halloween costume

Princess Peach

Children adore dressing up as Princess Peach for Halloween, and there are several fantastic reasons why. Princess Peach, a beloved character from the renowned Nintendo "Super Mario" game series, resides in a magical kingdom filled with fairy tales, making her a captivating choice for kids. Many young girls dream of becoming princesses, and by donning Princess Peach's elegant pink dress and sparkling crown, they get to live out this fantasy.

Princess Peach Halloween costume

Princess Peach's recognition and her role as the one rescued by Mario and Luigi from the clutches of the villainous Bowser, the nefarious turtle-dragon, make her a cherished character. Her glamorous attire, featuring the pink dress, crown, and gloves, adds to the appeal, making children feel like they are attending a grand fairy tale ball.

Additionally, Princess Peach often plays a crucial role in game plots, allowing children to immerse themselves in exciting adventures and stories. In a nutshell, kids gravitate toward dressing up as Princess Peach because she represents a magical world of fairy tales, embodies the dream of being a princess, and plays a vital role in the game's storyline.


Start with Ariel's signature red hair. Use a red wig or temporarily dye their hair with a washable color spray to achieve her vibrant look. For the mermaid tail, a shimmery green or turquoise skirt or leggings will do the trick. Consider adding scale-like patterns using fabric paint for an extra touch of authenticity. A purple seashell bikini top or a purple tank top can emulate Ariel's iconic underwater style. Accessorize with a dinglehopper (a fork) as a hair accessory, and carry a small plush Flounder or Sebastian as companions.

Ariel Halloween costume


Dressing up a child as Flounder for Halloween can be quite cute and enjoyable! Flounder is a lively character often depicted with bright colors and cute features. To make this costume look great, you can consider a few key points. Ensure the colors are vibrant to make Flounder stand out, especially during nighttime Halloween celebrations.

Pay attention to the details, such as his big eyes, tail, and fins, to help the child better embody this lovable character. Lastly, ensure that the costume is not only good-looking but also comfortable for the child to enjoy the special night. Overall, dressing up as Flounder can be a delightful and eye-catching choice, particularly for those who love "The Little Mermaid."

Flounder Halloween costume

Addams Family

If you are looking for Halloween costumes for family of 3 or more,Addams Family can be a good choice. With Gomez rocking those sharp suits, Morticia exuding a darkly elegant allure, Wednesday serving deadpan realness, and Pugsley's mischievous charisma, the Addams Family costumes are a masterclass in capturing the quirky, the humorous, and the empowering beauty of embracing individuality.

Addams Family Halloween costume

As we conclude our journey through Halloween costume ideas for kids , we hope you've found the perfect inspiration to make this spooky season a memorable one for your little ones. Whether they're aiming to be spooky ghouls, magical unicorns, or fearless superheroes, the key is to let their imagination run wild. With these ideas, you can ensure they shine brightly on the trick-or-treat trail. Happy Halloween and have a monstrously good time!

TailorGo Changes Location in Halloween

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