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Olivia Tucker

Updated: Sep 05, 2023

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Goku, the beloved protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise, is known for his iconic voice and powerful abilities. With the rise of content creation, many creators are looking for ways to incorporate Goku's voice into their videos, animations, and other projects. This is where Goku text-to-speech comes in, providing an easy and efficient way to generate lifelike Goku voiceovers using Goku AI Voice Generator.

goku text to speech

In this article, we'll explore the top options for text to speech Goku generators, so you can bring your content to life with the voice of the legendary Saiyan warrior.

Goku 0:13

VoxMaker Creates Any Voice You Like

Part 1. Who is Goku Voice Actor?

Goku English Voice Actor

Sean Schemmel is an American voice actor who is best known for his work in anime and video games.He is the voice actor for Goku in the English dub of the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z. Schemmel has been the voice of Goku since 1999, and has also voiced other characters in the Dragon Ball franchise such as King Kai, Nail, and Goku Black.

goku english voice actor

In addition to his work on Dragon Ball, Schemmel has also provided voice acting for other popular anime series such as Pokémon, One Piece, and Yu-Gi-Oh! He has also worked on video games including the Final Fantasy series and the Call of Duty series.

Goku Japanese Voice Actor

Masako Nozawa is a Japanese actress and voice actress born on October 25, 1936, in Tokyo, Japan. She is known for her prolific work in the anime industry, having provided the voice for numerous iconic characters. One of her most notable roles is the voice of Goku, the main character in the Dragon Ball series, in both Japanese and English dubs.


Nozawa began her career in 1950, as a child actress in the movie "The Lighthouse Island." She later ventured into voice acting, making her debut in 1962 as the voice of Tetsuro Hoshino in the anime series "Galaxy Express 999." She has since voiced many other famous characters, including Tetsuya Tsurugi in "Great Mazinger," Kitaro in "GeGeGe no Kitaro," and Dr. Kureha in "One Piece."

Part 2. The Wonderful Story Between Goku and Vegeta

The story of Goku and Vegeta is one of the most compelling and dynamic relationships in the world of anime. Initially, the two started off as fierce rivals, with Vegeta as the prince of the Saiyan race, looking down on Goku, a low-class warrior.

goku and vegate

However, over time, they developed a deep respect and friendship that has stood the test of time. From fighting together against common enemies to training and pushing each other to new heights, Goku and Vegeta's bond has become a cornerstone of the Dragon Ball franchise. Despite their differences, they share a common goal of protecting their loved ones and the world they call home.

Part 3. How to Make Popular Goku AI Voice for Text to Speech?

1 VoxMaker Goku AI Voice Generator

VoxMaker is an advanced AI-powered voice generator that offers over 3200 voices and supports 46 languages, including the option to generate Goku text to speech voice. This tool is perfect for creating voiceovers for various types of content. With VoxMaker, you can easily add Goku, Vegeta and Luff AI voice to your project and make it stand out.

goku ai voice-generator

Key features:

yesVoxMaker provides 3200+ voices, covering celebrities, rappers, politicians to cartoon characters, and categorizes the voices of various anime characters according to different series, including the famous Dragon Ball and Rick and Morty anime series.

yesMultilingual Support: With support for more than 70 languages, users can generate AI voices in different languages, making it suitable for a global audience.

yesVoice Customization: Tailor the generated speech to your preferences by adjusting speech speed, pitch, and pronunciation.

yesAll-in-one Voice Toolkit: Users can enjoy functionalities such as AI voice cloning, AI-generated rap, speech to text, image to speech, audio to speech, and as a voice recorder..

yes Different Usage Scene: It supports you use it in Youtbe, Instagram,ect.

How to Generate Goku AI Voice?

  • Step 1: Download and install VoxMaker
  • Step 2: Navigate to the "Text-to-Speech" option in the left sidebar, then pick the "Goku" voice that suits your preference.
  • how to generate goku ai voice
  • Step 3: Click on "Convert" , and then you can export the speech into different formats.
  • TTS Price:

    Plan Price Equity information
    1-Month-Plan $14.95 3200 voices & 46+ languages and 250,000 characters for TTS
    1-Year-Plan $39.95 3200 voices & 46+ languages and 800,000 characters for TTS
    Perpetual Plan $79.95 3200 voices & 46+ languages 2,000,000 characters for TTS

    AI Cloning Price (More cost-effective: Enjoy more benefits):

    Plan Price Equity information
    Cloning plan $49.95 Clone 1 voice for lifetime using and Enjoy 250,000 characters for TTS (1-Year)
    Cloning pro plan $159.95 Clone 5 voices for lifetime using and Enjoy 500,000 characters for TTS (1-Year)


    Murf.AI is an AI-powered Goku text-to-speech application designed to simplify voiceovers through tts and voice clone.


    • This top-notch TTS tool is ideal for producing presentations and video content.
    • Famous rapper voices you will find.
    • You can create incredibly lifelike voice recordings.
    • To ensure that all types of speech in the software are as authentic as possible, every voice undergoes basic training with experienced voice actors.

    Monthly Price:

    Plan Price Equity information
    Free Plan $0.00 No downloads and Try all 120+ voices
    Basic Plan $29 Unlimited Downloads Access to 60 basic voices
    PRO Plan $39 Unlimited downloads and access to all 120+ voices

    Yearly Price:

    Plan Price Equity information
    Free Plan $0.0 No downloads and Try all 120+ voices
    Basic Plan $19 Unlimited Downloads Access to 60 basic voices
    PRO Plan $26 Unlimited downloads and access to all 120+ voices
    Enterprise Plan $75 5+ Users and Unlimited Voice generation, Transcription & Storage

    3 Fakeyou

    Fakeyou is an online Goku text-to-speech generator, allowing users to convert text into natural-sounding speech. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to create high-quality audio with just a few clicks.



    • Fake You allows users to choose the perfect voice for their project.
    • No subscription or payment is required to use and export the generated voices.
    • Multi-language support enables users from different parts of the world.
    • Quickly generates and delivers high-quality audio content for various projects and applications.


    Plan Price Equity information
    Plus Plan $7 /mon normal processing speed and only 30 seconds audio
    Pro Plan $15 /mon faster processing speed and 1 minute audio
    Elite Plan $25 /mon fastest processing speed and 2 minutes audio

    4 Voicify AI

    voiceify ai is an online AI cover song generator, this online website has more than 60 AI voice models for you to generate AI cover songs, but its tts function is still in the Beta version.

    voicify ai goku cover song generator


    • create AI Goku covers effortlessly by either uploading your original vocals or song directly into the provided box or by utilizing a YouTube link.
    • Your AI Goku cover will be prepared in approximately 30 to 60 seconds.
    • Only supports 6 languages for TTS
    • You need to spend 1 credit to generate 1 cover song.


    Plan Price Equity information
    Credits Plan $8.99/mon normal processing speed and only 30 seconds audio
    Creator Plan $24.99/mon faster processing speed and 1 minute audio
    Power User $89.99/mon fastest processing speed and 2 minutes audio

    Part 4. Extra Tips - BEST Goku AI Voice Changer


    MagicVox provides access to an extensive collection of 600+ voice filters, spanning from celebrities to cartoon characters, granting you access to a remarkable realm of vocal alterations.

    With this tool, you can explore a diverse range of voices, including those of famous celebrities and beloved animated characters. Whether your goal is to amuse, astonish, or simply enjoy yourself, the Goku Voice Changer feature within MagicVox presents an exhilarating platform for experimenting with your voice.

    goku ai voice changer

    Key features:

    yesReal-time Voice Modification: With just one click, change your voice in popular gaming platforms like Discord, VRChat, Zoom, Google Meet, Roblox, OBS, DAWs, YouTube, TikTok and more.

    yes With over 600 voice effects, 400+ soundboard options, and 200+ voice memes, include many cartoon character voice effects.

    yesVoice Customization: You can create personalized voice presets by adjusting various parameters to achieve unique and customized voice effects. Stand out from the crowd with your own signature voice!

    yesCompatibility: It effortlessly integrates with popular communication and streaming platforms, allowing you to use the voice changer during voice calls, live streams, and other interactive activities.

    yesHotkeys and Shortcuts: MagicVox enables easy control of voice effects using customizable hotkeys and shortcuts, making it simple to switch between different voices on the fly.

    yesIt also supports file voice change and record voice change.

    UnionSecure Download

    UnionSecure Download

    Watch this video to know more aboot MagicVox

    Real-Time Voice Changer Price (Most Cheap):

    Plan Price Equity information
    1-Month-Plan $8.95 400+ Voice effects for Online Voice chat and 500+ sound effects and memes for fun.
    1-Quarter-Plan $12.95 400+ Voice effects for Online Voice chat and 500+ sound effects and memes for fun.
    1-Year-Plan $19.95 400+ Voice effects for Online Voice chat and 500+ sound effects and memes for fun.
    Perpetual Plan $39.95 400+ Voice effects for Online Voice chat and 500+ sound effects and memes for fun.

    Part 4. FAQs about Goku AI Voice

    1. What is Goku AI Voice and how does it work?

    Goku AI Voice is a text-to-speech (TTS) software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to generate audio files of Goku's voice from the Dragon Ball franchise. The software uses deep learning algorithms to analyze and replicate the unique sound of Goku's voice. Users can input text into the software and it will generate an audio file of Goku's voice reading the text.

    2. Can Goku Voice Generator replicate other voices besides Goku?

    Yes, Goku AI Voice Generator is not only specifically designed to replicate the voice of Goku. but also can replicate other voices, including celebrity voices and accents.

    3. How can I use Goku voice text-to-speech?

    To use Goku voice text-to-speech, you can find various online platforms that offer the service. You can simply type or paste the text you want to convert into the tool, select the desired voice, and then generate the speech. The resulting audio file can be downloaded and used for various purposes, such as video editing, voiceovers, and more.


    That concludes our discussion for today on these Top Goku Text to Speech Voice Generators. Each of the Goku AI voice generators we mentioned in this list has its own unique features to offer. With these tools, you can quickly create voiceovers for entertaining Goku memes. From aspects of numbers of voices and functions supported, we recommended VoxMaker most.

    jshlatt ai voice text to speech generator

    UnionSecure Download

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