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Updated: Nov 24, 2023

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If you are a die-heart fan of voice changers and want to add a little bit of spice to it, go for a anime voice changer or anime voice generator. People who are obsessed with Japanese anime characters like Deku, Naruto, and Goku, etc, must be aware of anime voice filtering applications. Still, having the best anime girl voice changer is quite hectic.

Indeed, voice changers, such as anime girl voice changer, can be valuable tools for various online content creators. Many individuals have found success as Vtubers, influencers, or Streamers by incorporating unique and entertaining voices into their content.

To put your hands down on the best anime girl voice generator for PCs, Android, and iOS, stick with this article till the end.

best anime girl voice changer

anime voice changer cover

This is a comprehensive review of all anime voice changers mentioned in this article to help you make a better decision.

Product Name CategoryPlatform Voices Price Review Rate
MagicVox Real-time/in-recording mode Window+Mac 600+ Free/$8.95 4.8
Voicemod Real-time Win 150+ $59 4.4
Clownfish Real-time Win 14 Free 4.1
Morphvox Real-Time Win 120+ $39.99 3.9
Voxal Real-Time Windows, Mac OS 100+ $14.95 4.7
Voice Changer - Voice Effects & Voice Changer Real-Time Android and iOS 50+ Free 3.2
Voice Changer - Audio Effects 4+ One Pixel Studio Real-Time iOS 75+ $9.95 3.1
Voice Changer Plus Real-Time Android and iOS 50+ $19 4.3
Voice Audio record Online 50+ Free 4.3

Best 3 Anime Girl Voice Changer for PC

Here we list the best anime girl voice changer tool to transfer your voice into a anime one.

1. MagicVox Anime Girl Voice Changer(win & mac)


MagicVox stands as an exceptional voice modulator, seamlessly altering your voice into a realm of anime enchantment on both Mac and Windows systems. With an extensive arsenal of over 400 anime girl voices at your disposal, the transformation unfolds in real time.

Experience unparalleled output quality and stability as you venture into this vocal metamorphosis. Amplifying the experience, MagicVox boasts an expansive library of 600+ soundboards, spanning diverse anime soundscapes and voice memes. Whether for gaming, conversations, or live streaming, these tools enrich your presence across platforms.

magicvox anime girl voice changer

Key features:

yesReal-Time Transformation: Instantly change your voice into various anime characters, such as Hatsune Miku in real time.

yesCustomizable Keybinds: Easily switch between different voices with just a single click using customizable keybindings.

yes Wide Range of Anime Girl Voices: Choose from a diverse collection of anime girl voices, including gentle, cold, and loli voices.

yes600+ Sound Effects: Enhance your experience with an extensive library of sound effects imitating anime character memes, environments, animals, and more.

yes Compatibility: Use the voice changer on popular platforms like Discord, Skype, Zoom, gaming platforms, and streaming channels.

yes Voice Studio Function: Customize and fine-tune your voice with the Voice Studio function for a truly personalized experience.

yesVoice Changing for Records and Audio Files: Apply voice modulation not only for real-time interactions but also for recorded voice and audio files.

magicvox voice studio


  • Customize your voice using professional Voice Studio.
  • Access a plethora of unique anime girl sound effects.
  • Enjoy extensive voice filters and effects, surpassing other soundboards.
  • Effortlessly control your voice and effects with keybinds.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.


  • Not available for mobile phones.

Pricing: Month: $8.95 Quarter: $12.95 Year: $19.95 Lifetime: $39.95

Rating: 4.8/5

Reason and Comment For Ranking: New voice filters are released every month, you can use VoiceStudio to customize an anime voice to fit your voice perfectly.

Step by Step Guide to Use An Anime Voice Changer
  • Step 1: Download and install UnicTool MagicVox on your device.
  • UnionSecure Download

    UnionSecure Download

  • Step 2: Launch it and choose input and output devices keenly.
  • select microphone
  • Step 3: Browse the list of voice changing effects and choose the anime girl voice filter you like.
  • check voice changing
  • Step 4: Select the platform where you want to change the voice by assigning the input device as Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device (WDM). You are ready to enjoy the female anime voice.

2. Voicemod

Voicemod is one of the most liked voice morphing software by gamers and content creators. It is designed for voice-changing purposes and includes the feature of background noise cancellation. The interface is highly user-friendly and designed according to modern trends, making it more appealing.

VoiceMod anime voice changer interface


  • Cartoon Man and Cartoon Woman Voice Filters
  • The price of the subscription is affordable
  • High-quality voice changing for recorded audios


  • Easily crack due to their poor server.

Supporting system: Windows only.

Voice effects: More than 42 different voice effects for editing or shifting.

Custom voice change: Yes, VoiceLab can custom any anime voice filter.

Pricing: Quarter: $11.97 Year: $23.88 Lifetime: $59

Comment for Rank: We rank this software as excellent due to its pricing, interface, and performance. Above all, it is worth it because of its super-fast customer service.

3. Clownfish

Clownfish anime voice changer is a strong competitor of Voicemod. However, it lacks some features compared to Voicemod, but the beginners can still use it as an alternative. Being installed on the system, it can work for every application that utilizes sound input.

Clownfish Voice Changer


  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface
  • Allows multiple plugins
  • Supports both macOS and Windows
  • Girl Text-to-Speech


  • Only offers 10+ voice effects
  • No customizable soundboards
  • There will be a serious delay during the voice changing process.

Supporting system: Windows and Chrome/ Chromebook

Voice effects: It allows the users to enjoy twelve different sound effects and filters like Robot, Alien, Male, and Female, etc. This software also helps change the voice on social media applications like Skype, Viber, Discord, etc.

Custom voice effects: Although Clownfish allows changing the voice on different online and offline platforms, it does not allow storing or creating a new soundboard with new effects.

File voice change: This software provides a feature of which converting text into audio and translations. It also supports various media formats and the VST plugin.

Pricing: Clownfish voice changer is a free tool but the available voices are very limited, with only 10 options.

Rating: The average rating for this software is 4.5 out of 5, and people love it because of its highly efficient layout and free voice settings.

Reason and Comment for Ranking: Due to its service and sound effects, this is the go-to option if somebody wants to use the voice changer for gaming and fun purposes.

Get Anime Voice with Top 4 Anime Voice Changer for PC & Mobile

1. MagicVox Anime Voice Changer

UnicTool MagicVox is one of the best anime voice changer that allows you to add some hilarious music filters to your voice. including Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse. The variety of 600+ filters available in-app will enable you to turn your real-time voice into an anime one during gaming.

Its voice filters are embedded with amusing background sound to make your pitch more dramatic.

anime voices on magicvox voice changer

UnionSecure Download

UnionSecure Download


  • It Offers 600+ AI voice to choose from. Capable of mimicking cartoon characters, celebrities, game characters and more​.
  • The Voice Studio function has many customization options, including pitch, intonation, reverb, harmony, etc., you can customize your own voice.
  • Real-time voice changing is compatible with many apps, such as Discord, Fortnite, VRChat, Zoom, Google Meet, Roblox, OBS and more.
  • It also supports users to upload audio files and recording for voice change.
  • There is no delay during real-time voice change, the voice quality is pretty good, and it also has a noise reduction function.


  • Not available for mobile phones.

In addition to real-time anime voice transformation, MagicVox offers an expansive selection of features:

  • 100+ Anime Soundboards: Dive into a world of 100+ anime soundboards, immersing yourself in a variety of character expressions and atmospheres.
  • anime soundboard on magicvox voice changer
  • 50+ Anime Voice Memes: Explore 13+ anime voice memes, adding a touch of humor and familiarity to your interactions
  • anime voice meme on magicvox voice changer

    2. Morphvox Anime Girl Voice Changer

    Morphvox has garnered widespread admiration with its extensive range of eccentric sound effects and preloaded sounds, astonishing users.

    The features have gained immense popularity and are truly noteworthy. Exploring them is a delightful experience, promising enjoyment throughout your usage of this software.

    morphvox cover

    Pricing: Access the pro version subscription for $39.99.


    • Cutting-Edge Audio Effects: Boasts contemporary, top-notch audio effects for an immersive experience.
    • Effortless Sound Dispatch: Conveniently assign sound effects to your preferred quick keys for seamless execution.
    • Ultra-Quiet Background Option: Offers an Ultra-Quiet version for background cancellation needs.
    • Ideal for Online Game Streaming: A perfect match for online game streaming endeavors, enhancing your streaming setup.


    • Its pro subscription is very expensive.

    3. Voxal Anime Voice Changer

    Voxal Voice Changer stands as the preferred choice for those seeking anime voice effects alteration.

    Renowned for its distinctive and captivating attributes, this software has attracted significant attention. It doesn't overwhelm with complex settings; instead, it boasts an intuitive interface.

    voxal voice changer

    Pricing: $14.95 for home use and $19.95 for commercial use.


    • Optimized CPU Usage: Boasts efficient resource consumption, minimizing CPU usage.
    • Custom Voice Effects: Empowers users to effortlessly craft and oversee personalized voice effects.
    • Real-Time Effects: Enjoy the application and experience of diverse effects in real-time.
    • Universal Application Settings: Offers convenient universal settings applicable across all software.


    • Be mindful of frequent ad pop-ups during usage.

    Part 3. Best Anime Voice Generator Apps for Android and iOS

    1. Voice Changer - Voice Effects & Voice Changer

    Google play store is flooded with numerous voice changing applications that claim to be the best, even if they are not. This voice changer for Android is embedded with several voice-changing effects, providing you with an opportunity to get anime voice, not into a female anime version only, but can transform your voice into lower-pitch male audio or funny baby or robotic voices.

    voice changer with effects


    • Free of cost
    • Variety of voice effects
    • Easy to use


    • Limited functions
    • You need to pay for an ad-free version

    Reason and Comment for Ranking

    The app contains several voice-changing effects and editing features available for free, but the free version have many ads. It receives quite a good appreciation for being good in terms of performance and efficiency.

    2. Voice Changer - Audio Effects

    This anime girl voice changer is specially designed to assist iOS users as they don't have many choices regarding voice changing applications. With more than 25+ voice-changing effects, you can convert your voice into your favourite avatar or female anime characters as well.

    Voice changer audio effect


    • Recordings sharable via different apps
    • Simple, user-friendly interface
    • Cool and attractive animations


    • Lacks some advanced features
    • Limited voice-changing effects

    Reason and Comment for Ranking

    This anime voice changer is quite suitable for beginners who just aim to modify their voices at a certain level. Moreover, the availability of cool anime effects and an intuitive interface is the primary reason for its ranking.

    3. Voice Changer Plus - Anime Voice Changer iOS

    For those seeking an exceptional anime voice changer app, consider exploring Voice Changer Plus. This app stands as a remarkable Kawaii voice modulator, enabling the creation of audio enriched with delightful sound effects.

    In addition to its assortment of diverse sound effects and voice filters, Voice Changer Plus boasts an uncomplicated user interface, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Voice changer plus


    • Effortless Voice Recording
    • Full Voice Over Support
    • Trim Control Functionality
    • Free Record Export
    • Unique Voice Filters Included
    • Comprehensive Audio Editing Abilities


    • Lack of Modulating Audio Option

    Online Anime Voice Changer App


    Discover the enchanting realm of, an enthralling online anime voice changer. Unleash your voice's transformation into anime characters with captivating ease.

    Effortlessly alter your voice within recorded audio files or record anew, seamlessly applying desired voice filters. Dive into a plethora of voice filters, ensuring your visit to this anime voice changer is both rewarding and memorable.



    • Free Usage: Access the platform without any cost.
    • Dynamic Sound Player: Experience a versatile sound player for enhanced user engagement.
    • Superb Sound Quality: Enjoy exceptional sound quality that enhances your audio experience.
    • Safe and Secure: Rest assured in the safety of your usage.


    • Limited Social Media Sharing: The platform lacks the capability to share files on various social media platforms.
    • Lack of real-time voice change function.

    FAQS about Anime Voice Changer

    What is an Anime Voice Changer?

    An Anime Voice Changer is a software or tool that allows users to modify their voices to sound like characters from anime or manga. It applies voice modulation effects to replicate the unique voices and expressions commonly found in anime series.

    How does an Anime Voice Changer work?

    Anime Voice Changers use advanced audio processing algorithms to modify the pitch, tone, and other vocal characteristics of a user's voice. By applying various effects and filters, the software can transform the voice to resemble popular anime characters.

    Can I use an Anime Voice Changer in real-time during voice chats or calls?

    Yes, many Anime Voice Changers offer real-time voice modulation capabilities. You can use them during voice chats, online gaming sessions, or VoIP calls to instantly change your voice and sound like your favorite anime characters.

    Are there presets available for specific anime characters?

    Yes, some Anime Voice Changers come with pre-configured presets that mimic the voices of well-known anime characters. These presets make it easier to achieve the desired voice transformation without manually adjusting individual settings.

    Can I use an Anime Voice Changer to record and save my modified voice?

    Absolutely! Anime Voice Changers often provide options to record and save your voice in the modified form. This allows you to create voice clips, voiceovers, or even dubbing for your own anime-inspired content.

    Wrapping up

    Out of all these anime voice generator applications, MagicVox anime voice changer is the most praised one with unique and compelling filters and editing features.

    Convert your real-time anime girl voice into an anime one with a anime girl voice changer and make your live streaming more interesting using Unictool MagicVox below for free!


    Anime Voice Changer

    • Voice Effects: you can use anime voice during live streaming, it comes with over 600+ sound effects, 150+ voice memes, and 120+ voice filters .
    • Custom Anime Voice: VoiceStudio allows you to customize your voice. With various options to enhance voices for professional use.
    • Record and File Voice Change: professional audio editing applications lets you import MP3 files or WAV audios in your device.
    • AI Voice Cloning: allows you to imitate the voices of many celebrities in various games or live broadcasts


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