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Updated: Jan 25, 2024

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If you are a VTuber or a content creator, you must need an AI girl generator to create your image. Only need to enter text to describe the characteristics of the AI generated girl you want, and you will get the desired result. Whether you need an AI hot girl generator, AI anime girl generator, dopamine girl AI generator, or even an AI baby girl generator, you can find the best and free AI girl generator that perfect for you in this article.

ai girl generator

What is AI Girl Generator?

AI Girl Generators are like magic for creating digital characters. Just describe your character's looks and style using plain text, and voilà! No need for fancy drawing skills or complex software.

The best part? You can craft characters from all sorts of worlds – be it anime, manga, real-life, cartoons, fantasy, or sci-fi. It's like having your own creative playground.

And the real fun? It's not just about creating characters; it's about bringing them to life in your stories and scenes. Get ready to let your imagination run wild!

Top AI Girl Generator in 2024

1. Soulgen

SoulGen is an online platform designed for generating impressive artwork of either real peoples or anime girls based solely on text or prompts. By harnessing advanced deep learning algorithms and drawing knowledge from an extensive dataset of images, the platform excels in producing one-of-a-kind and genuine AI-generated female characters.

soulgen ai girl generator


  • It's a online website, no downloads.
  • An image generator for creating lifelike anime-style and real-world style female characters.
  • A time-efficient solution for swiftly generating anime-style artwork, helping users save valuable time.
  • Offers a free trial period for users.


  • There may be occasional inconsistencies in meeting user expectations regarding image quality and style.


$9.99 for 1 month; $69.99 for 12 month

2. Picso

Apart from creating images of real people and AI-generated girls, Picso also offers remarkable AI art features. It provides a diverse range of artistic styles, including anime girl, virtual girl, cyberpunk, classical, and more, for users to choose from. However, the standout feature is its anime girl generator.

With this function, you have the creative freedom to select your preferred AI girl style and input specific details, such as hairstyle, body shape, clothing, and more. You can even customize the size and the number of generated images to suit your artistic vision. It's a versatile and user-friendly tool for unleashing your creativity.

picso ai girl generator


  • It's a online website, no downloads.
  • The annual package will be more cost-effective.
  • More customization options.
  • Provide ready-made AI girl images to choose from.


  • Sometimes you may not be satisfied with the generated image and need to give more description.


$9.99 for 1 month; $49.99 for 12 month

3. Live3d Anime Generator

Live3D offers a free anime AI art generator, making it accessible for users to create distinctive anime art even without prior painting skills. This tool empowers individuals to input prompts for their desired anime art and then produces unique and visually striking anime images that precisely align with those prompts.

Moreover, the AI anime art generator within Live3D extends its utility to the creation of AI VTuber avatars, a process made simple through a few straightforward steps. Live3D's AI anime art generator boasts stable and efficient training models, offering a diverse array of anime art styles. These styles encompass realistic anime art, oil painting aesthetics, and the classic black-and-white manga style.

live3d ai anime generator


  • It offers a free trial for users.
  • Craft AI VTuber anime avatars effortlessly.
  • Generate anime art for personal projects, films, or storytelling endeavors.
  • Produce distinctive anime girl art even if you lack painting skills.


  • It's a Vtuber maker software, need to be downloaded.
  • Not very cost-effective.


Basic Plan: $3.9/month; Plus Plan: $8.9/month; Pro Plan:$99.9/month

4. Perchance (Free & Online)

Perchance is a online AI girl text to image generator. Users can select from a wide array of anti-descriptions, spanning over 40 unique art styles and shapes. All you have to do is input your description and click the "generate" button, and the magic happens.

perchance ai girl image generator


  • It's a free & online website.
  • Over 40+ art styles.
  • Easy to use.


  • The page is too simple.
  • The function is too simple and can only generate pictures of girls.
  • Waiting too long to generate.



5. Waifulabs

Waifu Labs stands out as an inventive AI girl generator, focusing on the creation of anime-style AI girls brimming with personality. Its approach involves a four-step method to craft your perfect AI girl. Upon completion, you're presented with a fully-realized AI girl image, complete with her name, personality characteristics, preferences, aversions, and an intriguing backstory.

waifulabs anime girl generator


  • Delivers adorable and vibrant visuals.
  • Specializes in anime-style imagery.
  • Presents distinctive and captivating character personalities.
  • Requires no registration or login to access.


  • Personal preferences might not align with generated personalities.
  • Some generated content may not be suitable for all audiences.



You May Need: Best AI Girl Voice Changer & Voice Generator

1. MagicVox AI Girl Voice Changer

If you want to sound like an AI girl in real-time for entertainment, online gaming, streaming, or content creation, then you definitely need an girl voice changer. This tool can seamlessly align your voice with the AI girl image you've envisioned or instantly transform your male voice into a convincing female one, whether for gaming or live broadcasting.

With over 400 voice filters at your disposal, this voice changer offers a diverse range of female voices. Whether you're after a cute and youthful "loli" voice, a deep and resonant tone, or a sultry and high-pitched allure, you'll find it all in one place.

magicvox girl voice changer interface

Key features:

yesReal-time Voice Modification: Change you voice in real-time.

yesExtensive Voice Modification Options:: It offers over 400 voice effects, 400+ soundboard options, and 200+ voice memes.

yesVoice Customization: Create personalized voice presets by adjusting various parameters to achieve unique and customized voice effects.

yesSeamless Compatibility: Enjoy smooth integration with popular communication and streaming platforms, allowing you to use the voice changer effortlessly during online games, voice calls, live streams, and other interactions.

yesHotkeys and Shortcuts: Easily control voice effects using customizable hotkeys and shortcuts, providing convenient and quick access to your desired voice transformations.

yesSupports real-time voice recording and file voice change: You can record your voice in real-time and apply voice changes to saved files. The modified voice can also be exported.

For Mac Try it Free

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Watch this video to know more about MagicVox anime girl voice changer

anime girl voice changer

2. VoxMaker Anime Girl Voice Generator

If you've used an AI girl generator to create an image you adore and are now looking to add a voice to your video, VoxMaker anime girl AI voice generator is a fantastic choice. It boasts a vast voice library with over 3200+ options, allowing you to find the perfect voice for your needs.

This tool offers a wide range of voices. You'll discover everything from the soothing tones suitable for audiobooks to the playful voices of babies and the alluring allure of "hot" girl voices for video dubbing. Plus, it covers from gentle and warm to cool with high and low-pitch options.

voxmaker anime girl ai voice generator interface

What's more, VoxMaker Anime Girl AI Voice Generator offers a touch of celebrity magic. You can choose from preset tones inspired by female stars like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Just input your text, click to convert, and let them say what you want to say.

Key features:

yesExtensive voice library: With a vast selection of over 3200 AI voices available, Includes female voices of various timbres.

yesCustomization Options: It provides voice style selection, pitch and tone adjustment, speed and pacing, gender options, emphasis and emotion, background noise and effects.

yes Multi-Language Support: VoxMaker supports 46+ languages, allowing you to create voices in different languages or with regional accents.

yesFlexible Output Formats: VoxMaker allows users to save cloned voices in multiple formats such as WAV and OGG, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and devices.

yesComprehensive Toolset: Benefit from an all-in-one toolset offering features such as speech-to-text, voice-to-voice conversion, voice cloning, and the creation of AI-generated rap songs.

yesAI Voice Cloning: You can clone any voice with just 1 click.


To sum it up, AI girl generator tools offer a convenient way to create AI girl image. You can easily bring to life a diverse range of characters, from fiery and dynamic personas to adorable anime-inspired figures, just by describing the AI girl you have in mind.

What's more, there are also MagicVox AI Girl Voice Changer and VoxMaker Anime Girl Voice Generator available to infuse even more vibrancy into the images you create. These tools are your companions for adding that perfect voice to your AI girl videos.

Don't wait! Come and try it!

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