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Updated: Dec 01, 2023

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Defit, a cool feature in Pokemon GO, has been grabbing trainers' attention since it showed up. Now that we're in 2023, everyone's wondering: Does Defit still work for Pokemon GO? How to get Defit to work Pokemon GO? Well, in this article, we're going to dig into Defit's secret and clear up any confusion about it. Ready to uncover the Defit Pokemon GO truth in the world of Pokemon GO? Let's roll!

Defit Pokemon GO

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Part 1 What Is Defit Pokemon GO&Does Defit Work With Pokemon GO 2023?

Defit Pokemon GO is an Android app that enters activity data into fitness databases. It allows you to log running stats without moving. It also helps Pokémon GO players hatch eggs and increase their running stats without moving.

The Defit-Pokémon GO combo syncs data and tricks the game into thinking you’re running, which is useful for hatching eggs and finding rare Pokémon like Zacian and Zamazenta. It is undoubtedly a great app for Pokemon GO hunters, as it provides all the information in one place.

So does Defit work with Pokemon GO 2023? Yes, Defit remains a working feature in Pokemon GO. To make the most of Defit, trainers need to have Adventure Sync activated on their device.

Part2: How To Use Defit For Pokemon GO?

Defit is super helpful for players who want to fake Google fitness data, which is crucial for games like Pokemon GO. Here's how to set up Defit for Pokemon GO:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and find the Defit app. Install it.

how to use Defit For Pokemon GO

Step 2: Download and install the Google Fit app on your Android device.

Step 3: Open Defit, log in with your Pokémon GO ID, and make sure you've given the apps the right permissions. Turn on the "Sync fitness data" switch.

Step 4: Go to Pokémon GO's settings and turn on Adventure Sync.

Step 5: Close the game and open the Defit app. Tap the display button to update the app with your latest steps, distance, and speed data. Once it's done, Defit will start counting your steps and sending the info to Pokémon GO.

Part3: Best Defit Pokemon GO Alternative-TailorGo

The Defit app for Pokemon GO is widely known for hatching eggs, but for those seeking a more extensive solution for location spoofing, UnicTool TailorGo proves to be a superior alternative.

TailorGo allows effortless alteration of your GPS location on both iOS and Android devices, enabling you to capture rare Pokemon from the comfort of your home. Moreover, TailorGo comes equipped with a joystick feature, enhancing the gaming experience for players seeking a more immersive adventure.

TailorGo for grindr location hack

Pokemon Go Spoofer

  • Cutomized Setting: You can modify speed and different Modes or Joystick Mode.
  • Easy to use: No security risk or personal information leakage.
  • Powerful compatibility: It supports Android 5-14 and iOS 7-17. Diverse platforms such as Ar Games or Social Apps. Work well on various location-based apps: Life360 , Facebook and Pokémon GO , Monster Hunter Now..
  • Safe Warning: It has built-in cool-down timer that hleps you to move without being banned..


100% secure

How to spoof Pokémon GO Location with TailorGo?

  • 1Download, install and launch TailorGo on your computer. Then connect your device to the computer.
  • Pokemon GO spoofer download
  • 2For iOS devices, directly select one mode from the interface; For Android users, enter the Gaming or Soical Mode first. Then select a destination or plan a route.

  • Teleport Mode: change GPS location with 1-click.
  • Jump Teleport Mode: select different jumping teleport spots with built-in auto-jump after cooldown
  • Two-Spot Mode: move between two locations.
  • Multi-Spot Mode: move between diverse locations.
  • Joystick Mode: use the joystick to change direction when moving diverse locations.
choose a location or plan a route for Pokemon GO spoofer
  • 3Get your location changed or finish simulating GPS movement.
  • change location or simulate gps movement for Pokemon GO spoofer

How to spoof in Pokemon GO without getting banned?

It's also secure if you follow the Pokémon GO cooldown rules. Unlike other spoofers with teleport features, UnicTool TailorGo includes a built-in cooldown timer. This timer will show you when to pause and when to teleport to a different location. This way, you can keep your account safe without concerns. Besides, you can use different mode to modify your speed and direction.

Pokemon GO Cooldown Rule

Distance Cooldown Time
1 km 30 seconds
5 km 2 minutes
10 km 6 minutes
25 km 11 minutes
30 km 14 minutes
65 km 22 minutes
81 km 25 minutes
100 km 35 minutes
250 km 45 minutes
500 km 1 hour
750 km 1 hour 20 minutes
1000km 1 hour 30 minutes
>1500 km 2 hour

Part 4 FAQ About Defit Pokemon GO

Defit Not Working: Why And How To Fix It?

Why Is Defit Not Working With Pokemon GO? There are lost of reasons why Defit Pokemon GO not working. Here we offer some most important Defit not working pokémon go 2023 reasons and quickest way to fix it.

  • 1 Permissions: Grant Defit the needed permissions in your device settings for location and fitness data.
  • 2 Adventure Sync: Enable Adventure Sync in Pokémon GO settings to enhance Defit's functionality.
  • 3 Device Reboot: Sometimes, a simple reboot of your device can fix connectivity issues. Restart your phone and try using Defit with Pokemon GO again.
  • 4 Updates: Keep Defit, Pokémon GO, and Google Fit updated for bug fixes and compatibility.
  • 5 Google Fit: Update Google Fit, as Defit relies on it for fitness data.
  • 6 Internet: Ensure a stable internet connection for Defit-Pokémon GO sync.
  • 7 Settings Check: Verify Defit settings, especially sync configuration.
  • 8 App Reliability: Niantic may restrict third-party apps; check for changes.
  • 9 Distance Tracking: Defit's distance counter may be inaccurate; be cautious.
  • 10 App Stability: Defit might inconsistently turn on/off, potentially causing inconvenience

Aside from the usual troubleshooting measures, the most crucial solution to these problems involves rebooting your device. If issues persist after the reboot, open Pokemon GO settings-turn on Adventure Sync-allow permissions for Defit.

Additionally, check for updates in Google Fit, and make sure to install any available updates promptly.

Can You Get Banned For Using Defit Pokemon GO?

If you use Defit Pokemon GO , your account can be banned? Using Defit in Pokémon Go could pose a risk of receiving a ban, as Niantic actively monitors for violations of their terms of service.

For a safer gaming experience, we recommend using UnicTool TailorGo for its bulit-in cool-down timer that notify you to move in a safe time and speed.

Is Defit Pokémon Go Available In iOS App?

As of now, it's important to note that there is no official Defit Pokémon GO app designed for iOS devices. Defit is exclusively available on Android devices. So if you want to change your iOS locaiton, you have to use other tools like TailorGo.

Is Defit Pokémon Go Free?

Yes, Defit is a free app that can be downloaded and installed on compatible devices. Users can access its features without any cost.


I believe you now have a comprehensive understanding of all the information regarding Defit Pokémon Go. For Pokémon Go enthusiasts looking to enhance their gaming experience with features similar to Defit, UnicTool TailorGo stands out as a highly recommended solution for its provides a comprehensive set of features to take the Pokémon Go spoofing experience to new heights!

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