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Updated: Nov 06, 2023

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Are you a fan of horror movies, podcasts or YouTube videos? Do you want to add a creepy and scary voiceover to your videos? Look no further than the scary voice text to speech generator!

With AI technology, these scary voice generator and creepy voice text to speech tools can transform any text into a creep and spooky voice. From ghostly whispers to demonic growls, this tool can add more fun to your content.


Listen to the scary voice sample made by VoxMaker

Ghostface 0:06

Part 1: 6 Applications Scenarios about Scary Voice Text to Speech

  • Halloween events: Halloween events can also benefit from the use of creepy text to speech voices. From haunted hayrides to spooky mazes, these voices can be used to create a creepy atmosphere and enhance the overall experience.
  • Video games: Scary text to speech voices can be used in horror video games to add an extra layer of immersion. By using these voices for characters or narration, players can feel even more immersed in the game's creepy world.
  • Prank Video: Create a funny video where you use a creepy text-to-speech voice to prank your friends, just try it.
  • Spooky Podcasts: True crime and paranormal podcasts can also benefit from the use of creepy text to speech voices. By using these voices to narrate stories or interviews, the listening experience can be made even more unsettling and engaging.
  • Horror short films and TV shows: Creepy text to speech voices can be used to add an extra layer of terror to horror movies and TV shows. From ghostly whispers to demonic growls, these voices can give characters an eerie and unsettling presence.
  • Haunted house videos: Scary text to speech voices can also be used in haunted house attractions to scare visitors. By using these voices to narrate the story or guide visitors through the attraction, the experience can be made even more spine-chilling.
  • Part 2: How to Use Scary Voice Generator via Creep Voice Text to Speech

    1 VoxMaker Scary Voice Text to Speech Generator

    With VoxMaker, you can transform any text into a scary and creepy voice that will leave your audience on the edge of their seats. Whether you're creating spooky Halloween sounds, short horror movies, spooky podcasts, or haunted house videos, this tool is perfect for your YouTube and TilTok channel.

    voxmaker ghostface voice generator

    But what really sets VoxMaker Scary Voice Text to Speech Generator apart is its is the number of horror voice types it has. Whether you're looking for ghostly whispers, demonic roars, or something in between, this tool has you covered.

    Simple Steps to Generate Creep Voices with VoxMaker

    • Step 1: Download and install VoxMaker
    • UnionSecure Download

    • Step 2: Click the right button "Change Voice".
    • scary voice text to speech step 1
    • Step 3: Then you can search for the voice type you want in the search box above, you can search "ghostface".
    • scary voice text to speech step 2
    • Step 4: Type in or paste the text you want to generate in the provided text box and click on the "Convert" button to create the audio file.
    • how to generate ghostface voice step 3
    • Step 5: Download the file in your preferred format and use it as required.
    Key Features
    • With 3,200+ voices available, including rappers, YouTubers, cartoons, celebrities, and more. Such as Ghostface and Travis Scott .
    • More than 46 languages and accents, including Spanish, Japanese, British and more.
    • Modify your sound with lots of customization options, including the ability to control pause, speed, pitch, volume, emphasis, and even add background music (BGM) and sound effects during the TTS process.
    • Support multiple output formats in both WAV and MP3, giving you flexibility in choosing the format that suits your needs.
    • Comprehensive suite of functions, including speech-to-text, voice-to-voice conversion, and the creation of AI-generated rap songs.
    • AI voie Cloning: Just upload an audio clip to clone the sound you want. Once you clone, you can use this sound for life.
    • The platform provides convenient audio editing capabilities, allowing users to cut, trim, clip, and delete sections of the audio files as needed.
    • Generate all kinds of creep ai voices.

    VoxMaker Creepy Voice Generator

    Any Scary Voice You Desire is Right Here.

    Bonus Tip: Scary Voice Changer Free to Use

    Have you ever wanted to prank your friends with a creepy voice or add a spooky touch to your Halloween costume? Look no further than a scary voice changer!

    Unitool MagicVox can transform your voice into something truly terrifying, making your gaming experience or prank calls even more exciting and memorable. Whether you want to scare your friends or intimidate your opponents, a scary voice changer is the perfect tool to take your game to the next level.

    magicvox scary voice changer

    For Win Prank Now

    Secure Download

    For Mac Prank Now

    Secure Download

    Key Features

    • 300+ preset horrible voice filters to sound like Ghostface or other famous horrible characters, this app provides an extensive range of tools to prank and troll others.
    • 200+ Horrible background voice effects and 150+ voice memes.
    • It allows you to change your voice in real-time as you speak, making it perfect for live interactions during Halloween parties or events., perfect for game enthusiasts, vtubers, and content creators.
    • It supports voice changes for audio files and recordings, allow you to record your altered voice, making it easy to create pre-recorded prank messages.
    • Change your voice in streams and popular gaming platforms like Discord, Fortnite, VRChat, Zoom, Google Meet, Roblox, OBS and more.
    • Adjustable Settings: MagicVox offers a range of preset voice modes to customize the pitch, speed, and tone of your modified voice. Additionally, you can save your personalized voice settings for future use.
    • User-friendly interfaces and controls make them easy to use.

    best ai jigsaw voice changer

    Part 4: FAQs About Scary Voice Text to Speech

    What is scary voice text to speech?

    Scary voice text to speech is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to create scary or spooky voices from written text. It's often used for creating horror content, such as audiobooks, podcasts, or videos.

    How does scary voice text to speech work?

    Scary voice text to speech works by analyzing written text and converting it into audio using a pre-recorded library of scary or spooky voices. The technology uses deep learning algorithms to mimic the nuances and inflections of human speech, resulting in a highly realistic and creepy voice.

    What are some popular scary voice text to speech software?

    Some popular scary voice text to speech software include VoxMaker, Acapela Group's Ghostreader, NaturalReader's Horror Voice Pack, and CereProc's Dark Lord voice. These software packages offer a variety of scary and spooky voices to choose from, allowing creators to customize their audio content. But only VoxMaker's scary sound effects are free to try.

    Is scary voice text to speech free?

    Yes, VoxMaker offer a free plan for new users that provides 2500 characters to generate any voice for free, including celebrity voices. Download now and get started!


    VoxMaker – An AI scary text to speech generator with much to offer creators in all industries. Whether you're a gamer, YouTuber, Instagram influencer, or AI enthusiast, you can use the many cool voices in the VoxMaker text-to-speech generator to create awesome sounds for different audiences.

    UnicTool VoxMaker
    • Text-to-speech dubbing in 46+ languages & 3200+ voices.
    • Transform your words with realistic voiceovers and AI voice clone.
    • Offers all kinds of scary voice, including zombie and ghostface.
    • Effortlessly fast & secure.

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