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WhatsApp chats hold lots of our important messages, attachments, and other crucial personal/business data. That's why the majority of the users perform regular backups or exports to keep chats secure. But the manual way of exporting WhatsApp chats requires a one-by-one export process, which is quite time-consuming. In this fast pace world, there should be a way to export all WhatsApp chats at once. This article is all about it, as we will present all the possible methods to let WhatsApp users export all chats at once. So, let's get started.

Part 1. Is It Possible to Export All WhatsApp Chats at Once?

Yes, there are multiple methods that can be used to export all WhatsApp chats at once. But this does not involve the use of the email export method because it involves two major cons:

  • You can only send up to 40,000 messages without attachments via email.
  • You can only send up to 10,000 messages with attachments via email.

WhatsApp has set up these limitations due to the maximum email size restrictions. Therefore, it buries the possibility to export all WhatsApp chats at once. But the two methods below present the solution to this challenge.

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Part 2. Export All WhatsApp Chats for Free (Only for Android Users)

You can use the locally stored WhatsApp backup as a way to export all WhatsApp chats, because it contains all your chats in encrypted form. So, you will have to transfer that encrypted file to your computer, and then use a third-party tool to decrypt and export data. Although it presents a free way to export all WhatsApp chats at once, still it is a quite complicated and time-consuming method that is suitable for tech-savvy WhatsApp users. Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Make A Local Backup of WhatsApp on Android

The first stage is to make a local backup of WhatsApp on your Android device and then copy it to your computer. Follow the below steps to do it:

  • 1 Open WhatsApp, click the 3-dot vertical icon, and then click "Settings".
  • 2 Click on "Chats" and then click "Chat backup".
  • 3 Set to never back up to Google Drive. Then click the "BACK UP" button to start the WhatsApp backup process to your phone. You can also turn "on" the "Include videos" button if your phone storage space is enough to back up videos as well.
  • back up whatsapp to local androide
  • 4 Go to your "File Manager" and then go to the "WhatsApp" folder. Click on the "Databases" folder and you will see all the backup files there. The most recent backup will be the one without any date. So, select and copy that encrypted file and transfer it to your computer via connecting the phone to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2 - Decrypt and Export all WhatsApp Chats with WhatsApp Viewer

Once you have created the local backup of WhatsApp and transferred it to your computer, it's time to decrypt that backup and export the chats. This can be done using a Windows tool called WhatsApp Viewer, as it is developed to decrypt and show the msgstore.db file (WhatsApp backup format for Android). WhatsApp Viewer supports all the latest encryption versions of WhatsApp, so it can open the WhatsApp backup in your computer, let you search messages, and then export them all as .json, .html, and .txt formats in one single time. Follow the below steps to use WhatsApp Viewer:

  • 1 Open WhatsApp Viewer. Click on File > Open > Select File.
  • 2 Locate the WhatsApp backup msgstore.db file from your computer and leave the account name section empty. It will show you all the WhatsApp chats.
  • 3 Click on "Export..." option to export all chats in .json, .html, or .txt formats.
whatsapp viewer

Part 3. Easily Export All WhatsApp Chats at Once (for iPhone & Android Users)

The above method shows a workable way to export all WhatsApp chats at once, but it involves many complicated steps to follow, and is suitable for Android users only. Therefore, it is not a handy way to export chats and can’t applied on iPhone. This is where ChatMover presents as an ideal export tool both for iPhone and Android users. It supports exporting all WhatsApp chats at once on Android or iOS 15/14/13/12.


ChatMover is also a perfect tool to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone without OS limitation!

  • Preview Function: Before exporting chats, ChatMover allows you to preview the chats in a WhatsApp-similar interface. You can view the text messages, pictures, and other attachments.
  • Selectively Export: Free to select all chats or a specific chat that you want to export.
  • No OS Restrictions: ChatMover supports both Android and iPhone alike. So, no matter your OS, the process is the same and the results are the same.
  • Export Unlimited Chats: There is no limit to the number of messages, attachments, or chats you can export with ChatMover as it acts as a medium to export WhatsApp chats from phone to computer.
  • Multiple File Formats Supported: With ChatMover, you're able to export WhatsApp chat with Excel, PDF, HTML, or CSV format.
  • Simple Operation: Chatmover is capable of export your WhatsApp chats on Android or iPhone with a few simple clicks.
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Steps to use ChatMover:

In order to export WhatsApp data with ChatMover, you first have to quickly make a backup using it. Afterward, you can use that backup to export chats to your computer. Follow the below 3 steps to WhatsApp export all chats at once:

  • 1 Open the ChatMover app on your computer. Connect your device to your computer and click the "Backup" button.
  • 2 Once connected, click the Start option on ChatMover.
  • 3 Preview the chats and then select the ones you want to export. Afterward, click on Export and it will store the chats in your targeted folder on your computer.
  • successfully exported

This way, you can easily export a single chat or multiple chats with unlimited attachments in minimal time. Besides that, the free preview function makes you view your chats in the same way as you view them in your WhatsApp app, helping you to preview and avoid exporting unnecessary chats.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp chats can be exported in a number of ways, but the default method of WhatsApp does not allow you to export all WhatsApp chats simultaneously. Therefore, locally backed up data decryption via WhatsApp Viewer is one possible way to export all at once, but it requires plenty of time and tech knowledge. On the other hand, ChatMover is a more reliable, simple, and easy-to-use tool that not just gets all chats exported at once, but also enables you to preview and select the chats before exporting.


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Olivia Tucker has in-depth knowledge in the field of mobile phones and computers. She has been committed to provide convenient solutions of managing WhatsApp data.

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