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Since WhatsApp is a widely-used app around the world, you might want to create an extra backup of your WhatsApp messages in order to access them from other devices and read them more conveniently. Exporting them to excel is one of a good way to keep an extra backup of your WhatsApp chats.

So, in this easy, step-by-step guide, we’ll show you two different methods for how to export your WhatsApp chat to Excel. This way you can save all those important conversations in an easy-to-read format.

Part 1. How to Export WhatsApp to Excel Using ChatMover (iPhone and Android Supported)

The first method is much more easier since it only requires a few simple clicks to export your WhatsApp chat to excel.

If what you’re looking for is a simple way to export WhatsApp to excel, then you may choose ChatMover. It is a user friendly program that supports both iPhones and Android devices regardless of the OS version (iOS 15 supported).

Features of ChatMover:

  • 3 steps export a single/several WhatsApp chat(s) or group chats to excel.
  • Supports restoring WhatsApp backup to a new device without OS restriction.
  • Capable of exporting WhatsApp chat to HTML, CSV, PDF, or XLS files.
  • You’re able to export a WhatsApp chat with over 40000 messages to excel.
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It requires 3 steps to export WhatsApp to excel:

  • 1 Connect your iPhone or Android to the computer using a USB cable. Choose Backup to back up your WhatsApp to computer first.
  • 2 When the backup is complete, select Export.
  • 3 Select the WhatsApp backup you just created, and then click the Export button. Then the program will begin to export your WhatsApp chats. Select “XLS” as the type of file from the “save as” menu.

Part 2. Export An Entire WhatsApp Conversation via Email And Then Convert It to Excel

WhatsApp is designed with a built-in function through which you can export chats on your phone for free. This method of exporting your WhatsApp chat conversations into Excel takes longer. But if you want or need a way that doesn’t involve using a separate app or program, this will deliver the same results.


  • 1 You can only send up to 10000 latest messages when exporting with media (or sending up to 40000 messages without media).
  • 2 You have to export these WhatsApp chats one by one. It’s quite time-consuming.
  • 3 You have to manually convert the exported file to excel.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp. Then open the chat conversation you want to export. Then select the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen to bring up a small dropdown menu. In the menu, select “Export chat”.

Step 2. Select the “Mail” app on your phone and then email the exported chat conversation to yourself.

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Step 3. Go to your computer and open your email. Download the attachment.

Step 4. Open Excel and click on the “Data” tab.

Step 5. Select the “Get Data” button. In the dropdown menu, hover over “From File”. In the second dropdown menu that pops up, select “From Text/CSV”. Select the file you downloaded from your email

Step 6. In the “Text Import Wizard” screen that pops up, make sure the following boxes are checked: “Delimited” in step one of the Wizard, “Tab” in step 2, and “General” in step 3. When you’re finished, you will see your chat conversation from WhatsApp in an Excel worksheet.


As we stated earlier, the second method of exporting WhatsApp chats is longer and more tedious than using ChatMover. It requires a few more technical steps, like selecting the correct settings when you’re importing the TXT file to Excel. One incorrect selection, and it won’t come out right, and you might not realize where you went wrong. But exporting WhatsApp to excel via email is a good way since it’s free. Choose the one you need.


Olivia Tucker Updated: Jul 23, 2021, Filed to Transfer WhatsApp

Olivia Tucker has in-depth knowledge in the field of mobile phones and computers. She has been committed to provide convenient solutions of managing WhatsApp data.

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