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Updated: Sep 04, 2023

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Do you know all Shiny Eevee evolutions of Pokémon Go? It is high time to learn the tips associated with the name tricking method. Detailed information about all the Shiny Eevee Evolutions names in Pokémon Go is discussed in the below content. Surf the names and learn how to get the Shiny Eevee evolutions using the name trick strategy.

In this article, you will explore the best ways to get Shiny Eevee evolution using an efficient application. Connect with this article to obtain better insights on this topic. Enlighten with the reliable facts and try those tricks to play the game beyond boundaries. You can win the Shiny Eevee evolutions hassle-free with the help of the below-guided methods.

Shiny Eevee evolution

Part 1. All Shiny Eevee Evolutions Names in Pokémon Go

Here are all Shiny Eevee evolution names in Pokémon Go that excites the players to get challenging evolutions. They are Vaporean, Joltean, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon. Increase the levels in the Pokémon game by performing the Eevee evolutions. There are two different methods for Shiny Eevee evolution. The first one is the name trick method and the other is through non-random evolution by satisfying the requirements.

Part 2. Pokémon Go Shiny Eevee Evolution Chart

In this section, take a quick look at the Pokémon Go Shiny Eevee Evolution chart and its related name trick to trigger the evolution efficiently.

In the above chart, you can extract details about Shiny Eevee and its related nicknames to trigger the evolution. The name trick evolution is one-time use and you must be careful in implementing them during the evolution process.

Shiny Eevee evolution chart

Part 3. How to Evolve Shiny Eevee in Pokémon Go with Name Trick

In the name trick method, use a specific name once for each evolution. Plan a lot before performing this method. You must carry out the Shiny Eevee evolution by tricking with names. The only drawback is that use this trick only once per every evolution. Due to its constraints try using them with utmost care. This trick never works if you fail in the first attempt of evolving the Shiny Eevee. You must be sure when using this trick during the Shiny Eevee evolution.

Part 4. Another Eevee Evolution Trick to Get Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon and Espeon

Acquire the Espeon and Umbreon using a buddy system evolution method. Initially, you must set the desired Shiny Eevee you want to evolve as your buddy, then walk for 10 km to earn 2 Shiny Eevee candies. Next, try evolving the Shiny Eevee during the daytime to get Espeon and in the nighttime for Umbreon.

Do not forget to set the favorite Shiny Eevee you wish to evolve as a buddy before carrying out the evolution process. In this method, you will get a Psychic-type Espeon and Dark-type Umbreon. The GPS is crucial in the process else it leads to random evolution.

Get the Leafeon and Glaceon using the name trick method. Use the names Linnea for Leafeon and Rea for Glaceon to evolve the Shiny Eevee. Here, you must carry out the process under a specific lure. To obtain Leafeon try evolving under the Mossy Lure and for Glaceon evolve with Glacial Lure. Try this method once in each evolution and hence plan efficiently in advance to perform successful Shiny Eevee evolution.

pokemon Shiny Eevee evolution

Part 5. Which is the Best Shiny Eevee Evolution in Pokémon Go?

The Umbreon seems to be the best Shiny Eevee evolution in Pokemon Go. It has great moves and is tops in the Great League and Ultra League. It serves as one of the best dark types in the game. It has more defense features and it is ranked the first Shiny Eevee evolution

umbreon Shiny Eevee

Part 6. Bonus: How to Catch More Shiny Eevees in Pokémon

If you want to get more Shiny Eevee evolution shots why not try on different GPS zones without traveling in real-time.

Here, you will be learning about an app that helps to change the device location according to your desires across the globe efficiently. Through gadget location change, more possibilities to evolve Shiny Eevee as you wish. The UnicTool TailorGo is a reliable program that aids in hiding the phone location and revealing the fake address to play the Pokémon in an excitement mode. It has a simple interface and you do not need to be a technical expert to handle this application. Few clicks are sufficient to change the device location precisely in no time.


Pokémon Go Location Spoofer

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The stepwise instructions to switch your device location to a new address using the UnicTool TailorGo app.

  • Step 1: Install the app from its official website and launch it in your system. Then, attach your phone to the PC using a reliable USB cable.
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  • Step 2: Next, click the onscreen instructions to solve the permission procedures to authorize the connection between the phone and PC.
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  • Step 3: Launch the map view and choose the Teleport icon at the top right side and type in the desired location address on the text field at the top left side of the screen.
  • tailorgo
  • Step 4: Press the Move button to fix the device location to the new address.
  • tailorgo

Now, your phone reveals the assigned new location as its current address in the online space. You have successfully moved the gadget location to the new address across the globe hassle-free using the UnicTool TailorGo application.

FAQs about Shiny Eevee Evolution

1. How to get a Shiny Eevee to evolve in Pokémon?

To get Shiny Eevee evolution in Pokémon, you must make 375 catches. In 375 catches, the 125 must be forceable, 225 random and the remaining 25 Shiny Eevee itself.

2. How to get Sylveon evolution in Pokémon?

Get the Sylveon evolution in Pokémon using 25 candies and earning 70 hearts when the Shiny Eevee is your buddy. When you hold enough candies and hearts the respective silhouette uncovers for evolution.

3. Which Eevee Evolution is the strongest?

Sylveon seems to be the strongest Eevee Evolution. It has a Good competition and performs with sword and shield. Moreover, depending on the play style the nature of Eevee's evolution is decided. Based on the trainers, the strongest Eevee Evolution varies and it is highly recommended to Go with the playing style.


Thus, you had enough insights about all Shiny Eevee evolutions in Pokémon Go and the best ways to evolve them. Here, you have discovered the tricks to evolve the Shiny Eevee using the Name method. The UnicTool TailorGo app serves the users in changing the gadget location precisely worldwide. Connect with this app to enjoy different perspectives in playing the Pokémon Go game. Stay tuned for exciting facts on this tool and its associated usage in concealing the device location details.

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