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Jacob Bennett

Updated: Sep 04, 2023

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How can we not mention Pokémon GO if we are looking at the top-rated and thrilling games of the past decade still on fire on the popularity charts? The Pokémon GO fever started in 2016 shortly after its launch, and it has been downloaded and played by millions of players ever since. Now the game isn't only about catching and evolving Pokémon. It also includes getting Pokémon eggs that you can hatch by walking some specific distances.

There are a handful of ways to get the eggs while hatching them is typically only possible by walking around. However, trying to walk the given distances in reality may not be very feasible. That brings us to a crucial question here - how to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking?

how to hatch eggs in pokemon go without walking

Part 1. Everything You Should Know About Hatching Eggs in Pokémon GO

Pokémon eggs can hatch different Pokémon depending upon where and when you picked the eggs up. That's because some Pokémon are exclusive to some specific locations and cannot hatch from the eggs elsewhere. For example, Zangoose may only hatch from the egg you get in Europe, Asia, Australia. There is no possibility that you will get it from hatching the eggs acquired in North America. Similarly, some Pokémon may only be exclusive to the ongoing events and may hatch from the eggs during certain periods.

1.1 Different Kinds of Pokémon GO Eggs

The differences in the kinds of eggs lie in the distance that you'll have to walk to hatch them and their color-coding. To be specific, there are seven kinds of eggs with five different spot colors. Five of them are standard eggs, and two are given out as the weekly fitness rewards.

pokemon go eggs

Standard Eggs

  • 12 km – Green Spots
  • 25 km – Yellow Spots
  • 37 km – Yellow + Pink Spots
  • 410 km – Purple Spots
  • 512 km – Red Spots

Weekly Fitness Reward Eggs

  • 15 km – Purple Spots (Weekly Fitness 25 km)
  • 210 km – Purple Spots (Weekly Fitness 50 km)

1.2 Rarity of Different Pokémon GO Eggs

The 12km eggs are very rare and contain Pokémon, e.g., Absol that you may have never seen in the game before. You can get it as a reward for defeating any leaders of the Team GO Rocket. It will take you 12km of walking to hatch them. You can get the other kinds of eggs easily from the Pokestops.

pokemon eggs

The chances of getting them varies as well, for example:

  • 12km Eggs – 56.4%
  • 25km Eggs – 32.3%
  • 310km Eggs – 13.1%

1.3 How to Hatch a Pokémon Egg

It is pretty easy to hatch a Pokémon egg. Just place it in the incubator and then walk around with your Pokémon GO app open until you reach the distance indicated by the egg.

Part 2. How to Hatch Eggs in Pokémon GO Without Walking

Walking all the distance to hatch the eggs can be quite a hassle. It is time to gain knowledge about the ultimate tricks and tips to know how to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking.

1. Using TailorGo - A Powerful GPS Location Changing Tool

Finding a proper solution to your issue is not easy, but luckily we have found just the right software for you. What's better than using software that is trustworthy and never compromises your privacy? Here we’re talking about TailorGo, a great tool with awesome features to help you hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking.

As a professional location spoofing tool, TailorGo enables users to change your location to any place in the world where you want to go to play the Pokémon GO game. It also lets you create and customize the route and speed while simulating your movement. In this way, Pokémon GO won't even suspect that you are sitting on your bean bag while hatching eggs in Australia.

  • Enable users to select any location all around the world and "go" there with just one simple click.
  • Simulate GPS movement along customized routes so users can play Pokémon GO without walking physically.
  • Support a full range of geo-based apps, such as Life360, WhatsApp Bumble, and Tinder.
  • Extremely clear user interface and easy operating steps.
  • Absolutely safe with little risk of getting banned by Pokémon GO.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS system (including the latest iOS 15).
  • Free trial is available for everyone.
tailorgo logo

Secure Download

2. Using GPS Drift

GPS location accuracy is correct most of the time, but sometimes, your location can get out of sync with GPS. Location tracking becomes inaccurate then. And if you open your Pokémon GO app in such a situation, your character will appear to walk around even when you are not moving at all.

To take advantage of this glitch, stand near skyscrapers or in areas with poor signal strength. Open your Pokémon GO app and let your phone go to sleep mode. Unlock it after a couple of minutes, and you'll see your character walking around in the app.

Happing hatching.

3. Using Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another useful method to hatch eggs without walking is to put your phone on a robot vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will move around in the house and hatch your Pokémon eggs while making your flooring squeaky clean.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

4. Riding A Bike

Riding a bike with your phone in the holder and the Pokémon app turned on is an easy way to cover the distance for hatching the eggs.

The optimal speed of walking should be around 10km/h to hatch the Pokémon eggs efficiently. The app won't consider any distance covered if your speed is exceeding 35km/h. So always go at an optimal pace if you are riding a bike or a skateboard while hatching the Pokémon eggs.

biking and pokemon go

5. Controlling RC Vehicle

If you are enthusiastic about handling remote-controlled vehicles, this is for you. Open the Pokémon GO app and put your phone in the RC vehicle (make sure that it is secure), or tape it to not fall.

Now pick up the remote and start moving your phone around in the RC vehicle. Your Pokémon eggs will be hatching in no time.


You have now been proven wrong if you have ever thought that catching and hatching Pokémon at home is an impossible task. All you should have is a trustworthy, dependable, and private tool like TailorGo that can trick the game by spoofing your location and simulating your GPS movement.

Compared with all the other hatching methods above, using TailorGo requires the least amount of effort. With no wastage of time and energy walking around in the sun, let TailorGo handle all your worries for you in Pokémon GO egg hatching.

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