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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

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In the game, players assume the role of either a female or male character who begins their journey with three Pokemon graciously provided by Professor Rowan. The central figure in the game's storyline is Giratina, the prominent mascot Pokemon. Furthermore, Pokemon Platinum features a multitude of legendary creatures that hold significance within this gaming version.

In this post, we will delve into the various Pokemon platinum legendaries and explore the methods for capturing these extraordinary creatures during your gameplay.

Pokemon platinum legendaries

Part 1. What Legendaries Exist in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, there are approximately 18 legendary Pokemon available for capture on a single game cartridge, including some event-exclusive ones. Here's a detailed list of Pokemon platinum all legendaries and how to obtain Pokemon platinum legendary:

Pokemon platinum all legendaries

1: Giratina: Encountered in its powerful Origin Forme, Giratina appears at the end of the Distortion World after defeating Cyrus. If you flee or KO it, Giratina reappears at the end of Turnback Cave after defeating the Elite Four.

2: Uxie: Found in Acuity Cavern in the middle of Lake Acuity. It can be approached without fear of attack. Level 50.

3: Azelf: Located in Valor Cavern, in the middle of Lake Valor. It doesn't attack when approached. Level 50.

4: Mesprit: Hidden in Lake Verity. It appears randomly in various routes and grass, so be prepared to trap it quickly. Level 50.

5: Dialga: Found at the Spear Pillar after obtaining the National Pokedex. Level 47.

6: Palkia: Also at the Spear Pillar. Level 47.

7: Heatran: Inside a cave around Stark Mountain, accessible after certain in-game events. Level 50.

8: Regigigas: In the basement of Snowpoint Temple. You'll need to bring Regirock, Regice, and Registeel to battle and capture it. Level 1.

9: Cresselia: Roams Sinnoh after interacting with it on Fullmoon Island. Level 50.

10: Articuno: Roams Sinnoh's grass after visiting Professor Oak in Eterna City and obtaining the National Pokedex. Level 60.

11: Zapdos: Roams Sinnoh's grass after obtaining the National Pokedex. Level 60.

12: Moltres: Like Articuno and Zapdos, you need to speak to Professor Oak after obtaining the National Pokedex. Level 60.

13: Regirock: Found in Rock Peak Ruins, accessible with Regigigas in your team. Level 30.

14: Regice: In the Iceberg Ruins, accessed with Regigigas. Level 30.

15: Registeel: In the Iron Ruins cave on Iron Island, accessed with Regigigas. Level 30.

16: Shaymin: Another event-only legendary accessible with Oak's Letter from a Nintendo Event. Found on Flower Paradise. Level 30.

17: Arceus: Also an event-only Pokemon, accessible with the Azure Flute from a Nintendo Event. Found at the Spear Pillar. Level 80.

These legendary Pokemon offer exciting challenges and unique gameplay experiences in Pokemon Platinum. Be sure to follow the specific in-game instructions or event requirements to capture them all.

Part 2. Easy way to Catch pokemon-platinum-legendaries


You can find various action replay codes online to catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum. However, it's essential to get these codes from trustworthy websites or sources. If you don't, you could face a permanent ban from the game.

Each Pokemon in the game has its unique capture method, and you'll need to visit different locations to find them.

In Sinnoh, you can find Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit at Lake Acuity, Valor, and Verity, respectively. Dialga and Palkia are at the Summit of Mt. Coronet. Regigigas is located in Snowpoint Temple. Cresselia can be found on Full Moon Island, and Zapdos is in Eterna City.

Capturing all the legendary Pokemon means changing your location often. To do this easily in Pokemon Platinum, it's recommended to use location-spoofing software like UnicTool TaigorGo.

UnicTool TailorGo can trick your iOS and Android devices into believing you're in a different place anywhere in the world. You can use it without needing to jailbreak your device. Plus, it lets you catch Pokemon without walking, such as hatching eggs indoors.


TailorGo- Best Pokemon Go Spoofer

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Part 3. FAQ about Legendaries Pokemon in Platinum

Where to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Platinum?

You might have noticed that it wasn't mentioned in the list of legendaries, and there are no specific steps to catch it in Pokemon Platinum. The reason for this is that Mewtwo cannot be found in Pokemon Platinum. It resides exclusively in the Cerulean Cave. You can obtain Mewtwo in Fire Red or Leaf Green, but it's not available in Platinum on its own.

Can You Get Zapdos in Platinum?

To catch Zapdos in Pokemon Platinum, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Pal Park: First, make your way to Pal Park and speak with Professor Oak.

Step 2: Travel to Eterna City: After your conversation with Professor Oak, head to Eterna City and locate Professor Oak's house.

Step 3: Use the Marking Map: Once inside Professor Oak's house, consult the Marking Map on your Poketch to pinpoint the current location of Zapdos.

Step 4: Pursue Zapdos: With the information from the Marking Map, track down Zapdos at its location.

Regarding the mention of using a Pokemon Go spoofer like TailorGo, it's essential to note that using third-party tools or cheats to manipulate the game's location can violate the terms of service and result in penalties or bans from Pokemon Go. It's recommended to play the game within its intended rules and guidelines to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience.

What is the Hardest Pokemon to Catch in Pokemon Platinum?

Munchlax, the adorable pre-evolution of Snorlax, is often considered one of the most challenging Pokemon to capture, irrespective of the region or generation. For many Pokemon players, attempting to catch Munchlax can be an exercise in sheer frustration.

Which Is The Best Starter in Pokemon Platinum?

When starting the game, you'll have the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of Pokemon. In general, selecting Chimchar is considered the most advantageous choice, as it holds a significant advantage over the types of Pokemon you'll face in the Sinnoh gyms. If you're aiming for a smoother and easier gameplay experience, opting for Chimchar at the outset is your best bet!


With the right software, locating all legendaries in pokemon platinum becomes more accessible. By using UnicTool TailorGo to alter your location, you can catch Pokemon much more quickly and effortlessly than through regular means.

If you're a dedicated Pokemon player, think about using UnicTool TailorGo to simplify your collection process. It can enhance your experience of playing Pokemon Platinum, which is widely regarded as one of the best Pokemon games ever!

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