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Haseeb Benjamin

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

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People use voice changers sometimes for fun and have a few good laughs, while other times to troll online and even mask their voice. Whatever the reason may be, while some practice their throat to croak Kermit’s legendary voice, other people use Kermit voice changer to make their job easy. These Kermit voice changer tools and apps either do the voice changing in real-time or can take an audio file and change the voice, which you can download.

Today in this article, we will discuss a few of the best Kermit voice generator online and some apps for the ultimate fun.

Kermit Voice Changer

Part 1. Best Kermit Voice Changer for PC You Must Try

Following are a few of the best Kermit voice changer tools and apps that you can use. While they may not have a particular filter, they are so intuitive that they can help you quickly recreate the voice.

1. UnicTool MagicVox

MagicVox is a Kermit voice changer PC software that can change your voice in real-time with over 200+ sound effects. With its easy installation and selection, you can use this Kermit voice changer app to change your voice for any game, comm app, or during VR chat.


A Real-Time Voice Changer

  • Numerous filters to change voice in real-time
  • More than 200 sound effects
  • You can use it directly in apps and games

100% secure

kermit the frog voice generator


  • Over 200 voices and filters
  • Easy selection and real-time changing of filters
  • Girls and Anime Voice Effects


  • The free version has limited filters and functions
  • You need to buy a quarterly or yearly subscription for all features and filters

User Experience:

You can download a great Kermit voice changer app and explore all the possibilities.

How to Get a Kermit voice changer on VRChat

  • Step 1: Download and install the voice changer application.
  • Step 2: Choose input/output device
  • select microphone
  • Step 3: Choose any voice filter
  • Step 4: Launch VRChat, and set Voice Changer Virtual Device (WDM) as your default input device.
  • VRChat Audio Setting
  • Step 5: On MagicVox, select the voice filters you like or navigate to VoiceStudio, adjust the frequency of Pitch, Reverb, etc., to get the custom voice.
  • Voice studio

2. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish is an excellent Kermit voice generator that you can use to change your voice in real time, which you can use in many apps. This tool comes with an in-built music player that you can use while playing your favorite games. You can use it in most chatting apps such as Steam, ooVoo, discord, etc., and all games that use a mic to communicate with other players.

Clownfish Voice Changer


  • Boasts many sounds effects
  • Music and sound player inbuilt
  • Intuitive and friendly design
  • Compatible with any app that uses a microphone
  • Best for apps that use chatting like Viber, hangouts, and many games
  • Supports Virtual Studio Technology through a plugin
  • Free to use, so make it the best choice for people who are changing voices just for fun


  • Simple UI, which is not that eye-catching
  • Clownfish don't have as many features compared to its competitors


A simple un intrusive app that can align with most games you play and have fun with your friends.

3. Voicemod

Voicemod is a Kermit voice changer software that you can use on Windows to modulate your voice on various games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc. This high-quality tool has a plethora of options for the best online experience.

VoiceMod review


  • The free voice changer works in real-time
  • Custom effects for each game you play
  • Easily setup within a few minutes
  • Allows creation of voice skins and avatars for your profiles
  • The beta program offers a chance to try amazing new voices
  • The ability to change voices in real-time can make extraordinary experiences
  • Easy compatibility with most games and apps
  • Great quality UI and amazingly eye-catching
  • New themes each month with promotions from gaming celebrities


  • Not yet available for Mac
  • Only windows version
  • Not suitable for newbies as for maximum features, you need a pro license


A competitive voice changer on the market, and the price is acceptable.

Part 2. Best Kermit Voice Changer App

1. Celebrity Voice Changer

Touted as the first-ever celebrity voice changer, including voices from major celebrities like Donald Trump, President Obama, Peter Griffin, Dart Vader, and so many more. You will surely fall in love with this Kermit voice changer app, available both on Android and iOS.

Celebrity Voice Changer


  • Easy installation and UI
  • It supports all major platforms
  • You can request new voices, and the developers will make them for you
  • Uses Deep Learning Technology to learn new ways to imitate celebrities


  • Paid app
  • The only available language is English
  • Need to spend money for additional voices
  • There are many unfavorable reviews on app stores
  • The app is still evolving, and customers and users experience many bugs.


A great way to change voices on the fly and have fun with friends; with the mobile version available also for free, you can have fun until you decide to buy the app.

2. Voice Changer- Voice Effects

Voice changer is a diary app that works as a voice editor, which you can use as a Kermit voice changer for fun. You can also use this app to change your voice on videos, not just audio files.

Voice Changer- Voice Effect


  • Many different filters and voices are available.
  • You can record voices which the app changes to whatever filter you have chosen.
  • You can also customize different effects and filter
  • You can use it in chats or when talking with others


  • Saved clips are of low quality
  • The Pro version is still not that good and has many bugs.


A great way to change voices on the fly and have fun with friends; with the mobile version available also for free, you can have fun until you decide to buy the app.


Now you can enhance your gaming experience with many different voice-overs and your viewers' experience if you are a streamer. Changing the voice is quite fun and sometimes can bring in more viewers, especially if the changed voices are as fun as Kermit's. If you want to change your voice while playing an online game, then it's best to use the most professional Kermit voice generator, which is MagicVox. We recommend MagicVox because it has so many great features that are awesome for aspiring streamers and players.

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