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Updated: Feb 04, 2024

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Breeding in Palworld presents an opportunity to hatch formidable Pals, whether for battles or enhancing your base. It's also a means to complete your Paldex entries.

Understanding the palworld breeding combinations list aids in planning which Pals to breed, ultimately saving time. To begin, acquiring a Breeding Farm and a Cake is necessary. Yes, you read that right – a cake.

Below, we'll guide you through the Pal breeding process in Palworld, including crafting a Cake and setting up the Breeding Farm. Additionally, we'll cover the fundamentals of Breeding Combos.

palworld breeding

Part 1.What is Palworld Breeding?

Breeding within Palworld extends beyond merely pairing two Pals; it entails grasping deeper mechanics. Each Pal possesses a distinct 'Power' number pivotal in breeding. When two Pals are paired, their Power numbers amalgamate to determine the offspring's species. It's important to note that lower Power numbers denote rarer and more potent Pals. Consequently, breeding Pals stronger than those already owned isn't feasible. Mastery of this concept is crucial for successful breeding.

In Palworld, breeding unfolds as a dynamic process enriching players' experiences by enabling the creation of unique Pal combinations. These combinations result in the birth of eggs, which eventually hatch into offspring boasting diverse capabilities. The breeding system necessitates players to match various species, considering their statistics and traits, to yield optimal offspring.

Part 2. Palworld Breeding Full Guide: How to Breed Pals?

Some basic rules about breeding farm:

  • Any Pal can be bred with another, irrespective of species or element type.
  • At least one male and one female Pal are required as partners for breeding.
  • Breeding two Pals of the same type typically yields offspring similar to the parents. However, mating Pals of different species or types can lead to surprising combinations.
  • There exist thousands of potential offspring combinations, some of which cannot be encountered through standard exploration alone.
  • 1. How to Build the Breeding Farm

    To access the Breeding Farm blueprint, you must first reach level 19 and unlock it through the Technology menu. Subsequently, you'll need to collect 100 units of Wood, 20 units of Stone, and 50 units of Fiber to construct it in your base. Keep in mind that the Breeding Farm requires ample space, necessitating the clearing of sufficient area beforehand.

    how to build the breeding farm

    2. How to Make Cake

    If you aim to breed Pals in Palworld, the subsequent step involves baking Cakes, preferably several. These Cakes need to be positioned in the container located outside the perimeter of the Breeding Farm's fence. Each Cake placed encourages the two partner Pals to mate and produce one egg.

    However, it's crucial to note that baking a Cake is a time-consuming process. Below are the structures required to create Cakes in Palworld:

  • Wheat Plantation (level 15 tech) - Requires 3x Wheat Seeds, 35x Wood, and 35x Stone.
  • Mill (level 15 tech) - Requires 50x Wood and 50x Stone.
  • Cooking Pot (level 17 tech) - Requires 20x Wood, 15x Ingots, and 3x Flame Organ.
  • Here are the necessary ingredients:

  • 5x Flour - Grow crops using the Wheat Plantation to harvest Wheat. Then, process Wheat in the Mill to obtain Flour.
  • 8x Red Berries - Collected from berry bushes or cultivated via the Berry Plantation.
  • 7x Milk - Obtained from Mozzarinas.
  • 8x Eggs - Acquired from Chikipis.
  • 2x Honey - Gathered from Beegardes.
  • Tips

    It's worth mentioning that you can also obtain Milk, Eggs, and Honey by capturing these Pals and housing them in your Ranch, which provides a passive means of acquiring these resources. Alternatively, you can purchase them from a Wandering Merchant NPC.

    3. How to Select Pals for Breeding

    You're now one step closer to the Pal breeding process in Palworld assuming you have a Breeding Farm and some Cake. Follow these steps:

    • 1 As mentioned before, you only need one male and one female Pal for the entire process.
    • 2 Utilize the Palbox to reassign a Pal to your base. Upon its spawn, press the "F" key to lift them.
    • 3 Carry the Pals to the Breeding Farm and throw them onto the haystacks. Place a Cake inside the container beside the fence.
    • 4 After a short while, you'll observe the appearance of an egg, indicating it's time to incubate and hatch it to reveal the offspring of the two creatures.
    • 5 Lift and throw the two Pals you want to mate inside the Breeding Farm.

    It's worth noting a potential bug in Pal creature AI; assigned Pals might try to escape or work on tasks in your base. In such cases, respawn them using the Palbox and carry them back to the Breeding Farm.

    In essence, this is the process for breeding Pals in Palworld. With some luck and experimentation, you might uncover some unexpectedly interesting combinations.

    Part 3.The Most Popular Palworld Breeding Combinations List

    If you aim to cultivate specific Pals, don't worry, we've compiled an Palworld breeding combinations list for you. This comprehensive resource covers the basics of Palworld's breeding mechanism and offers an extensive catalog of potential breeding combinations. Let's explore all the breeding possibilities in Palworld.

    How to Breed Lamball in Palworld?

    Lamball Breeding Combination
  • Lamball + Cattiva

  • Chikipi + Lifmunk

  • Teafant + Cremis
  • How to Breed Cattiva in Palworld?

    Cattiva Breeding Combination
  • Cattiva + Cattiva

  • Lifmunk + Teafant

  • Lamball + Cremis
  • How to Breed Chikipi in Palworld?

    Chikipi Breeding Combination
  • Chikipi + Chikipi
  • How to Breed Lifmunk in Palworld?

    Lifmunk Breeding Combination
  • Lamball + Foxparks

  • Lifmunk + Lifmunk

  • Cattiva + Foxparks
  • How to Breed Foxparks in Palworld?

    Foxparks Breeding Combination
  • Foxparks + Foxparks

  • Lamball + Fuack

  • Cattiva + Fuack
  • How to Breed Fuack in Palworld?

    Fuack Breeding Combination
  • Chikipi + Rooby

  • Lamball + Woolipop

  • Sparkit + Tanzee
  • How to Breed Sparkit in Palworld?

    Sparkit Breeding Combination
  • Lamball + Pengullet

  • Fuack + Teafant

  • Sparkit + Sparkit
  • How to Breed Tanzee in Palworld?

    Tanzee Breeding Combination
  • Tanzee + Tanzee

  • Tanzee + Gumoss

  • Lifmunk + Direhowl
  • How to Breed Rooby in Palworld?

    Rooby Breeding Combination
  • Tanzee + Direhowl

  • Rooby + Rooby

  • Foxparks + Mozzarina
  • How to Breed Penking in Palworld?

    Penking Breeding Combination
  • Penking + Penking

  • Cinnamoth + Surfent

  • Penking + Grintale
  • How to Breed Jolthog in Palworld?

    Jolthog Breeding Combination
  • Lamball + Tanzee

  • Chikipi + Tanzee

  • Tanzee + Teafant
  • How to Breed Jolthog Cryst in Palworld?

    Jolthog Cryst Breeding Combination
  • Pengullet + Jolthog

  • Jolthog Cryst + Jolthog Cryst
  • How to Breed Gumoss in Palworld?

    Gumoss Breeding Combination
  • Lifmunk + Pengullet

  • Sparkit + Jolthog

  • Fuack + Cremis
  • How to Breed Vixy in Palworld?

    Vixy Breeding Combination
  • Lamball + Lifmunk

  • Chikipi + Foxparks

  • Cattiva + Lifmunk
  • How to Breed Hoocrates in Palworld?

    Hoocrates Breeding Combination
  • Lamball + Lifmunk

  • Chikipi + Foxparks

  • Cattiva + Lifmunk
  • How to Breed Vixy in Palworld?

    Vixy Breeding Combination
  • Lamball + Lifmunk

  • Chikipi + Foxparks

  • Cattiva + Lifmunk
  • How to Breed Teafant in Palworld?

    Teafant Breeding Combination
  • Chikipi + Teafant
  • How to Breed Depresso in Palworld?

    Depresso Breeding Combination
  • Lifmunk + Fuack

  • Sparkit + Pengullet

  • Foxparks + Jolthog
  • How to Breed Cremis in Palworld?

    Cremis Breeding Combination
  • Chikipi + Sparkit

  • Cattiva + Vixy

  • Cremis + Cremis
  • How to Breed Daedream in Palworld?

    Daedream Breeding Combination
  • Foxparks + Direhowl

  • Sparkit + Direhowl

  • Fuack + Rushoar
  • How to Breed Rushoar in Palworld?

    Rushoar Breeding Combination
  • Foxparks + Celaray

  • Sparkit + Celaray

  • Pengullet + Caprity
  • How to Breed Nox in Palworld?

    Nox Breeding Combination
  • Teafant + Celaray

  • Lamball + Melpaca

  • Cattiva + Melpaca
  • How to Breed Rayhound in Palworld?

    Rayhound Breeding Combination
  • Penking + Caprity

  • Celaray + Incineram

  • Direhowl + Nitewing
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    • select microphone
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    Part 5. FAQs about Palworld Breeding

    1. Who to breed for Anubis?

    Capture both Penking and Bushi. Ensure they are of opposite genders for the Breeding Farm to recognize them as potential mates. While there are various Pal breeding combinations capable of producing Anubis, we suggest the simplest approach: pairing Penking with Bushi.

    2. Palworld system requirements?

    Minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 or later (64-Bit)
  • Processor: i5-3570K 3.4 GHz
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB)
  • DirectX: DX11
  • Storage: 40 GB SSD
  • Conclusion

    In conclusion, the breeding system in Palworld offers players the opportunity to nurture powerful companions, whether for combat or base development. Understanding breeding combinations is crucial for planning and can effectively save time and resources. With the guidance provided in this article, players can master key steps such as crafting cakes, setting up breeding farms, and laying the groundwork for successfully breeding their desired pals.

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