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Updated: Feb 06, 2024

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In this era where Vtuber (virtual YouTuber) is the most popular among teens and youngsters, you must be keen to know how to make your recognized voice with a Vtuber voice changer. There are many people who are turning into Vtubers, and the only thing that can help you stand above them all is the quality.

So, you must be looking for the best Vtuber AI voice changer that can help you edit or create the most matched voices, leaving a good impression on the viewers. We will also discuss how you can make your recognized voice using them.

So, let’s get started.

vtuber voice changer cover

Part 1. Best Vtuber Voice Changer for PC

So, the following are some best Vtuber voice changers you can use this year.

1. MagicVox Voice Changer for Vtuber

MagicVox is a AI voice changer software that can be used to change your voice as if you were playing a character in a video game and create vtuber voice. It allows vtubers to choose from hundreds of thousands of sound effects and includes an intuitive visual interface for easy sound editing. MagicVox is ideal for video producers and gamers looking for a quick way to add effect or atmosphere.

magicvox vtuber voice changer interface

Key features:

yesReal-Time Transformation: Instantly change your voice into various characters in real time.

yesCustomizable Keybinds: Easily switch between different voices with just a single click using customizable keybindings.

yes Wide Range of Anime Girl Voices: Choose from a diverse collection of anime girl voices, including gentle, cold, and loli voices.

yes600+ Sound Effects: Enhance your experience with an extensive library of sound effects imitating anime character memes, environments, animals, and more.

yes Compatibility: Use the voice changer on popular platforms like Discord, Skype, Zoom, gaming platforms, and streaming channels.

yes Voice Studio Function: Customize and fine-tune your voice with the Voice Studio function for a truly personalized experience.

yesVoice Changing for Records and Audio Files: Apply voice modulation not only for real-time interactions but also for recorded voice and audio files.

Support Custom Voice or not?

Yes, it supports custom voice, and you can easily upload and edit custom voice into anything.

User Comments

If you are looking for a complete voice changer app, this is the best one because it is the most appropriate software for Vtubers and video content creators. The outstanding editing and other features ensure you get the best thing out of it.

The software also has a built-in recorder with many different options for recording your own voice or music from an external source.


4.8 out of 5.0 Stars

2. Voicemod

Voicemod is a Vtube voice changer software that allows you to change the voice of your characters in games and videos. By using Voicemod, you can change the voice pitch, speed, pitch shift and tone of your character's mouth to make your video more interesting.

VoiceMod review

Key Features

  • Voicemod comes with many other professional tools such as lip synchronization, sound level adjustment and speech recognition section so that you can perform better in any type of communication.
  • The way it works is very easy to understand; even for beginners, it can be done within seconds.
  • It has over a couple of thousands of sounds, effects, and phrases that you can use to make perfect content.
  • You can change your sound ID, pitch, and speed to make any type of sound.

Support Custom Voice or not?

Yes, Voicemod supports custom voices, and you can easily upload and edit custom voices into templates, sounds, etc.

User Comments

Voicemod is also good voice-changing software that you can use on your computer. But, its library doesn't contain all types of sound effects and audio editing tools. But, if you are ready to compromise things, this will be the perfect solution for your needs.


4.4 out of 5.0 Stars

3. Clownfish

Clownfish VTuber Voice Changer is software that allows you to change your voice in real-time. It can be used by anyone who wants to change their voice to set it in a video, even if they do not have any previous experience in this area.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Key Features

  • Can change your voice in real-time.
  • The user interface is very simple and easy to work with.
  • The program does not require any additional configuration or setup before use.
  • It supports multiple languages and file formats.

Support Custom Voice or not?

Yes, Clownfish supports custom voices, and you can easily upload and edit custom voices into templates, sounds, etc.

User Comments

Clownfish is a good application to change your voice in real-time, but it is not as powerful software as mentioned above. But, if you only need a voice changer that can modify your recorded voice, this is the best option.

But, it is a limited platform for only creating Santa Calus's messages. Using this platform, you can't convert your own voice into Santa's voice.


4.5 out of 5.0 Stars

4. All in One Voice Changer

The All In One Vtuber Voice Changer is a voice-changing tool that allows you to change your voice to sound like that of any of your favourite vtuber. The app works by analyzing the sound of uploaded or recorded voice and then using the information to generate an audio clip that sounds just like your needs.

All in One Voice Changer

Key Features

  • Can change your voice into 50+ voice effects.
  • All in one Voice Changer is very convenient to use; you don't have to waste your time while using this.
  • The app is easy to use and will take only a few minutes of your time before you can start using it to sound like any vtuber you want.

Support Custom Voice or not?

No, All In One can't support custom voices, and you can't upload and edit custom voices into templates, sounds, etc.

User Comments

This will be a perfect choice if you are looking for basic but good voice-changing software.


4.0 out of 5.0 Stars

5. MorphVOx

MorphVOX Voice Changer is an amazing tool that lets you change your voice with just one click. It's so easy to use; you can just change your voice in seconds. Many different voices are available, so you can find one that fits your style and personality.

MorphVOX Voice Changer

Key Features

  • It’s easy to use, and there are tons of different voices to choose from.
  • It allows you to change your voice to sound like any other person or animal.
  • Has great editing features like adjusting pitch, tone, and voice frequency. This will help you create a perfect voice that resembles your Vtuber personality.

Support Custom Voice or not?

Yes, MorphVOX can support custom voices, and you can upload and edit custom voices into templates, sounds, etc.

User Comments

MorphVOX is a complete audio editor and voice changer that can easily change your voice and modify it to meet the required sound. If you want to do professional work, then MorphVOX is the best option after MagicVox.


4.8 out of 5.0 Stars

Part 2. How to Create Your Vtuber Voice with Voice Changer?

Following are the steps to create your Vtuber voice with MagicVox voice changer.

Step By Step Tutorial

    Step #1: Download and Install MagicVox

    UnionSecure Download

    UnionSecure Download

    • 1 First of all, Download the MagicVox voice-changing software.
    • 2 Now, double-click on the program file and initiate installation.
    • 3 Grant all Permission between Installation Process.

    Step #2: Set Default Mic and Headphone

    • 1 When the installation is completed, MagicVox will be automatically launched.
    • 2 You will see a box that contains default Mic and Headphone settings.
    • 3 So, choose the default headphone and then Mic for your computer.
    • 4 And press Continue.
    select microphone

    Step #3: Select Voice Filter or Create a Custom Voice Using Tools

    • 1 Now search for the voice filter you want to use to change your voice.
    • 2 You can use the search box at the top left corner of the screen.
    • 3 If you can’t decide which one to use, you can create a custom voice.
    • 4 For this, click Custom Voice; here, you will see some handles and options.
    • 5 You will have to adjust those handles and create a custom voice or sound.
    MagicVox Scary VoiceStudio

    Step #4: Launch the Desired Platform and Change Settings

    • 1 Now go to the platform where you want to use a changed voice. For example, if you want to use that voice in a game, you should launch that game.
    • 2 Go to settings and look for Audio Settings.
    • 3 Go to the Audio section and choose Virtual Audio Device as the default voice input device.

    Step #5: Change your Voice Conveniently

    • 1 Now go back to the MagicVox voice changer and play your chosen sound or voice.
    • 2 Every time you play a sound there, it will also be delivered to the game or Vtuber accordingly.

Part 3. Soundboard and Voice Meme Best Match for Vtuber

Soundboard and Voice Meme are the two most interesting features of voice changers. You can use these features to get the best Vtuber experience.

Vtuber Soundboard

All you have to do is, upload your own voice, phrase, or recorded music on MagicVox and add it to the Soundboard. Once it is successfully installed, you can set that voice to Keybind and return to the platform where you need to use that voice.

Every time you push the hotkeys for Soundboard, the voice will be automatically played on your network.

Part 4. FAQs about Vtuber AI Voice

What is a Vtuber AI Voice?

Vtuber AI Voice refers to an artificial intelligence-powered technology that enables Virtual YouTubers (Vtubers) to generate realistic and dynamic voices, enhancing their online presence and interactions with audiences.

How does Vtuber AI Voice work?

Vtuber AI Voice utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and replicate human speech patterns, tones, and expressions. It generates speech in real-time, allowing Vtubers to seamlessly match their virtual avatars with lifelike voices.

Can Vtuber AI Voice Changer produce different character voices?

Yes, MagicVox Vtuber AI Voice Changer is capable of producing a wide range of character voices. It can mimic various tones, accents, and emotions, enabling Vtubers to embody different characters and personas during their streams or content creation.

Is Vtuber AI Voice customizable?

Absolutely. Vtuber AI Voice Changer often comes with customizable parameters that allow Vtubers to fine-tune the pitch, speed, and other aspects of their generated voice. This customization ensures that the voice aligns perfectly with their virtual avatars and intended personalities.

Can Vtuber AI Voice learn and adapt over time?

Many Voice Changer for Vtuber have the ability to learn and adapt. As Vtubers use the technology more frequently, the AI may refine its understanding of their unique speech patterns and preferences, resulting in even more natural and personalized voices over time.

The Bottom Line

So, this is how you can make your recognized voice using the best Vtuber AI voice changer. The above-given voice changers are good, and we have tested them before recommending them to you. But we recommend using UnicTool MagicVox because it is the best Vtuber voice changer software due to its amazing features and quick operation.


The Best Vtuber AI Voice Changer

  • Instantly change your voice: you can easily change your voice into different characters using pre-set voice filters with one click.
  • Real-Time voice changer: you can instantly change the voice during live calls, gaming, or streaming with ease. The addition of an outstanding filter with background sounds uplifts the environment, and mode and makes the voice-changing effect vivid.
  • Excellent soundboard: More than 300 sound effects make the chat and live stream euphoric. Use the hotkeys to control playback, stop, cycle, and replay sound effects without interruption while chatting.


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