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Haseeb Benjamin

Nov 01, 2022 (Updated: Jan 17, 2023)

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Every person idealizes someone like Morgan Freeman, Trump, Obama or Justin Bieber, whether in politics, showbiz, or sportsman. Many children like to look like their ideal crush or celebrity. At the same time, others may want to sound like their favorite person for satisfaction, meetings, or just to prank friends.

Anyhow, you cannot sound like a celebrity without the help of professional and authentic tools. Fortunately, you can find celebrity voice changer that can fulfill your wish. Hence, this guide aims to reveal the best voice changers to sound like your favorite person. Let's explore!

Celebrity Voice Generator Cover

Part 1. Best Celebrity Voice Changer for PC, Mobile

Have a look at these best celebrity voice changers available for both mobile and personal computers.

1. UnicTool MagicVox

UnicTool MagicVox is a real-time celebrity voice changer with many other enjoyable filters. Unlike other voice modulators, its free version has multiple features but few voices customization options.


A Real-Time Voice Changer

  • This versatile voice changer offers more than 100 preset voice filters.
  • Add your element of creativity to make perfect celebrity voices. Play with pitch, frequency, and other voice parameters to develop the best one.
  • MagicVox offers a free trial with lots of valuable features.

100% secure

MagicVox is one of the best celebrity voice generator tools that alter voice according to desired preferences. It is especially used for gaming, chatting, voice acting, and much more. Unfortunately, MagicVox does not have existing celebrity voice filters. Hence, the addition of VoiceStudio allows individuals to sound more professional and like any celebrity.


  • It offers more than 150 present filters and 300+ voice effects.
  • MagicVox permits the user to add key bindings to add effect with one click.
  • Allows customization to generate distinct voices.
  • Facilitate importing your favorite sound effect.


  • Limited features in the free version.

2. Voicemod

If you have been a part of the voice modulation industry, it is impossible not to come across Voicemod. It is a popular real-time AI voice generator that transforms a simple voice into a celebrity voice and any famous character.

VoiceMod review

Voicemod allows you to change the voice in real time. It also permits you to make little as well as massive changes on a fun or professional level. With its simple capacities, there are no requirements to follow a perplexing process.


  • Can create profiles for different games.
  • New themes are released regularly by the developers.
  • Custom voice mode can be obtained in pro-mode.
  • A couple of amusing sounds can be stacked together.


  • Need to use other simpler alternatives if it’s not working properly.


$24 is required for Voicemod Pro, and this expense is for a lifetime permit.


Voicemod has several capabilities and is friendly to its users. It facilitates to tamper the voice in real-time and makes it sound like a celebrity.

3. Voice AI

Voice AI is not just a voice changer tool but also an exceptional voice clone tool. You need to upload clear audio to clone any person's voice. If you are fed up with unfunctional and expensive voice changers. Fortunately, you have found a solution. This voice changer is made public for free for everyone.

Voice AI


  • Generate personal conversations.
  • Reach multiple users at once.
  • It helps in realistic voice cloning.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is entirely free.


  • Slow Installation


It is completely free


It can easily clone anyone's voice and is designed free for the public.

4. Celebrity Voice Changer App

As people like to have fun by changing their voice while chatting, streaming, and creating videos, dozens of programs or software are available to carry out this task without hassle. Celebrity voice changer is one of the popular tools that work efficiently in this regard due to its deep learning technology, available on Android and iOS.

Celebrity Voice Changer


  • Wide range of celebrity’s voice filters.
  • Frequent updates to add new features.
  • Immediate voice modulation.
  • You can also request for new celebrity.


  • Voice is not so realistic and can be easily differentiated.


In-app Purchase.


Funny app to try different celebrity voices.

Part 2. Best Sonic Voice Generator Text to Speech Online

Voice changers use the computed input frequency and transform it into desired output frequency. Text-to-speech feature in a celebrity voice changer is advanced feature backed with AL technology. It is simply an advanced version of a voice generator that reads digital text aloud.

It takes words from the document or written page through a scanner and converts them into audio. The purpose of using a celebrity text-to-speech voice generator is to inform, persuade or entertain.

1. Uderduck is a website offering multiple celebrity voices for all kind of avatars. It is a very advanced artificial intelligence application. If you want to get a written speech narrated through character, this celebrity voice changer will help to do it accurately in a matter of seconds.



  • Offers excellent pitch and amplitude capability.
  • Provides free text-to-speech API for developers to use in their projects.
  • Faster data analysis and user friendly.
  • Takes privacy extremely seriously and protects the content of individuals.


  • You need to make an effort to sign up through your email address, Discord, or Google account.

Price: is completely free. All you have to do is sign up. However, it requires access to information through public discord, and if you are fine with it, you can easily register by clicking the authorize button.


To sum up, it is a great tool that is straightforward to use with accurate recommendations.


FakeYou is a well-organized as well as an easy-to-use voice changer. Utilizing FakeYou offers you to give your words a unique or a celebrity’s voice. You can choose from over 2000 options of voice cloning which let you mimic anyone from Obama to Trump or any Hollywood actor.

Whether you are planning to pull a prank on a friend or just want to deep fake text-to-speech applications, FakeYou will help you in every aspect. It is equipped with a free AI program that utilizes machine learning to generate realistic voices.


  • Organized and easy to use.
  • The range of products is constantly being enhanced.
  • It makes the best sonic voice changer.
  • Copy and paste any text you like.
  • Works efficiently and user friendly.


  • Cannot translate face-to-face sounds.
  • Sometimes fails to give desired results.


FakeYou is available for every user willing to alter their voice without breaking the bank. It can be used online for free.


Fake you is an easy, free Al voice program that uses machine learning.

3. Murf

Murf specializes in voice synthesis technology and can create realistic voiceovers for many tasks, such as e-learning, gaming, live streaming, corporate presentations, etc.

Murf AI

Utilizing Murf to generate realistic and fun voiceovers is enjoyable due to its accuracy, precision, and capabilities. It is based on AI technology to convert text-to-speech to create perfect voices. Before making a final decision, you can use the free version to test it.


  • Comprehensive voice-over studio.
  • High-quality outputs.
  • Realistic voice filters as a modulation option.
  • Customization is available.
  • Multiple voices in the same audio file are supported.


  • It has language is limited.


Murf has different packages available, which start from $19 per month.


Murf is an easy-to-use and effortless platform for all users. It can be used for fun as well as professional purposes.


Conclusively, voice modulation has become quite common. MagicVox allows the change in voice with huge voice effects through several filters within time. The excellent soundboard creates an interesting atmosphere for users by offering the feature of sound without any interruption. Now, you can not only design memes but also customize your dream voice. Hence, celebrity voice changer has added to the current advancements.

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