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Olivia Tucker

Jul 29, 2021 (Updated: Nov 11, 2021)

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Whenever we buy a new phone, the first thing we like to do is transfer the data from our old phone to the new phone. Out of all the possible data we like to transfer, WhatsApp chat history is one of the most important data to transfer. Well, it is easy to transfer WhatsApp data when you are shifting to a new phone of the same OS, but what if you are shifting to a Huawei phone from your old Huawei, Android, or iPhone device? Huawei facilitates its users here with the Phone Clone app that helps to transfer data to your new Huawei device. But does Huawei Phone Close transfer WhatsApp between Huawei and other OS? If yes, then is it an efficient way? In this article, we will help you clarify all of your queries about Huawei Phone Clone transfer.

Part 1. What Is Phone Clone?

Phone Clone is a data transfer app developed by Huawei for the purpose of smooth and convenient transfer of photos, videos, music, calendar, notes, contacts, SMS, applications, and similar other data from your old Huawei, Android, or iPhone to your new Huawei phone. It connects both phones with a WLAN hotspot and can provide a transfer speed of up to 1GB per minute. In short, it presents a free, convenient, fast, and efficient way to transfer data to your new Huawei phone.

Part 2. Does Huawei Phone Clone Transfer WhatsApp?

Yes, but it depends. If you using Phone Clone for transferring WhatsApp from Huawei to Huawei phone, then it will transfer WhatsApp. But if your intentions are to transfer WhatsApp from a non-Huawei phone to a Huawei phone, then it won't facilitate the WhatsApp transfer. For iOS devices, Phone Clone can only transfer photos, videos, calendar, and contacts.

Keep reading to find out if WhatsApp data cloning is appliable to your case.

Part 3. How to Transfer WhatsApp Data with Huawei Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a free app and can be easily downloaded from Play Store and App Store. Follow the below steps to transfer WhatsApp data using Phone Clone:

1. Preparations and Preconditions

Before you initiate the transfer process with Phone Clone, there are few preparations and preconditions you have to fulfill, as follow:

  • Install the Phone Clone app on both your old and new phones and make sure they both are Huawei devices.
  • Ensure that the Phone Clone version installed in both your old and new phones is or above that. To check the version, open Phone Clone, click the three-dot icon from the top right corner, and then click "About". There you will see the app version. If it is not or later, then update to the latest version from the store.
version check

2. Steps to Transfer WhatsApp Data with Huawei Phone Clone

Once you have fulfilled the above preparation steps, follow the below steps to transfer WhatsApp:

  • 1 Open the Phone Clone app on your new Huawei phone and click "This is the new phone". It will provide you the QR code.
  • new phone link
  • 2 Open the Phone Clone app on your old phone and click "This is the old phone". Afterward, scan the QR code shown on the new phone.
  • old phone link
  • 3 Wait till the connection is set up between the two phones. Once the connection is successful, select "Apps and data" from the list and then select "WhatsApp". Lastly, click the "Transfer" button. The transfer process will begin. Now, wait till the transfer is completed.
phone clone apps and data

This way, you can easily conduct WhatsApp backup transfer by using Phone Clone. In case you don't see the WhatsApp transfer option, then it means that you are trying to use Phone Clone for transferring WhatsApp from a non-Huawei device to a Huawei device. WhatsApp data cloning is only applicable for Huawei to Huawei devices. But you can opt for Phone Clone alternatives to meet your WhatsApp transfer desire.

Part 4. What to Do If You Can't Transfer WhatsApp with Phone Clone

If Phone Clone is not the solution for you to transfer WhatsApp from a non-Huawei phone to your Huawei phone, then different third-party tools can facilitate here. One such tool is ChatMover that is designed to provide a convenient and unrestricted environment to transfer WhatsApp from any OS phone to any other or same OS phone. So, if you want to transfer WhatsApp from a non-Huawei phone to your new Huawei phone, then ChatMover presents a simple, fast, and efficient way to do it.

  • Transfers Everything: It easily transfers all WhatsApp chat history including messages, photos, videos, and attachments no matter the phone OS.
  • One-Click Transfer Interface: It provides a user-friendly 1 click transfer interface. All you have to do is connect your both phones to the computer and click just one button to transfer WhatsApp.
  • 100% Secure: It provides errorless transfers with no data loss. The data is not transferred to the cloud, so it is 100% secure with no chances of data leakage.
  • More Than Just A Transfer Tool: It can also be used for making WhatsApp backup on PC, export WhatsApp selective chats, or restore previous WhatsApp backups.
ipad keeps turning off

Follow the below 3 simple steps to quickly transfer WhatsApp using ChatMover:

  • 1 Launch ChatMover on your computer and click the "Transfer" tab.
  • choose a mode
  • 2 Connect both your old and new phones with your Computer via USB cable. Once both phones are connected successfully, click the "Start" button.
  • start to transfer
  • 3 It will ask you which WhatsApp type to backup, so select either "WhatsApp Messenger" or "WhatsApp Business". After that, the transfer process will begin.
choose whatsapp type to transfer
/transfer finished

After successful completion of the transfer, you can open WhatsApp on your Huawei phone and witness that all chats are transferred perfectly. This way, in just a few steps, you can transfer WhatsApp to your new Huawei phone no matter the OS.


Q1. Does Huawei Phone Clone transfer apps?

Yes, Phone Clone can transfer apps. Once you have connected both phones with Phone Clone, click "Apps and data" and then select the apps that you want to transfer.

Q2. Is Phone Clone safe?

No internet connection is needed to perform data transfer with Phone Clone. It makes a Wi-Fi hotspot from the new phone and connects the old phone with it. So, no involvement of the internet means the transfer process is totally safe with Phone Clone.


Huawei Phone Clone presents as a free and easy tool to transfer data from old phones to new Huawei phones. But the answer to the query that does Huawei Phone Clone transfer WhatsApp in all cases is, unfortunately, a big "No". That's why if you don't want to go with the hassle of checking whether Phone Clone is applicable in your case or not, you should opt for ChatMover. The ideal approach will be that you do all the other phone data transfer with Phone Clone, while you use ChatMover to transfer WhatsApp from your old phone to your new Huawei phone.

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