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Sebastian Evans

Jun 04, 2021 (Updated: Sep 23, 2021)

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When there is a new update on an application or system, what every iPhone user does is to update his or her phone to the latest software, like the iOS 15 recently. However, while doing this, it is possible for some problems to arise. One of such issues is the iPhone stuck on press home to upgrade issue. Experiencing this type of problem can make you have a bad day, but you shouldn’t. This article provides a detailed guide on how to fix the iPhone/iPhone with broken home button stuck on press home to upgrade problem. Read to find out more.

How to Solve the iPhone Stuck on Press Home to Upgrade Issue

1. Press the Home Button and Try Again (if Possible)

This is one of the simple solutions that can help you fix the iPhone stuck on press home to upgrade problem. To do this, simply tap on the Home button and choose the Try Again option on iTunes. With these, you should be able to restart the iOS 15 upgrade process. To restart the upgrade process, you can also disconnect the phone from the computer. Afterward, reconnect your device again to your system, and the upgrade process will restart.

2. Simply Restart the iPhone to Fix Press Home to Upgrade Stuck Issue

You can simply restart your phone to fix a lot of common issues experienced with iPhones. The iPhone stuck on press home to upgrade issue is one of those that can be fixed with a simple restart. Even though your iPhone home button is broken, you can try this way to fix the issue.

3. Force Restart the iPhone Stuck on Press Home to Upgrade

If a simple restart cannot fix the issue, you can go ahead to force restart the phone. This is a may work. However, it is extremely effective if you have this issue during the iOS 15 update. To do it, simply long-press both the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. The Apple logo will appear after some time. You should release the buttons when the logo shows up.

force restart iphone 6

4. Use the iOS Repair Tool – Umendit to Solve iPhone Stuck on Press Home to Upgrade Issue

Umendit is a tool that fixes a lot of the common iPhone issues. A lot of benefits come from using this amazing tool. The use of Umendit remains the best method that produces a extremely high success rate with no data loss. If you want to fix iPhone stuck on press home to upgrade seamlessly and efficiently, you need Umendit. Most importantly, even the phone with broken home button can use this tool to fix the iPhone stuck on press home to upgrade issue.

  • Able to solve all iPhone problems: Umendit can be used in solving all types of iPhone problems like iPhone stuck on press home to upgrade, iPhone stuck on the apple logo and recovery mode screen.
  • No data loss: It is no longer news that Umendit can repair all common iOS issues with no data loss.
  • Money-back guarantee: The Company offers a 60 days refund policy for customers who are not satisfied with the end result.
  • Easy to use: The easy-to-use interface requires no technical knowledge.
  • Positive reviews: In fact, you will find a lot of positive reviews about Umendit online. Users are available to testify on how this software has helped them in solving different iPhone problems.
  • Great compatibility: It works well on all iOS versions including the iOS 15.

Detailed steps on how to use Umendit:

  • 1 Download Umendit on your computer. Then, install and launch the tool on your computer and choose "Standard Repair" on the main interface.
  • choose a mode

  • After that, connect the phone to the computer and click on the Next button. The computer will detect your phone automatically. If that isn’t the case, you should put the phone in DFU/recovery mode by following the prompt on the screen.
  • put iphone into recovery mode

  • 2 After Umendit detects the phone, it will suggest the firmware versions for you to download. Download the most suitable firmware version.
  • download the firmware

  • 3 When you have downloaded the firmware, click on the Start button. The press home to upgrade stuck issue should be fixed.
  • start to fix

If the Standard Repair doesn’t fix the issue, try Deep Repair.

5. Restore the Backup via iTunes/Finder

This method is available when you have backed up your phone. Simply restore the backup file to fix the iPhone stuck on press home to upgrade issue. Start by running iTunes on your computer and connect the phone to the computer. Afterward, click device icon > Summary > Restore Backup. After the whole process is completed, the issue will be fixed.

restore backup iphone

6. Update/Restore iPhone With Recovery Mode

Updating or restoring your iPhone with recovery mode can fix this issue, whereas it will erase your iPhone. For this method to work, your iTunes needs to be updated. Ensure that your iTunes is updated, and connect your phone to the computer. Then, launch iTunes on the computer, and put the phone in recovery mode. Here are the steps for putting iPhone with a home button in recovery mode before restoring or updating your device.

  • For iPhone with a Home button: Press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously until the recovery mode screen comes up. Don’t release the buttons when you see the apple logo.
  • iphone recovery mode

You’ll see a pop-up window on the screen, Choose Restore and confirm your action.

restore iphone via ituens


There are several ways to solve iPhone stuck on press home to upgrade problem. Any of these methods may work for you, but we strongly recommend the use of Umendit. This all-in-one repair tool will help you solve all types of iPhone problems just in time. It has a user-friendly interface and does not lead to malware attacks.

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