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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

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iFindit Unictool Supports 1000+file format&500 scene recovery

Where do deleted SD card files go? How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card? Many people may encounter these questions. Did you accidentally delete important files from your memory card and now regret it? Don't worry, we have some great methods to help you recover those deleted files from your SD card.

Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

Part 1. Recover Deleted Files From SD Card With Software [3 steps]

Unictool iFindit is a strong data recovery software that can assist you in retrieving deleted files from SD cards. It works with popular brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend, and others. This tool can effortlessly recover lost, deleted, or formatted files from your SD card. It can scan and find various types of files on your disk, including music, videos, and work documents, allowing you to get them back easily.

Key Features
  • 1000+ File Formats:: Recover deleted/lost photos, documents, audios, videos and more from SD card easily and effectively.
  • 2000+ Devices: Restore lost data from computer, internal/external hard drive, CF/SD card, Memory card, Micro card, pen drive, and other storage devices.
  • 500+ Scenarios: Recover any lost data situation including: Accidentally deleted files、Formatted SD card、Corrupted or inaccessible SD card、Virus infection, Power failure and others.
  • All-in-one data recovery software: Recover data from iPhone, Windows,and Mac (coming soon) systems.
  • Free preview before recovering : The recoverable files and select your desired files to recover.
  • Deep and quick scan : It allows you to deep scan to recover deleted files as many as possible and quick scan to fastl find your lost files.

How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card with UnicTool iFindit?

Step 1: "Open" UnicTool iFindit application and connect your SD card to the computer.

unictool ifindit data recovery open

Step 2: : Click "Start" to begin the scanning process on, you can preview lost word document before recovering once it finishes scan part.

unictool ifindit data recovery scan&preview

Step 3: After waiting for a few seconds or minutes, you can recover your lost word document.

unictool ifindit data recovery recover

Part 2. Recover Deleted Files From SD Card Without Software 

If you want to find ways to recover deleted files from SD card without software, we offer several ways in the following. However, the recovery rate is not always high and it can a little bit complicated for some people.

1. Use The Command Prompt

Command Prompt in Windows can indeed be used for memory card data recovery. Here are the steps for both methods:

Use The Command Prompt

Step 1:In the Windows search bar, type "cmd."

Step 2:Right-click on "Command Prompt" from the results and select "Run as administrator."

Step 3:When the Command Prompt opens, type: "attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:*."


Obviously, the drive we wanted to check is E but, let’s say, your’s is G, your command will be attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:/*.*

To recover data from a formatted SD card using CHKDSK:

Use The Command Prompt to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

Step 1:In the Windows search bar, type "cmd."

Step 2:ight-click on "Command Prompt" from the results and select "Run as administrator."

Step 3: When the Command Prompt opens, type: "chkdsk G: /f /x /r" (Replace "G" with your SD card's drive letter).

2. Check If Your Files Are Hidden

You might be fortunate, as the files or data you believe to be deleted could actually be hidden. Finding hidden files on Windows OS is straightforward. Here are the steps to unhide files and folders in Windows 11:

Check If Your Files Are Hidden to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

Step 1:Open File Explorer and navigate to the location of your SD card. Click on the "View" dropdown from the top menu.

Step 2:Select "Show" and then click on "Hidden items."

Step 3: Now, check if you can see the files you thought were deleted.

3. Use SD Card Backup Device

Losing data can happen unexpectedly, and it applies to your SD card too. If you use an SD card to save your files and data, it's a good idea to plan for backup with SD card backup device . Once in a while, you should make a copy of your data on the cloud or another external storage drive. This way, if something goes wrong, you can get your files and data back from the backup.

iFindit Unictool Supports 1000+file format backup and recovery.

Part 3. FAQS About SD Card Recovery

Where Do Deleted Files From Sd Card Go?

In the SD card, all files that have been deleted should be found in the Bin folder. For SD card recovery, you can easily move these files to any location you prefer.

How Do I Recover Photos And Videos From a Corrupted SD Card?

You can recover photos and videos from a corrupted SD card through methods we mentioned before. We recommend recover your lost file from a corrupted SD card using UnicTool iFindit so that you can preview data before you restore them, which is the fast way compared to other ways mentioned above.


If you've lost important files from your SD card, UnicTool iFindit can help you get them back easily. It doesn't matter why the data was lost, whether you accidentally deleted it, formatted the card, experienced corruption, or faced a virus attack. UnicTool iFindit can effectively recover your deleted files from the SD card.


UnicTool iFindit:A One-Stop Data Recovery

  • Supports 1000+ files format&500+ recovery scenarios.
  • All-in-one data recovery OS including iOS; Windows; Mac(Coming soon)
  • Free scan and preview before restoring

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