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Updated: Nov 02, 2023

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iPhone is known mainly as one of the best mobile cameras with quality resembling entry-level DSLR. People are not only using it for capturing moments but also many content creators create their everyday content and videos using iPhones. With the large storage capacity, users save their videos on their phones. But the problem arises when your videos and essential content are deleted by mistake or due to software issues.

Before you try to imagine the worst of this situation, let me be clear: you can recover your deleted videos from your iPhone.Here, we provide five easy and convenient methods to recover deleted videos from iPhone without doing any technical work.

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recover deleted videos from iphone

Part 1.Reasons for Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

Reasons for the loss of videos from the iPhone can be different in every situation, but the most common scenarios that users usually face are:

  • 1Accidental deletion of all the videos by oneself or by the children.
  • 2Software crashes or broken devices can cause the user to lose all the videos and other data.
  • 3The jailbreaking process in which the iPhone operating system is modified can also cause data loss.
  • 4If your phone has any detected malware or virus, it can delete all the videos.
  • 5Clicking on the links sent for hacking phones can also be the reason for video loss from iPhones.

Part 2.Top 5 Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Videos from iPhone

Can all the permanently deleted videosbe recovered from the iPhone?The simple answer to this question is yes.How to retrieve deleted videos on iphone?You can choose one of these five methods to get the answer of how to recover deleted videos from the iPhone.

1. Recover Deleted Videos from the Photos App

The best way to recover deleted videos is using the iPhone's built-in recovery method in the Photos app. All the deleted videos go in the "deleted albums" before they are permanently deleted. You can recover your videos from it within 30 days. The following instructions will help you recover the videos via the photo’s app.

  • Step 1:Go to the photos app and scroll till you find the "recently deleted" album.
  • iphone recently deleted
  • Step 2:Tap the "Select" option to mark the videos you want to recover, or click on the "Recover all" option.
  • find recently deleted videos

2. Recover Permanently Deleted Videos from iPhone Using Data Recovery Software Without Backup

Sometimes you may think how do i recover permanently deleted videos?Regarding retrieving deleted videos, professional recovery software will help you save time and energy in trying different methods. Unictool's iFindit software is efficient in scanning and restoring all the deleted videos from the iPhone. iFindit is compatible with all versions of iOS and iPhone devices. It is a convenient tool and will address all the issues related to lost data. Follow these instructions to recover the deleted videos on your phone.

  • It doesn’t need any backup.
  • It allows you to scan and preview the files before recovering them for free.
  • It will enable you to select only the files you intend to recover. You don't have to reset or restore your entire device.
  • It won’t cause any extra data loss.
  • Covers up to 18 kinds of data, including notes, photos, videos, WhatsApp data and so on.
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  • 1Download and install the iFindit software on your computer. Click the "Recover from iOS Device" option, then connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer. After your iPhone is detected by iFindit, click on the Next button.
  • connect devices to computer
  • 2 Select the "videos" from the displayed screen and click on the "Scan" option to begin the process of scanning
  • choose data type
  • 3 All the videos from the phone will appear after the process; ensure all the deleted videos are scanned and then click on the "Recover" option to bring them back on the phone.
  • preview and recover

Select only one type of data to scan at a time. Selecting all folders will take a lot of time.

3. Recover Permanently Deleted Videos from iPhone without Computer

iCloud saves all the photos, videos, and notes to make it accessible for you even when you lose your phone. If you have all the backups in your cloud, you can retrieve all the deleted videos. But first, you have to check the last time your backup was updated and also keep in mind that you must reset the phone if you want to recover all the deleted videos.

  • Step 1:Go to settings and click on the Apple ID at the top.
  • Step 2:Open iCloud and then tap on manage storage.
  • Step 3:Tap on the "Backup" option to see when your iCloud was last backed up.
  • Step 4:Checking the backup time will allow you to make sure that you can recover all the deleted images. Now proceed with the iPhone reset by tapping on Settings> General> Transfer or Reset phone> Erase all contents and settings.
  • click icloud manage storage
  • Step 5:The iPhone will start setting up; follow all the guidelines till you reach the option of restoring data. Click on "restore data from iCloud" to recover all the deleted videos.
  • restore video from icloud

4. Recover Permanently Deleted Videos from an iTunes or Finder Backup

iCloud has less storage; if the storage is full, you cannot back up all the new data. In this case, you can use iTunes or Finder backup. If your data is synced with iTunes, it will help restore all the deleted videos from the phone.

  • Step 1:Connect your iPhone to the laptop or Mac with the USB cord.
  • Step 2:Launch the iTunes app on the laptop. (Mac users can open the Finder)
  • Step 3:The small iPhone icon will appear on the left of iTunes; click on it to find all your iPhone's backups.
  • Step 4:Click on the "restore backup," and all the deleted videos and files will be recovered on your phone.
recover deleted videos from itunes backup

5. Redownload Deleted iPhone Video from iTunes Store

If you are worried about the videos that you've saved from the iTunes store, you can re-download it again by following these instructions.

  • Step 1:Open the app "Apple TV."
  • Step 2:By tapping on the "Library" option, you can find all the downloaded or recent videos.
  • Step 3:Tap on the selected item and press the download button to restore it.

Comparison Chart Of the Above 5 Ways to Recover Deleted Videos

Function UnicTool iFindit Photos App iCloud iTunes iTunes Store
Recover videos without backup
Time Limit for Deletion
Preview before recovery


All five methods presented above are helpful if you've lost the videos from the iPhone. But the most efficient and convenient method is using Unictool's iFindit software. It is safe and easy to recover all the deleted files and videos without any backup and losing extra data.

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