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Applicable to All Data Loss Scenerios

Photos, videos, and messages on iPhones/iPads represent precious memories for many people. The importance of backup solutions has often been ignored as these devices are considered very reliable, but unexpected data loss can happen. In such cases, iFindit makes an ideal data recovery tool. It recovers the data lost due to:

all data loss scenarios applicable
  • Accidental/Permanent Deletion
  • iPhone Being Disabled/Locked
  • Broken Screen
  • iPhone Being Lost/Stolen
  • Water Damage
  • iOS Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Jailbreak Failure
  • Virus Attack
  • Factory Reset

Whatever You Lost, iFindit Recovers

Social App Data

WhatsApp WhatsApp

Line Line

WeChat WeChat


Viber Viber

Kik Kik

Common Files

Photos Photos

Videos Videos

iMessages iMessages

Contacts Contacts

App Photos & Videos App Photos & Videos

Notes Notes

Other Files Types

Call History Call History

Safari History Safari History

Voice Memos Voice Memos

Calender Calender

Reminders Reminders

Bookmarks Bookmarks

Satisfies Your Recovery Needs with 3 Optional Modes

Recover from iOS Device

Recover from iOS Device Recover lost or deleted data directly from iOS devices, no backup required.

Recover from iCloud/iCloud Backup

Recover from iCloud/iCloud Backup Extract your iPhone data from the iCloud kit and restore it directly, or find and recover lost data from an iCloud backup and restore it selectively.

Recover from iTunes Backup

Recover from iTunes Backup Recover lost iPhone/iPad data from the copies you've made in iTunes.

Free to Try Before Purchase Free to Try Before Purchase

Preview Before Recovery Preview Before Recovery

Recover Data Selectively Recover Data Selectively

High Recovery Rate High Recovery Rate

Simple 1-Click Operation Simple 1-Click Operation

Quick Scan Speed Quick Scan Speed

What Makes iFindit Standout

Explore More Features by Upgrading to the Full Version!

0$Free Trial

  • Free download & scan
  • Free to preview after the scan
  • Recover from iOS device
  • Recover from iCloud/iCloud backup
  • Recover from iTunes backup

39.95$ Full Trial

  • Scan the deleted data
  • Preview before recovery
  • Selectively recover any data file you want
  • Recover directly from iOS device
  • Recover from iCloud/iCloud backup
  • Recover from iTunes backup
  • Fix various iPhone issues
  • Free customer support

3 Clicks to Get Back Your Data


Connect iPhone to computer

View detailed user guide

Select a data type to scan

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Preview before recover

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Don't Just Take Our Word for It

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It did the job!

UnicTool iFindit really saved my life! I was used to storing photos on my iPhone, but last week I deleted all my travelling photos unintentionally. I was about to give up after trying so many methods. But iFindit did it, it got back all the photos I lost!!


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A great tool.

Great software! Lost some important pictures in my iPad and iFindit found them for me! Will recommend to anyone who are trapped in data loss dilemma. By the way, I received the response of their customer support soon after sending the email, it's nice!


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Great customer service.

It's too expensive to ask the expert in a physical data recovert store for help. Now I got iFindit, I can recover those lost imessages by myself. Thank you so much for making data recovery so easy!


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It keeps every backup.

The scan was quite fast, and in the preview window, I can select only to view the deleted data on iPhone. It is amazing! There's a trial version, so everyone can try the scan and preview functions first, then make their decisions. I have bought one month plan and it turned out to be useful, just as what it advertises.


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Considerate support team.

Would like to give it 5 stars! It is definitely a powerful tool which can get back everything deleted! The third mode recover from iCloud backup worked for me, as it retrieved my lost videos. Worth it!


Lost Data on iPhone/iPad? Recover it Now!

  • Recover lost/deleted data in various scenarios.
  • Support to recover data with or without backup.
  • Free to scan and preview before recovery.
  • Selectively recover the specific data files you want.


Check and see if you have the same question

For more

1. Can I install UnicTool iFindit on an iPhone or iPad?

No, you can't. UnicTool iFindit is a computer-based software and can be only installed on a PC or Mac. It's suggested to use a desktop application to recover iPhone data, to avoid the current data on your iPhone being overwritten by the recovered data.

2. Is it secure to use UnicTool iFindit to recover data?

Yes, it's completely safe to use iFindit to recover iOS data. UnicTool is a legally registered company with over 500 employees, and it is safe to use its products. Besides, iFindit will not scan any other data on your PC or Mac or keep your personal data while scanning your device.

3. Can I recover data from an encrypted iTunes backup using iFindit?

No, you can't. iFindit does not support decrypting encrypted iTunes backups.

4. Can the recovered data be transferred to, or stored on, iOS devices with iFindit?

No. iFindit will only save the recovered data to PC or Mac since transferring to iOS devices will cause data overwriting.

5. I have tried to log in to my iCloud account many times, but all failed, why?

Please check if:
1. You have entered the correct password
2. You can successfully log in to your iCloud account on with the same password
3. You have turned off two-factor authentication for Apple ID.