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Updated: Sep 04, 2023

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Life360 is a widely used tracking application that enables families to keep track of the whereabouts of their family members. Although the app is promoted as a means to improve safety and communication within families, it has faced criticism from some users who view it as an invasion of privacy.

In this article, we will discuss why Life360 is bad. We'll attempt to assess whether it is a useful tool or one that could potentially cause harm.

why Life360 is bad

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Part 1.Life 360: Enemy Vs Friend

Life360 has been installed by countless individuals globally, and for numerous families, it has become an essential tool for monitoring each other's whereabouts.

why Life360 is a bad idea

The application provides various functionalities, including sharing real-time locations, displaying location history, and setting up geofencing alerts that inform you when someone enters or exits a designated area.

It offers an efficient means of monitoring family members, particularly teenagers who frequently spend time outside the home and might be exposed to the possibility of becoming lost, abducted, or encountering risky scenarios. They believe that the app brings a sense of reassurance and contributes to better communication within the family.

It violates personal privacy and can result in a loss of trust among family members. They contend that the app permits constant monitoring of a family member's every action, potentially fostering feelings of being watched and controlled.

Part 2.Why Life360 Is Bad?

Why life360 is a bad idea? A primary critique aimed at Life360 is its potential to undermine the privacy of family members. The app continuously tracks the real-time locations of each member, resulting in constant surveillance of their movements.

This can pose a significant challenge, especially for teenagers who might perceive themselves as constantly under parental scrutiny. We offer some obvious reasons why life360 is bad.

Life360 Phone Tracker App Pitfall 1

Cultivate feelings of distrust and surveillance among family members, potentially straining relationships and fostering secrecy and distance.

Offer parents a misleading sense of security. While it's important to be aware of your children's whereabouts, it's equally vital to teach them responsibility and independence. Constant monitoring could hinder their development of these essential skills, making them more vulnerable in the long run.


Tracking apps could reinforce harmful stereotypes and biases. For instance, if a parent holds prejudiced beliefs about their child's potential for risky behavior based on factors like race or gender, they might use the app to excessively monitor their child's location. This could perpetuate discrimination and unfair treatment, furthering harmful biases.


Additionally, the app retains location data, making it feasible for external parties like third-party advertisers and hackers to potentially access this information.


Despite the app's assertions of strong security protocols for safeguarding user data, the possibility of data breaches and cyberattacks always remains.

Part 3. How To Do Life360 Hacks?

If you're not comfortable with Life360 tracking your location, you can take steps to prevent it. One option is to use a location spoofing tool like UnicTool TailorGo.

UnicTool TailorGo is a tool that can alter your GPS location on your iPhone or Android device, making it seem like you're somewhere else. Here are some features of UnicTool TailorGo that can help you avoid being tracked by Life360 without your awareness


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  • Help you move virtually without making any movements in the real world.
  • Historical Records, Saved Spots and Saved Routes are some useful highlights.
  • Perfect compatibility: change Tinder location, spoof Pokémon GO location, etc.
  • Support both iOS (including the latest iOS 16) and Android devices.
  • The free trial version offers some functions for initial experience.


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how does life360 work on iphone&Android?

  • 1Download, install and launch TailorGo on your computer. Then hit the "Get Started" button and have your device connected.
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  • 2If you want to mock your GPS location with joystick, select Joystick Mode at the upper right corner (the 1st one). With just one click on the "Move" button, you can move automatically on the map.
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  • 3You can set 360-degree directions, and move forward or reverse by clicking the direction button or use keys W, A,S, D, or keys Up, Down, Left, Right for convenience.
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Part 4. FAQ About Life360

Can Life360 See Internet History?

No one, not even your circle members, can monitor your device activities like browsing history or text messages. While Life360 offers tracking features similar to spy apps, it primarily offers basic location and text tracking in specific situations.

How To Fake Life360 Location On iOS/Android?

Yes, you follow the method mentioned above to fake life360 location on ios/android. You can also try some free location changer, but most of them are not have diverse location change functions.

Does Life360 Shows Wrong Location?

Life360 might display inaccurate locations primarily due to weak signals in certain areas, especially when you're on the move.

When Should You Use Life360?

As per what parents have shared, there's a "reasonable" timeframe for using this app without facing negative reactions. The suitable period for utilizing Life360 is when you have young children. And you should negotiate a suitable time with your kids.


To sum up, Life360, despite its marketing as a useful tool for families to keep an eye on each other, has faced criticism due to its potential violation of privacy. In this article, I've discussed the drawbacks of Life360 and its potential benefits.

The app's capability to continuously monitor a family member's actions can erode trust, leading to feelings of surveillance and control. Furthermore, tracking apps might create a misleading sense of security, perpetuate negative stereotypes, and impede the development of responsibility and independence in children.

If you're uncomfortable with Life360's tracking, a solution like using a location spoofing tool such as UnicTool TailorGo can be helpful. Through UnicTool TailorGo, you can prevent Life360 from monitoring your movements without your consent. This can be beneficial whether you're seeking to evade parental monitoring or simply want to uphold your privacy.

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