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Updated: Sep 19, 2023

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Dating apps commonly extract the location data of the devices that connect with their server. Few users do not like to disclose their location details on dating websites. In this article, you will learn about the location-based dating apps and the tips and tricks associated with them to hide the gadget location details to enhance privacy. Teens and adults connect with this dating app and some of the users do not know how to turn off or fake the device location for security purposes. Accessing any apps without revealing the location details is safe. The dating app users must learn to spoof the device location details before connecting with the profiles on those platforms. Surf the below content and acquire the knowledge in performing location spoofing using the sophisticated tools in the digital space.

location based dating app

Part 1. 10 Location-Based Dating Apps

Here, you will be learning about the reliable 10 location-based dating apps and their unique features that allow the users to access the profiles comfortably without wasting their valuable time.

1. Hinge

The location-based dating app works to trigger relationships and enlighten conversions between like-minded people in the digital space. It fulfils the needs of the users and connects profiles beyond boundaries through swipe action. The features of Hinge are include:

  • Offers space to reveal your stories
  • Starts the conversation interface after posts liking action from another profile.
  • Protects the user's data with utmost security attributes.
hinge app


  • Simple interface
  • Displays the profiles in a structured form for quick access.


  • It has fake profiles too.

2. Match

It is a complete flirt app where the users create accounts for fun and are not serious about relationships. Here, you can check out different profiles across boundaries flawlessly. Features of Match are like below:

  • Users can create voice and video intros to make their profile attractive
  • Connect with the other profiles easily
  • This app is for users who want to flirt round the clock.
match app


  • Easy to use due to fewer complex controls
  • The free version allows you to create a profile efficiently.


  • To access other features like exploring your profile visitors and the users who liked your pictures requires extra pay for its subscription.

3. Grindr

It is a dating app for gay and here they can create profiles and maintain their account revealing their interest. The features of Grindr are like below:

  • Allows to start to chat with other users in minutes
  • There is space in the profile column to describe your expectations and interests.
grindr app


  • The filter control is available to narrow the profile search.


  • For ad-free access, you need to enroll on a subscription.

4. Coffee meets bagel

Another interesting dating app that exclusively works for both men and women precisely. You can find the features of Coffee meets bagel like below:

  • Offers the women to choose the profiles of men who are interested in them.
  • Only after mutual likes between the profiles triggers a chat window.
coffee meet app


  • The in-built algorithm selects the profiles for the users according to their preferences and recommends it every noon.


  • Only limited chat duration even after mutual likes. It allows a week for icebreaker sessions between the users.

5. LOLO dating app

Fun-filled dating app in-built with games to involve the users for casual conversation. This app connects like-minded people quickly. Here are the features of LOLO:

  • Refreshes the user's mind through dual features by playing the game and connecting with the unknown profile.
  • The users play games and build a virtual bond with one another.
lolo app


  • Interesting dating app that stands unique from the crowd
  • Engage the users with incredible in-built games


  • Not suitable for serious relationship seekers

6. Feels

Another striking dating app that helps the users to focus on meeting new people. It offers enough opportunities to connect with unknown profiles across the globe. The features of Feels are include:

  • Customize the profile with videos and animations.
  • Enables you to start a quick chat with your favorite profiles
feels app


  • User-friendly interface
  • Works with the standard swipe modes for surfing the profiles


  • Requires subscription to unlock additional features of this app.

7. Plenty of Fish app

In this dating app, you can find huge collections of profiles and most of them are from English-speaking countries. It holds nearly 70 million profiles providing surplus options for the users to surf around this app. Check the below to find the features:

  • Allows to import videos from Instagram
  • The users can perform live streaming of their content if required
plenty of fish app


  • Users get connected to their favorites easily because of its plenty of profiles.
  • No more complex controls to confuse the newbie users.


  • Enroll for a premium subscription to enable the calling service to your favorite profiles.

8. Bumble app

Here comes another stunning dating app that gives preference to the women to initiate the chat with their favorite profiles. The sophisticated interface meets the needs of the users and establishes quick connectivity between the profiles. Here you can see the features of Bunble:

  • This app aids to meet new people for dating, and friendship. You can use the connection to grow your business and career too by conversing with the right people across boundaries.
  • It offers 24 hours to accept the connect links else it disappears on its own if left unaddressed.
bumble app


  • Reliable and reputed dating app
  • Fastens the connection between like-minded people.


  • Only premiere users are allowed to build business contacts through this platform.

9. Tinder

A successful dating app that carries a large number of profiles across the globe. It introduces the swipe action when choosing the potential partners. Swipe the profiles to the right if you like them else drag them to the left. Easy to use and people easily connect hassle-free. Here you can check the features of Tinder

  • The intro space s comfortable for the users to reveal who they are and their likes and dislikes to attract the right match.
  • Allows the users to make calls without uncovering the personal details of the profiles.


  • Cancel the data anytime using the Safety feature controls on its interface.
  • Reliable platform and allows the users to try some background checks about the profiles if required.


  • Only the premium users can perform unlimited likes to their favorite profiles

10. OkCupid app

It is a straightforward dating app that helps users to find the correct match for their needs. This app enables the users to connect with the right match quickly and bring like-minded people together through its excellent interface. The features of OkCupid are include:

  • Excellent interface to reveal the best intro in the profile section.
  • Recommends the profiles in the name of Flavors to aid the users to get easily matched with the right partners.
okcupid app


  • Based on the user’s expectations, this app displays the recommendations.
  • Integrates with Instagram to import favorite videos into their profiles.


  • To enable the search feature, you must subscribe to the premium option.

Part 2. Bonus: How to change location on a location-based dating apps

To enhance privacy in dating apps, there is a unique tool to spoof the gadget location details flawlessly. The UnicTool TailorGo app is a reliable program that fakes the gadget address for safety purposes. It is simple to use and you can make changes to your device location address by making a few clicks on the right controls.


Change Location on Social Apps

  • This app helps you to conceal the gadget location details for safety purposes
  • Explore different gaming elements by spoofing the device location while playing location-based games like Pokemon Go.
  • Connect in dating apps without revealing personal details related to locations.
  • Make a quick chat with your friends on social media and have fun by faking the phone location.
  • Simple interface to work comfortably and ensures hassle-free results.


100% secure

The stepwise guidelines to use the UnicTool TailorGo app to spoof device location effortlessly.

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  • Step 1. Download the app from its official website and launch the tool on your PC. Then, connect your device to a PC using a reliable USB cable.
  • tailorgo
  • Step 2. Next, grant all the permission for the app to connect with the device by following the onscreen instructions and loading the map view.
  • tailorgo
  • Step 3. Click the Teleport mode at the top right side of the screen and enter your favorite address on the search box at the top left of the screen. Then, hit the search icon to trigger the app for tracing the entered new address.
  • tailorgo
  • Step 4. Finally, press the Move button to shift the device location to the new address. The device location is spoofed to new addresses around the globe hassle-free using the UnicTool TailorGo application.
  • tailorgo


Thus, this article had given enough insights about reliable location-based dating apps and the best way to spoof the device location details for safety purposes. Choose theUnicTool TailorGoapp to find a better place on the map as your device location. It is a precise program and helps to protect the location identity of the device for security reasons. Connect with this app and prevent unnecessary cyber issues by revealing the location details of your gadget.

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