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Nov 04, 2021 (Updated: Dec 16, 2021)

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If you use an iOS device, you must be smart enough to back up its data on regular basis. There are plenty of articles written about the importance of creating backups. Frequent backups minimize the chances of losing your important data. However, if truth to be told, only some of the iOS users take these advises seriously. You might lose or not be able to access the data stored in your iOS device. But, as an iOS device user, you don’t deserve to lose all of your important data just because you have forgotten to create a backup. Even if you have forgotten to back up your iPhone for a while, you might be able to recover your lost data with the assistance of an iPhone data recovery service.

“iPhone data recovery service near me” is a very popular query received by search engines. Still, it can be pretty difficult for anyone to find a reliable data recovery service. Well, if you end up reading this article because you have used a query like “iPhone data recovery near me”, you are lucky enough that we’ve got the answers for you!

data recovery near me

Part 1. When Do You Need an iPhone Data Recovery Service?

The requirement for iPhone data recovery service may occur due to several reasons: 

  • To recover data after a factory reset
  • To recover data after a failed iOS upgrade
  • To retrieve data from a physically damaged iOS device
  • To recover data of an iOS device that has corrupted iOS

Part 2. The Best Online Data Recovery Service Near Me

Recovering lost data from an iOS device can be a challenging task if you are a novice iOS user. In that case, you will have to seek the assistance of a reliable iPhone data recovery company. Before discussing where’s the data recovery service near your location, let’s first take a look at the online data recovery tool. Compare to the offline data recovery service, online data recovery tools seems much more convenient. You don’t need to make a appointment or go out to send your iPhone to the data recovery store, all you have to do is to simply download a data recovery program on your computer and start to scan your device.

But you need to be careful when choosing an online data recovery tool as some programs may be the virus which will attack your computer or device. UnicTool is a legally-registered company which is specialized in the research and development of utility software, including an iPhone data recovery tool iFindit. When you lost the data on iPhone, it’s suggested to try the recovery as soon as possible, because the lost data can be easily overwritten by the new data and erased permanently. In this case, iFindit is an ideal choice. It’s standout due to the following features:

  • High success rate in recovering data for iOS devices.
  • Free scan function is provided.
  • Quick scan speed.
  • Supports various data types, including photos, videos, notes, voice memos, WhatsApp messages, and more.
  • Affordable price (ranges from 39.95$ to 69.95$ according to the license type you choose), recovers unlimited data amount.
  • iOS 15 compatible.

Part 3. Top iPhone Data Recovery Company Near Me

If you still persist in looking for “an offline iPhone data recovery service near me”, here are the best options based on your location.

1. iPhone Data Recovery Service in NYC

Here is a list of established, reliable iPhone recovery companies that are based in NYC.

#1. Apple Repair Club, Inc. 

An official and highly reputed and recommended iPhone data recovery service that also offer computer repair services.

apple repair club

#2. Sherlock Data Recovery

This is a very trustworthy data recovery service located in Yorkville. It has impressive reviews from a large number of iPhone users.


#3. LaptopMD - Computer & iPhone Repair

If you live near Midtown Manhattan, LaptopMD is within your vicinity. They are located near Penn Station. Apart from providing data recovery services, they repair computers and laptops too.


#4. Data Recovery Experts

This is another reliable data recovery company with friendly staff and affordable price packages. They have special discount programs for students and teachers.

data recovery experts

#5. Epic Data Recovery Labs

They are open 24 hours. However, you should make an appointment first before getting their data recovery service.

epic data recovery labs

2. iPhone Data Recovery Service in London UK

Here is a list of established, reliable iPhone recovery companies that are based in London.

#1. iPhone - Data recovery London

This is a highly professional data recovery service who can recover data from any iPhone that runs on any iOS version.

iphone data recovery london

#2. Data Doctor

They have four branches located in London itself. They are open throughout the week except Sundays.

data doctor

#3. Dataclinic

Dataclinic has 10 service centers in major cities. You can experience their 24-hour service with a prior appointment too.


#4. iSmash

iSmash is a leading company offering repair service, including the data recovery service. They generally assure a faster recovery service (within 24-48 hours). If required, you can obtain their express service as well.


3. iPhone Data Recovery Service in Singapore

Here is a list of established, reliable iPhone recovery companies that are based in Singapore.

#1. Accplus Technologies Data Recovery Centre

AccPlus is established as a really dependable data recovery service in Singapore. They assure high level of professionalism with every job they complete.

accplus technologies


KLAZZ is recently recognized as a prestigious institute by SME Singapore. This respective company is known for impressive professionalism and excellent success rate in terms of data recovery.


#3. Data Savers Pte. Ltd. (Seagate Data Recovery Services Singapore)

Well, this is the world’s first data recovery service provider to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification. They have already served a large number of corporate and individual clients.

data savers pte ltd

#4. TRIT Computer - Apple Mac Repair, Macbook Pro, iMac, iPad & iPhone Specialist

This is an Apple certified service provider that repairs Apple computers and recover data from any iOS device. Apart from Apple devices, they handle Windows computers too.

trit computer

4. iPhone Data Recovery Service in Melbourne

Here is a list of established, reliable iPhone recovery companies that are based in Melbourne.

#1. Complete Data Recovery

They offer a wide range of services in addition to data recovering. It is a highly dependable vendor.

complete data recovery

#2. ConnectIT

ConnectIT is a well-established data recovery professional in Melbourne. They offer variety of services related to data recovery including same-day service at an affordable cost.

#3. PC Medic

Although the name says “PC”, its services are not limited to Windows. Instead, they offer very reliable data recovery and other services related to all the iOS devices too.

pc medic

#4. Corporate Data Recovery

These professionals offer a highly personalized and secured data recovery service for iOS and other device users in Melbourne. Their success rate is really impressive.

corporate data recovery

5. iPhone Data Recovery Service in Boston

Here is a list of established, reliable iPhone recovery companies that are based in Boston.

#1. Data Recovery Guru

If you line in Boston and need a free consultation on data recovery, Data Recovery Guru can be the best option. Their data recovery service is affordable and reliable.

data recovery guru

#2. SALVAGEDATA Data Recovery Services in Boston MA

This respective service provider offers a 100% guarantee on all the data recovery tasks they undertake. If you live in Boston and wondering about an “iPhone data recovery near me”, this can be a really good option.

salvagedata data recovery

#3. Mass Data Recovery

Mass Data Recovery is another reliable service provider based in Massachusetts. Their service is appreciated by both corporate and individual clients.

mass data recovery

#4. Proven Data Recovery

Proven Data Recovery is a professional data recovery service with an impressive service history. They offer 24X7 express service too. Their service is appreciated and certified by various professional bodies.

proven data recovery

Well, that’s our list of best data recovery service providers. You can go through the above list and select the most convenient service provider depending on your location.


You can contact the service providers simply by performing a Google search based on your location. However, if you are too busy to visit a local iPhone data recovery service, you should look for a more convenient solution. One of the best ways to recover data from an iOS device without visiting a local service provider is to use an iPhone data recovery software. If you use a modern-day software, you can expect a competitive iPhone data recovery service cost. Moreover, these software tools come with a range of features. These software tools come with easy-to-use interfaces and even a novice user will be able to recover lost iPhone data using such software.

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